World Cup, Australia vs Scotland as it happened: Australia thump Scotland by 7 wickets

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World Cup, Australia vs Scotland as it happened: Australia thump Scotland by 7 wickets
  • 15:09 (IST)

    Clarke: Fortunately we got enough time, credit to the way the boys played. It's always nice to win. I don't think there's any better preparation for a quarterfinal. We had one little hiccup against New Zealand, but the boys are excited and looking forward to the quarterfinals. 

  • 14:53 (IST)

    Mommsen: We knew it was always going to be a tough game. We wanted to stand up to the challenge. We take a huge amount of positives from the past six games. The more we've played, the better we've gotten. We leave the World Cup a much stronger team. As a team we're very proud of Davey's achievements, he can hold his head high. Our focus now shifts to the World T20 qualifiers, hopefully we'll be able to qualify.

  • 14:49 (IST)

    Starc: We're done and dusted with the group stages. We're looking forward to the knockouts. I've been working on my bowling quite hard with Craig McDermott since the one-day series in Zimbabwe. Look forward to continue with my form through the back-end of the World Cup.

  • 14:34 (IST)

    Mitchell Starc is named the Man of the Match.

  • 14:28 (IST)

    That's it! Australia beat Scotland by 7 wickets!

    Faulkner gets down and hammers Leask over deep mid-wicket for a huge six to finish it off in style. It was Starc who led the way in the bowling department and took a four-fer to bundle Scotland out for 130. The batsmen came out and did the rest. Clarke got much needed time out in the middle and Faulkner ended with some lusty blows. A comprehensive win for Australia.

  • 14:20 (IST)

    After 15 overs, Australia 124/3 (Warner 21, Faulkner 10)

    Clarke was pouncing on the short deliveries pretty well, he cut one off Davey through point for four and then pulled one through mid-wicket for another one. He then smashed Wardlaw over long on for a powerful six. Watson departed after hitting a four but Clarke continued to attack. He thumped a pull over mid-wicket off Wardlaw before Leask grabbed a magnificent catch to send him back the next ball. After the rain break, Warner clobbered Wardlaw for a six first ball an followd up with a four over mid-wicket. Faulkner then thumps a couple of fours, one over mid off and one over extra cover. Warner then hammers huge six over deep mid-wicket off Davey and follows up with a four through the same region. 

    Just 7 needed now.....

  • 14:12 (IST)

    Play about to resume.  Warner is on strike & Wardlaw will complete the over.

  • 14:05 (IST)

    Finally, some good news! Play to restart in 10 mins in Hobart. No overs lost. 

  • 14:02 (IST)

  • 13:42 (IST)

  • 13:39 (IST)

  • 13:28 (IST)

  • 13:25 (IST)

  • 12:44 (IST)

  • 12:43 (IST)

    Oh dear! Not again...It has started raining in Hobart. The covers are coming on... They have decided to have the Supper break! Australia 92/3 (13.2)

  • 12:42 (IST)

    OUT! Leask takes a fantastic catch at deep square leg. Wardlaw removes Clarke (47) MJ Clarke c Leask b Wardlaw 47 (47b 7x4 2x6). Australia 92/3 (13.2) 

    Clarke had just thumped a pull off the previous ball for a cracking four off Wardlaw. He goes for another one and hits it powerfully and flat, Leask at deep square leg moves to his right, dives and takes a fantastic catch. A good innings comes to an end. 

  • 12:38 (IST)

    OUT! Watson departs! SR Watson c Cross b Davey 24 (23b 4x4 0x6), After 13 overs, Australia 88/2 

    Watson shuffles way across, Davey delivers a length delivery on middle and leg, Watson looks to scoop but gets a top edge. The keeper settles under it and accepts it calmly. 

    James Faulkner is promoted up the order...

  • 12:31 (IST)

    The 50-stand comes up between Clarke & Watson!

  • 12:26 (IST)

  • 12:24 (IST)

    After 10 overs, Australia 63/1 (Clarke 26, Watson 16)

    After a couple of quiet overs, Clarke and Watson up the ante. Clarke hammers Taylor through mid on for a boundary and then Watson hammers it through mid off.  Watson then hammers a couple of fours off Taylor. 22/0 in the last five overs. Australia need 68 from 40 overs. The Scotland bowlers are bowling well in patches but both Clarke and Watson have hit good balls for fours. 

  • 12:04 (IST)

    After 5 overs, Australia 41/1 (Clarke 20, Watson 0)

    Australia are off to a brisk start but lost Finch in process. and Finch looked like  making Scotland pay for the drop. Finch hit Wardlaw for a couple of fours and a six. Clarke played a couple of beautiful cover drives for fours. Finch hit one uppishly through covers for a four off Taylor but then Finch went for the same shot again and hit it to the fielder.  Rob Taylor is bowling pretty well but Wardlaw has taken a hammering. Clarke hits him for a top edged six and a four off a powerful cut. 

  • 12:00 (IST)

    OUT! Taylor has his man! AJ Finch c Coleman b Taylor 20 (10b 3x4 1x6). After 4 overs, Australia 30/1 (Clarke 10)

    Finch was living dangerously and after being dropped earlier, his luck doesn't last long. A tad full outside off, Finch leans forward and drives it uppishly to covers where Coleman takes a good low catch. 

    Shane Watson is the new batsman.

  • 11:49 (IST)

  • 11:49 (IST)

    Dropped! Mommsen drops Finch!

    A very good first delivery from Rob Taylor. Length delivery outside off, nips away. Finch looks ot drive but gets an outside edge, Mommsen puts down a tough low catch to his left. 

  • 11:43 (IST)

    Well well, Michael Clarke has come out to open along with Aaron Finch. Wardlaw to start proceedings. 

  • 11:40 (IST)

  • 11:37 (IST)

    That's it! Scotland are 130 all out!

    OUT! Another cracking yorker from Starc and Wardlaw finds his stumps shattered. This is Starc's 11th four-wicket haul. 

    Scotland's poor shot selection cost them big time. Starc and Cummmins bowled well but if Scotland batsmen would have applied themselves well, it would have been a different case. Looks like they will have to wait for a long, long time now for their first win in World Cups!

  • 11:35 (IST)

    OUT! Starc cleans up Davey with a beauty. JH Davey b Starc 26 (35b 4x4 0x6), Scotland 130/9 (25.2) 

    Starc comes from round the wicket and bowls a full delivery on middle, it nips away, Davey looks to defend but is done in by the away movement. He misses and finds his stumps shattered!

    Iain Wardlaw is the last man in. 

  • 11:30 (IST)

    Right! Play about to resume.  Starc is back into the attack, Davey is on strike.

  • 11:28 (IST)

  • 11:15 (IST)

  • 11:03 (IST)

    Rain stoppage! Oh dear! It has started drizzling in Hobart and the players are going off. SCO 130-8 after 25 overs.  

  • 11:02 (IST)

    After 25 overs, Scotland 130/8 (Davey 26, Leask 23)

    Davey has looked the most assured batsman of all and he's come in at no.8. He's looked solid and played some wonderful shots. Which shows that had the Scotland batsmen applied themselves, they wouldn't have been is this position. Leask has started attacking and hit three fours off Cummins, all cover drives. He then jams one through mid on for another four off Cummins in his next over. 35 runs scored for the loss of Taylor's wicket in the last five overs. Leask has raced on to 23 off 11 balls wit four fours. 

  • 10:42 (IST)

    OUT! 8th wicket down for Scotland. Cummins gets his 3rd. R Taylor c Haddin b Cummins 0 (6b 0x4 0x6), Scotland 95/8 (20.1)

    Cummins has Taylor caught behind. Length delivery on off, nips away after landing. Taylor stays in his crease and pushes at it. Gets an outside edge to the keeper who makes no mistake. 

    Michael Leask is the new batsman.

  • 10:39 (IST)

    After 20 overs, Scotland 95/7 (Davey 15, Taylor 0)

    Scotland have totally lost the plot, it's not about good bowling, it's their poor shot selection that has brought about their downfall. Machan was looking good but he too departed to a soft dismissal.  The change of ends for Cummins has worked. Davey has started off well and hit three fours with a couple of glorious cover drives. They need to make sure they bat as many overs as possible now. 

  • 10:30 (IST)

    OUT! Cummins gets another one. Cross is caught behind. MH Cross c Haddin b Cummins 9 (20b 2x4 0x6), Scotland falling apart. Scotland 79/7 (16.4) 

    Short of a good length delivery from Cross, it jumps off the surface. Cross is surprised by the extra bounce. He pokes at it and gets an outside edge to the keeper. 

    Rob Taylor is the new batsman...

  • 10:26 (IST)

    OUT! Big blow for Scotland as Machan departs! MW Machan c Faulkner b Cummins 40 (35b 6x4 0x6), After 16.2 overs, Scotland 78/6 (Cross 9)

    Cummins gets his first wicket. It's short on middle and leg from Cummins, Machan swivels and looks to flick but gets a top edge to fine leg where Faulkner takes a good running catch. Machan was looking very good but he threw it away. 

    Josh Davey is the new batsman.

  • 10:18 (IST)

    After 15 overs, Scotland 74/5 (Machan 40, Cross 5)

    While other batsmen have been throwing it away, Machan has shown that fours can be hit with good technique. He cuts Johnson for a boundary and then pulls him through mid-wicket for consecutive fours. Johnson is bowling a fiery spell and troubling Cross. That will do his confidence a whole lot of good. These two need to steady proceedings now. Machan is the key from here on, he has raced on to 40 from 33 balls. 25/2 in the last five overs. 

  • 10:05 (IST)

    OUT! Brainless cricket from Scotland! RD Berrington c Warner b Maxwell 1 (6b 0x4 0x6), After 11.1 overs, Scotland 51/5 (Machan 26)

    A half volley from the newly introduced Maxwell, Berrington leans forward and hits it uppishly straight to covers. He is disappointed with himself and so he should be! 

    Matthew Cross is the new batsman.

  • 09:58 (IST)

    OUT! Johnson strikes now! F Coleman c Clarke b Johnson 0 (7b 0x4 0x6), After 10.1 overs, Scotland 50/4 (Machan 26)

    Another duck for Scotland. Good length delivery outside off, tailing away. Coleman stays on his crease and looks to punch but gets an outside edge to 2nd slip where Clarke takes a smart catch. Scotland in trouble now! 

    Richie Berrington is the new batsman.

  • 09:54 (IST)

    After 10 overs, Scotland 49/3 (Machan 26, Coleman 0)

    Scotland's strategy has been a bit baffling. They had lost the early wicket of Coetzer but still went for rash shots. MacLeod was looking good but he departed to a soft dismissal. Mommsen went for a pull off just his 2nd ball. machan then took the risk and lofted Watson over extra cover for a four, he didn't connect it well though. Coleman and Machan are at the crease and they  have got a toug rebuilding job ahead. Johnson is brought into the attack and he bowls a maiden first up. He would look to get into form ahead of the knock-outs! 24/2 in the last five overs.

  • 09:45 (IST)

    OUT! Another one bites the dust. Watson removes Mommsen.  PL Mommsen c Starc b Watson 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) , After 7.3 overs, Scotland 37/3 (Machan 14)

    Its' short outside off from Watson, Mommsen, facing just his 2nd ball, stays in his crease and goes for a pull but gets a top edge to square leg where Starc takes a very good catch. 

    Freddie Coleman is the new batsman.

  • 09:42 (IST)

    OUT! Starc gets his 2nd wicket. MacLeod cuts it straight to point. CS MacLeod c Warner b Starc 22 (19b 5x4 0x6) , After 7 overs, Scotland 36/2 (Machan 13)

    MacLeod was looking good but he departs to a soft dismissal. It's short and wide outside off, MacLeod rocks back and cuts it straight to Warner at point. MacLeod will be disappointed as he started really well. 

    Preston Mommsen is the new batsman.

  • 09:32 (IST)

  • 09:31 (IST)

    Shane Watson is brought into the attack now..

  • 09:30 (IST)

    After 5 overs, Scotland 25/1 (MacLeod 16, Machan 8)

    Good start from Australia. Starc is bowling really well. He starts off pretty well and bowls a maiden. He beats Coetzer on the drive a couple of times and bowls an inch perfect yorker off the fourth ball of the innings, Coetzer digs it out somehow and nearly falls over. Cummins takes the second new ball but is awry in his first over. He offers ample width and MacLeod hits him for consecutive fours. Starc follows up with another good over and gets the wicket of Coetzer. MacLeod carries on his aggressive approach and cracks another couple of fours off Cummins. Machan then opens his boundary account as he punches one through cover-point for four.  There is a big shout for an LBW against Machan off Starc but the umpire turns it down. it looked close. 

  • 09:25 (IST)

    MacLeod has reached his highest score of the tournament - 12*!

  • 09:23 (IST)

  • 09:23 (IST)

    OUT! This was coming. Starc draws first blood! KJ Coetzer c Smith b Starc 0 (11b 0x4 0x6), After 2.5 overs, Scotland 8/1 (MacLeod 8)

    Starc had troubled Coetzer in the first over and he gets his man. Full outside off a touch wide and swinging away. Coetzer goes for a drive away from his body but gets an outside edge to third slip where Smith makes no mistake. 

    Matt Machan is the new batsman.

  • 09:06 (IST)

    The Scotland openers - Calum MacLeod and Kyle Coetzer have made their way out to the middle. Mitchell Starc will start off proceedings for Australia. 

Preview: Australia skipper Michael Clarke pledged no mercy on crisis-hit Scotland as the four-time World Cup champions seek a headline-grabbing performance ahead of a potential quarter-final collision with Pakistan.

Australia have already made sure of their spot in the next stage after last weekend's 64-run win over fellow title contenders Sri Lanka where they piled up 376-9.

That followed their World Cup record score of 417-6 to rout Afghanistan by 275 runs.

 World Cup, Australia vs Scotland as it happened: Australia thump Scotland by 7 wickets

File picture of Australia cricketers. Getty

Victory against Pool A's rock-bottom Scotland on Saturday will ensure the runners-up spot behind New Zealand and a possible last-eight clash in Adelaide on March 20 against old adversaries Pakistan should Misbah-ul-Haq's side beat Ireland on Sunday.

"It doesn't matter who we're playing against. Everybody has turned up to training, wanting to get better," said Clarke.

"We need momentum, and we need to grab it and run with it for as long as we possibly can. In Hobart, it'll be full steam ahead looking to become better individually and as a team."

The only selection issue appears to still revolve around Shane Watson who was dropped for the Afghanistan match but restored to the line-up for the win over Sri Lanka in Sydney.

He certainly responded with a fine innings of 67.

"The way Shane played the other day was fantastic. I think he sort of adopted that approach where he knew he could come in and play his game," said opening batsman David Warner.

"Because he was out of form he probably had the luxury to go in and play the way he wanted to play and that's the message he probably wanted to send to everyone: he can still play this form of the game, it doesn't matter where

"With the team we've got and the balance we've got, we showed the other night with the bat what can happen."

Australia will have little to fear from a Scotland side who have still to win a World Cup match in three appearances.

The two sides have met four times with Australia winning by six wickets in 1999, 203 runs in 2007, 189 runs in 2005 and 200 runs in 2013.

In that last match in Edinburgh, Australia motored to 362-3 based on an opening partnership of 246 between Aaron Finch (148) and Shaun Marsh (151).

Finch will be optimistic of similar carnage on Saturday on the Bellerive Oval's compact boundaries although Scotland would have breathed a sigh of relief when Marsh wasn't selected.

Fast bowler Mitchell Johnson took 4-36 that day as the Scots were dismissed for 162.

"We've just got to back ourselves. They're the same as everyone else. They run up and try and get you out," said Scotland opener Kyle Coetzer.

Scotland have lost all five games at the World Cup so far and the build-up to their last game has been overshadowed by the banishment of all-rounder Majid Haq who was dropped for Wednesday's match against Sri Lanka after he posted a racial tweet.

Haq, Scotland's leading ODI bowler with 60 wickets and three half-centuries to his name, had played in his team's four earlier matches taking just three wickets and making a top-score of 31 against Afghanistan.

"Always tougher when your in the minority!! #colour #race" tweeted 32-year-old Haq, who was born in Scotland and is of Pakistani descent.


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