London Olympics: Bolt is the fastest man on Earth

There are 23 Medal events today. You can have a look at India's schedule for the day, here.

- Mary Kom begins Olympics journey with win
- South Korea beat India 4-1


God. What a race. Bolt wins in 9.63 -- a new Olympic record. Once Bolt got into his stride, around the half-way mark, there was no stopping him. Man. He was so far ahead of the pack -- it was incredible. Yohan Blake ran 9.75 for the silver. Justin Gatlin got the bronze in 9.79. With the exception of former world record holder Asafa Powell everyone finished under 10 seconds. Super quick race.

Bolt even had time to look at the clock during the race. This man is a legend -- without doubt the greatest sprinter the world has ever seen. Jamaica celebrates its 50th independence day tomorrow -- one can only imagine the celebrations.

1. BOLT Usain 9.63
2. BLAKE Yohan 9.75 (PB)
3. GATLIN Justin 9.79 (PB)

And they line up

The loudest cheer is for... guess who? Bolt of course. He greets the cheer with his trademark DJing stance. What confidence. What a line-up.

15 minutes to go for the 100m final

And Usain Bolt is still clowning around! This guy is a legend.

Kenyan's extend 3000m steeplechase dominance

Wow. 8th consecutive 3000m Steeplechase gold for Kenya. Ezekiel Kemboi wins. The time wasn't the fastest 8:18:56. France's Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad clocked 8:19.08 for silver in men's 3000m with Kenyan Abel Kiprop Mutai took bronze.

Bolt and Beast, the Beast and Bolt

We've heard a lot of talk about their rivalry. But then we see visuals on them chatting and laughing just before one of the biggest finals of their life.

Pistorius' Olympic dream ends

Pistorius comes 8th and last in his 400m semi-final. For the first time ever at the Olympics, there will be no Americans in the men's 400m final. Wow. That's something. Trinidad's Lalonde Gordon won the first men's 400m semi. Grenadian Kirani James won the 2nd men's 400m semi. Dominican Luguelin Santos wins the third men's 400m semi-final.

Lanes for 100m final

Lanes for M100 final: 2) Richard Thompson 3) Asafa Powell 4) Tyson Gay 5) Yohan Blake 6) Justin Gatlin 7) Usain Bolt 8) Ryan Bailey 9) Churandy Martina.

Three from Jamaica. Three from USA. One from Trinidad and Tobago. One from the Netherlands.

Third 100m Semi-finals

Blake fastest in 9.85 in the third semi-final. He had to put in a little more effort than Bolt. Gay made him stretch in the end.

Second 100m Semi-finals

Bolt is the fastest. A time of just 9.87 and he jogged. He jogged. He JOGGED! That is how he did it. He made it look really easy. He shut down in the last 8 strides and still came first. Gatlin was fast, Bolt was divine.

Bolt on his way to Olympic gold. Again. Getty Images

First 100m Semi-finals

Justin Gatlin wins that in 9.82. Gatlin first in 9.82, Powell pushed to third at 9.94 in first heat! What a surge of power from the American and he made it look easy. Martina of the Netherlands finished second. Powell may still go through as fastest loser. It was a fast heat!

China sweep scandal-tainted badminton tournament

China completed a stunning sweep of all five gold medals at the London Games' scandal-hit badminton tournament on Sunday, clinching both the men's singles and doubles titles to send red-clad fans delirious with delight at Wembley Arena. World number one Lin Dan overhauled Lee Chong Wei in a thriller to break Malaysian hearts once again, four years after trouncing his great rival in the Beijing final.

Men's doubles world champions Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng then wrapped up the unprecedented sweep with an emphatic win over Denmark's Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen. China's players and coaches flooded the court to celebrate with the men's winners, but two team members were missing from the photo-shots and group hugs. Reuters

Jamaicans prepare to cheer Bolt, Blake in Olympics

Jamaicans are preparing to brave rain and winds from a tropical storm to watch the biggest in-country duel of the London Olympics: Usain Bolt vs. Yohan Blake in the 100-meter dash. Islanders are gathering at homes to watch their two top male sprinters in Sunday's head-to-head showdown. If the weather is clear, fans are expected to submerge the national stadium in a sea of green, gold and black jerseys to watch the race on video screens.

Blake beat Bolt in the 100 and 200 finals during the island's Olympic trials, setting up Sunday's clash. Jamaica is already in a party mood. It's celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence on Monday. Plus, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce has made it back-to-back Olympic titles in the women's 100 meters. AP

No more tears

Andy's all smiles today. No more tears. Moving moment, the crowd singing 'God save the Queen.' Off twitter, @BwoyBlunder calls him Anandy Murray.

Read the full story here.

Seven Wimbledon titles and no gold

That's the Roger Federer story. He didn't bring his A game to the court and Murray made him pay. Rarely, possibly never, has Roger Federer been dominated in this manner. Stunning stuff. Marc Rosset still remains the only Swiss to win an Olympic Gold medal in men's singles (in the 1992 Barcelona Games).

Murray win the GOLD

Wow. Who imagined that this would happen? Two aces to win the gold. What a match... he's won at Wimbledon, it's Olympic gold. He beat Federer 6-2, 6-1, 6-4. Andy has not started crying yet. Murray climbs into the stadium to hug Kim, his mum and the rest of his team.

Murray up 5-3 in the third set

The gold medal match has lived up to every Briton's expectations. This has been a superb display by Murray. Federer looks mentally shot. He is totally out of it. If he can come back from here, we could all very well walk on water too.

Federer holds...

Okay. Federer realises he is at Wimbledon. He holds after being 15-40 down. It's 3-4 now in the third set. The last time Roger Federer lost 3 sets to nil wasn't that long back: Australian Open 2011 semifinal. Federer lost 7-6, 7-5, 6-4 to Novak Djokovic.

Murray breaks again!

6-2, 6-1, 4-2 -- Murray has owned Federer. The Swiss already looks out of it. Can he somehow bring himself to fight this? Can he do it for country? Can he do it for pride?

Murray breaks again!

It's 2 sets to love and 3-2. The Scot is in charge and very rarely would you have seen Federer being dominated is so complete a manner. If this is what playing for the country does to Murray, he should go back to being an amateur.

Can Federer stage a comeback?

Here's what some of our followers on @FirstpostSports think:

@aftabkhanna He needs some English rain and a closed roof to stand a chance!
@kannanzizzou Even when federer is losing 0-2 and 0-5 down i wont lose hope
@BwoyBlunder Federer is losing this one, No Sachin in the Audience to inspire him.
@nikhilsarode123 seems difficult but you never knows till it finishes..

Murray wins second set

Wow. Murray is in complete command here. The Unions Jacks are out, the tears are not. He won the second set 6-1. This was too easy. But towards the end, Federer seemed to be getting back into the match. The match stats are not very revealing -- but Federer has lost the big points. Nadal remains only active player to have bageled Federer.

Del Potro takes the bronze

Meanwhile, Del Potro has won the bronze beating world number two Novak Djokovic in straight sets. The Argentine won 7-5, 6-4.

Murray up 5-0 in second set

Wow. When was the last time Federer lost a set 6-0? Anyone remember? We certainly don't. And this is on grass -- seven Wimbledon title for the Swiss and all that yada yada yada. No clay or some slow surface. Can he fight back? The second set is almost gone.

Murray up 4-0 in second set

This is a shock to say the least. Federer is short of ideas now. Drop shots, superb groundstrokes, good court coverage -- simply stunning. Murray won the first set 6-2.

India 1-4 S Korea

Just no hope for this hockey team. They gave up completely in the end. Korea hit another goal in the 70th minute. Nam got his second goal of the match -- once again from a penalty corner. Pretty humiliating defeat and one can't help but think that perhaps India's hockey players weren't ready for the Olympics.

India 1-3 S Korea

Another goal for Korea, another defeat for India. It's 1-3 now and there is no hope for Nobbs' boys. LEE S (67:40') scores a field goal.

Murray 2-0 up in second set

Murray has it all going for him. The net cords are going for him and the Scot is covering the court in an amazing manner. This was a big break. The Scot won the first set 6-2.

India 1 - 2 S Korea

And we have another goal. Again, Korea made the penalty corner count. NAM Hyun Woo was the goalscorer. Very nice variation by Jang, he took the ball forward and then laid it back to Nam, who placed it superbly in the right hand corner.

Murray wins first set 6-4

Murray broke Federer for a second time to take the set in some style 6-2 in 37 mins. Will this wake Federer up or will we see Murray cruise to the title as Serena did? It's almost unthinkable...

Murray holds serve

The Scot has held his serve to take a 5-2 lead in the first set. It is still just one break though. Murray is playing some marvelous tennis. No more tears for him?

India 1-1 South Korea

The Asian giants are still locked at 1-1. This is a tight match -- not as high scoring as India's previous matches for sure.

Sandhu struggles

Sandhu has missed five shots in total and has 70/75 now. Slim chance of qualifying. He dropped three shots in the third round. The best shooter in the qualifying is Australia's Michael Diamond -- he has 75 out of 75.

Federer vs Murray 2-4

Federer just dropped his serve. Is down 2-4 in the first set. Hmm. This is where the crowd will start getting into the match and make things interesting.

Federer vs Murray 2-2

It's 2-2 in the first set but Murray had a breakpoint. The Swiss master knows how to serve his way out of trouble though.

Federer vs Murray is on

It's 1-1 in the first set. The Wimbledon final rematch is on and once again it's under the closed roof. A message from the gods? We'll see.

Lin Dan wins badminton gold!

Wow. That was some match. Lin Dan lost the first game but came back to win the second in some style. The third game was a see-saw battle. In the end, the Chinese was just too good. They don't call him Super Dan for nothing.

The scoreline: 21/15; 10/21; 19/21

Mary Kom wins!

The overall total is 19-14. The fourth round was a draw 4-4. The third round was decisive in the bigger scheme of things. She totally dominated it and that paved the way for victory. Classy stuff. She is into the quarters -- another win, will give her a bronze. Double celebrations for her though -- it is the fifth birthday of her twins too.

Mary Kom winning

She won the third round to win it 7-3. Her lead-in punch is superb.

It's 5-4 in the second round

Mary Kom takes the second round and leads 8-7. Super stuff from her -- she has a terrific one-two punch. Has managed to keep her opponent on the backfoot.

It's 3-3 after the first round

It was a pretty even round and that's how the judges saw it as well. Mary was pretty aggressive but her opponent is much bigger than her -- she did get pushed around a bit.

Mary Kom in action

The Indian five-time World Champion is in blue. Her opponent is in red. Is she a little nervous? Maybe. But she can do this.

India 1-1 S Korea

Gurwinder Singh Chandi scores the equaliser for India. Nice cross from Dharamvir Singh, even better deflection from Chandi. He wasn't very tightly marked.

India 0-1 S Korea

India's fourth match in the Olympics men's hockey competition has begun and they have already conceded a goal. JANG Jong Hyun (KOR) scores from a penalty corner.

Serena-Venus win women's doubles

Serena has taken full advantage of the All England Club double this year: Singles & Doubles titles at Wimbledon & Olympics. Ain't she a star? Venus tagged along for the show. They won in straight sets. They also became the first players to win four Olympic Games Tennis titles.

Men's Badminton final

Lee Chong Wei has taken the first game 21-15 against China's 'Super' Dan. Lin Dan will come back. You can be sure about that. In the world championships, Lee had two match and championship points, Dan came back to win it.

Rain at Wimbledon

History repeating itself. It's raining at Wimbledon. The roof is on. Federer vs Murray. We know how that will go.

Women's doubles final

Serena & Venus Williams win the opening set of the women’s doubles final against Lucie Hradecka & Andrea Hlavackova 6-4.

Mary Kom's bout coming up

Mary Kom's bout is up next. It is scheduled to start around 1830 hrs IST. It's the Flyweight division and her opponent is Poland's Karolina Michalczuk.

Another round of 24

Sandhu shot another 24 to follow up his score in the first round. He now has a total of 48 out of 50 after two round. To advance, he would probably need at least two perfect rounds of 25. Can he do it? He is currently in 14th position. Three more rounds to go.

Hockey: Pakistan beat South Korea

That was a superb match. End to end action throughout and eventually Pakistan managed to win 5-4. Maybe India can learn a lesson or two from their neighbours.

Keep it up

It's 19 out of 19. A superb second round so far, can he keep it together?

Sandhu shooting well

He has 12 out of 12. He has 13 more shots to go in this round.

Sandhu has begun the second round

The Indian Trap shooter has begun his second round with 7 out of 7. He shot 24 out of 25 in the first round.

Each time we bring that player on, goals against us result

“A couple of the senior players just won’t or are unable to understand what and how we want them to play, and that results in very poor defensive work. Each time we bring that player on, goals against us result, and soft goals. Frustrating, to say the least,” said Michael Nobbs.

Read the full story here.

The final swim

Like the weather, everyone is talking about Phelps. Allison Schmitt, anchor of the USA women's gold-medal medley relay team, calls him "the most famous man in the world." Actually Phelps probably was not the most famous man in this East London post code Saturday -- one venue over in expansive Olympic Park, Usain Bolt had been preening and prancing through his early 100-meter heat -- but she could make the argument.


Sandu's second round expected to start by 1730 hrs IST

Still some time to go before Sandhu shoots in her second round. He shot 24 out of 25 in the first round.

Quote of the day

"It's just time to move on. There are other things I want to do in my life. I'm not sure staring at a black line for four hours a day is one of them." — Michael Phelps on his post-Olympian future.

Pakistan v South Africa is a thriller

The two teams are trading goals. At half-time it's 3-3. Surely there are more goals in this one.

Jessica Ennis a silent assassin in pursuit of Olympic gold

Ennis, say those who know her best, is as nice as she seems, a feat beyond many in her position. But she is a smiling assassin. When she performed her heptathlon magic, finishing with 6,955 points after winning the 800m, the aggregate of her splendid points gathering over two days in the other six disciplines, she did so without presumption. It was victory by stealth, as is invariably the way in multi‑skilled sports. She had an eight-second cushion ahead of second place and was 11 clear of third, and needed none of them.

All around was the ritual tumult of the Olympics, as athletes sprinted, jumped, strained and smiled in a helter‑skelter of frenzied entertainment. Ennis, good at most of those, just got on with it.

Read the full story on The Guardian here.

The second round on Men's trap has begun

Sandhu should be up soon to shoot in the second round.

Saina’s bronze: China’s head coach blames ref for Xin’s injury

Chinese badminton head coach Li Yongbo accused Danish referee Torsten Berg of causing injury to Wang Xin in the bronze medal match against India’s Saina Nehwal.

“When Wang asked the referee to have the sweat on the floor wiped clean, he refused, and that was why she slipped and injured herself,” Li said to Xinhua.

“It was ridiculous. A player who takes time to wipe off the sweat on the face could be suspected of intentionally delaying the match. But when there is sweat on the floor, the referee should have it wiped off or allow the player to clean the floor.”

Read the full story here.

Sandhu has 24 out of 25

There are a total of five rounds with 25 shots each. The next round shall begin soon.

Sandhu has 24 out of 25

13 other shooters have 24 out of 25 while seven others have not missed at all - for a 25 out of 25 score. There are a total of 34 shooters.

Sandhu has 21 out of 22

Manavjit also competed at the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008. In the 2008 Olympics he stood tied 10th. He is shooting well at the moment.

Sandhu misses one

He hit 10 in a row... then he missed one. This is pretty good stuff to begin with. A total of 25 shots to be made. 5 shooters have already hit all their targets.

Sandhu in action

Men's Trap: Manavjit Singh Sandhu's event has begun. He is yet to shoot.

It's finally Mary's day

It's finally the day that India will get to watch five-time world champion MC Mary Kom in action. The inclusion of women's boxing brings to an end the last all-male sport at the summer games.

Read the full story here.

There’s lots of cheating, cheating, cheating

“It doesn’t look fair because he was going in one direction and the scores 7-4 and 9-4 to him don’t justify that,” said Manoj Kumar, the dejected Commonwealth Games gold-medallist said after the loss.

“It doesn’t look like an Olympic Games but more like a district competition because if it’s Great Britain in the ring it doesn’t matter who’s against them. It’s like a district competition where there’s lots of cheating, cheating, cheating,” he added.

Read the full story here.

India launch CAS protest

India have complained to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) after an Olympic victory by welterweight boxer Vikas Krishan was overturned, costing him a place in the quarter-finals.

World amateur bronze medallist Krishan originally won the bout against Errol Spence 13-11 but, after reviewing video footage, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) declared the American the winner.

“We have submitted a preliminary complaint in writing to the CAS,” the Indian team’s acting chef de mission PKM Raja said in a statement.

Read full story here.

How the sprint records have progressed

Check out this superb graphic on BBC Sport.

It's about Bolt and Blake today

Usain Bolt will hope to show that he is number one. Reuters

Usain Bolt will hope to show that he is number one. Reuters

Four years on from storming to Olympic gold in a seemingly effortless world record time, either Usain Bolt will again be hailed a great champion or a new 100 metres sprint king will be crowned in London on Sunday.

The Jamaican triple gold medallist from Beijing has had his sprint authority challenged with the emergence of younger compatriot Yohan Blake, who took his friend and training partner's world title in Daegu, South Korea last year when Bolt false started, and set the world's leading mark this year.

Bolt came into the Games with questions over his fitness but enjoyed nothing more than a light workout when cantering through his first round heat on Saturday despite making a sloppy start.

If all the leading protagonists safely negotiate semi-final passage, the final (2055) has the makings of one of the all-time greats with a fast London track offering hope of a new world record.

Bolt will line up in the second semi-final with American Ryan Bailey, the fastest man in the first-round heats.

Blake goes in the last semi along with American Tyson Gay, while 2004 Olympic champion Justin Gatlin and former world record holder Asafa Powell are in the opening heat.

The first two in each heat and the next two fastest advance. Reuters

Mixed day

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed day -- Saina won a bronze medal but the rest of India's medal prospects faltered. Krishna Poonia had a good day in discus to finish seventh in a very strong field. In the men's 20km race walk, K T Irfan put up a decent show to finish in the tenth position while Manoj Kumar gave Britain's world number one Thomas Stalker a tough fight. Leander Paes and Sania Mirza crashed out in straight sets.

Updated Date: Aug 06, 2012 03:06 AM

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