IPL 2017, Highlights, SRH vs MI in Hyderabad, cricket scores and updates: Sunrisers win by 7 wickets

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IPL 2017, Highlights, SRH vs MI in Hyderabad, cricket scores and updates: Sunrisers win by 7 wickets
  • 00:22 (IST)

    That brings us to the close of our live coverage of the match between SRH and MI. Shikhar Dhawan and Siddharth Kaul the top performers for the defending champions tonight, with good support from Mohammad Nabi, Rashid Khan and Moises Henriques. With that SRH have ensured that they are very much into the race to qualify for the play-offs. Thanks for following the live blog tonight. Join us tomorrow as we bring you live scores and updates from another match in IPL 2017. It's KXIP vs KKR in Match 49 tomorrow. See you then.

  • What a clinical all-round display by Hyderabad today, as they keep their playoff hopes alive by humbling leaders Mumbai Indians!  Right from getting early wickets to slam the brakes on Mumbai’s innings, to the match-winning partnership between Henriques and Dhawan after the dismissal of Dhawan. SRH thus regain their confidence with this win, and are now on the verge of sealing their spot in the playoffs. 

  • This was the first Man of the Match award for Shikhar Dhawan while playing for SRH in IPL.

  • If KKR beat KXIP tomorrow then KKR, RPS and SRH will join MI in the playoffs. 

  • 23:37 (IST)

    Shikhar Dhawan adjudged the Man of the Match for his innings of 62 from 46 deliveries

  • Most runs against Mumbai Indians in IPL:
    708 - Suresh Raina
    531 - MS Dhoni
    510 - AB de Villiers 
    501 - Shaun Marsh 
    Sunrisers Hyderabad's today's win against Mumbai Indians ensured that DD are out from the playoffs' race.

  • 23:29 (IST)

    After 18.2 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 140/3 ( Shikhar Dhawan 62 , Vijay Shankar 15)

    Bumrah to bowl the penultimate over. No run off the first ball. Vijay Shankar goes over the top and gets a boundary at long on. And with that SRH wrap up the match in their favour. 

    SRH win the match by 7 wickets and that's a big boost to their chances to make the play-offs.

  • 23:23 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 136/3 ( Shikhar Dhawan 62 , Vijay Shankar 11)

    McClenaghan back into the attack. Dhawan drives the second ball through cover. Fine timing. Two runs. The nest ball is cut away. The Sunrisers are doing this easily. Just strolling their way to a win. Doesn't make for a breathtaking stuff exactly, but SRH doing what is necessary. Looked to be a change in bowling action from McClenaghan with his fifth ball. For a moment that looked like Bumrah. A left-handed one. Seven runs from that over. SRH need 3 runs from 12 balls.

  • 23:18 (IST)

    After 17 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 129/3 ( Shikhar Dhawan 58 , Vijay Shankar 8)

    Malinga bowls the 17th over. The second ball is a fullish one. Good-looking on drive from Shankar. Two runs. Banged in short. Shankar pulls. Huge appeal from Parthiv and Malinga. Nothing doing, says the umpire. What's worse, he calls it a wide. Replays suggest their was not bat touch. Could well be a strategy from Parthiv to put the ump off and prevent the wide call. Mischievous smile from Parthiv. Good change of pace from Malinga has Dhawan skying one. Pollard tries a catch at long on. May have just about got his fingertips to the ball. Eight runs from the over again. SRH need 10 runs from 18 balls.

  • Didn't see any point in SRH sending Yuvraj out with an injured finger especially when they were in firm control of the proceedings with a plenty of wickets left. Could've put his participation in the remainder of the tournament in danger by further aggravating his injury. Anyway, Dhawan should do the job of carrying the side across the finish line. 

  • 23:12 (IST)

    After 16 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 121/3 ( Shikhar Dhawan 55 , Vijay Shankar 4)

    Bumrah continues. Four runs off the first three balls. Dhawan goes over the cover fielder on the fourth ball. Two runs. Turns the next ball towards midwicket for a single. The last ball is on a yorker length. Squeezed out by Shankar behind point. Eight runs from that over. SRH need 18 runs from 24 balls.

  • 23:07 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 113/3 ( Shikhar Dhawan 51 , Vijay Shankar 0)

    Malinga back into the attack. Dhawan takes a single. Looked like he had completed his fifty with that shot, but was a leg bye. Dhawan finally gets to his fifty off the third ball of the over. Malinga gets rid of Yuvraj with the next ball, as the batsman mistimes one in the air and Hardik at sweeper cover completes the catch. Yuvi checks his finger while going back. The dismissal would just be a blessing in disguise for Yuvi. Vijay Shankar comes in to bat at the fall of that wicket. Four runs from that over. SRH need 26 runs from 30 balls.

  • 23:06 (IST)

  • 23:06 (IST)

  • 23:04 (IST)

    OUT! Yuvraj mistimes one in the air. Hardik takes an easy catch. SRH 112/3 in the 15th over.

    Yuvraj c Hardik Pandya b Malinga 9(11) 

  • 23:00 (IST)

    After 14 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 109/2 ( Shikhar Dhawan 49 , Yuvraj Singh 8)

    McClenaghan back into the attack. Tests Yuvi with a yorker. Yuvi is struggling with pain and struggling to score. The fourth ball is short and pulled away to the boundary. Yuvi fights back. That brings out a clap from his coach Tom Moody. The next delivery is full. Yuvi squeezes it away. Had one hands off the handle. Two runs to mid wicket though for Yuvi. Hits the last ball straight down the ground for another couple. SRH need 30 runs from 36 balls.

  • 22:56 (IST)

    After 13 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 99/2 ( Shikhar Dhawan 48 , Yuvraj Singh 0)

    Bumrah into the attack. Rolled his fingers around the ball. A slow off-spinner. And Henriques gets a leading edge. Easy catch for Rohit. Yuvraj is the new man in. He had hurt his finger while batting and is clearly feeling the pain. Yuvi should walk off if he is uncomfortable, one feels.. He would not want to aggravate the injury any further with the Champions TRophy coming up. That's not what India would want, given the fact that he is such an important man of Team India. The SRH also have the match well under control. Hit on the body then by Bumrah. Bumrah affords bo favour to his senior India teammate. Talk about intensity. Yuvi swings and misses on the last ball. Strategic timeout taken. Thankfully so, for Yuvi.

  • Yuvraj Singh’s average of 15.63 against Mumbai Indians in IPL is the lowest among all the batsmen who have scored atleast 100 runs against them in IPL. He has scored 250 runs from 16 innings at a strike rate of 112.11 in IPL before today.

  • End of a brilliant partnership between Dhawan and Henriques. The two never hit the panic button after the early loss of Warner, took their time to settle at the crease, and kept the boundaries coming in at regular intervals while rotating the strike. Just what the team needed in their chase. 

  • 22:49 (IST)

    OUT! Henriques gets a leading edge off a slower one fro Bumrah. Rohit takes the easiest of catches. SRH are 98/2 in the 13th over.

    Henriques c Rohit b Bumrah 44(35) 

  • 22:47 (IST)

    After 12 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 98/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 47 , Moises Henriques 44)

    Harbhajan continues. Three runs from the first three balls. Henriques then plays one straight back at the bowler. Just short of Bhajji. The next ball has Henriques in a spot of bother again. Gets an inside edge to short fine leg. Appeal for LBW on the last ball against Dhawan, but the ball has hit hi outside the line of off stump.        

  • 22:45 (IST)

  • 22:44 (IST)

  • 22:43 (IST)

  • 22:43 (IST)

    After 11 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 94/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 45 , Moises Henriques 42)\

    Malinga bowls the 11th over. Three runs off the first two balls. The third ball is short and slowish. Henriques pulls, but the ball came off the splice of the bat. Falls just short of Bhajji at mid wicket. The next ball is an attempted yorker. Ends up being a full toss. Short arm jab by Henriques. Four at wide long on. The next ball is banged in short again. Climbed on Henriques and he pulls it away in front of square for consecutive boundaries. 11 runs from the over. Malinga doesn't seem to be the menace he used to be any longer.

  • 22:43 (IST)

  • 22:43 (IST)

  • 22:42 (IST)

  • 22:39 (IST)

    After 10 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 83/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 44 , Moises Henriques 32)

    Harbhajan in for the 10th over. Dhawan plays the reverse sweep. In the air, but through the gap between short third man and backward point. Wasn't much of a gap there. Dhawan very lucky. Three runs from the next four balls. At the halfway stage, this match is for the SRH to lose.

  • 22:35 (IST)

    After 9 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 76/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 38 , Moises Henriques 31)

    Karn Sharma continues. The first ball is swept with disdain for a boundary. There is an appeal for stumping off the next ball. The umpire goes upstairs. Replays show Dhawan had his foot firmly inside the crease. Not out. Dhawamn comes down the track on the next ball. Karn shortens the length. Dhawan quietely plays it back to the bowler. The fifth ball has Dhawan coming down the track again and hammer it over long on. Fetched that one from way outside off as the ball was angling away. Opens the face of the bat and plays the last ball of the over to short third man. Deft.

  • 22:31 (IST)

    After 8 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 65/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 27 , Moises Henriques 31)

    Hardik into the attack now. Starts with a back of a length delivery. Single. The third ball is short and drifting down leg. Henriques brings out the pull. Four. That's the fifty run partnership between Henriques and Dhawan. Good comeback freom Hardik. A slower ball. Hardik gets an inside edge onto his pads. Dhawan pushes the fifth ball through mid off. Great timing on that. Pollard pulls it back inside the boundary and saves a run. The last ball is cracked to the backward point fence. 13 runs from that over.

  • 22:25 (IST)

    After 7 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 52/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 23 , Moises Henriques 22)

    Karn Sharma into the atack. Dhawan comes down the track and blasts the second delivery over long on for a six. Went against the turn. Dhawan hits the next delivery to deep midwicket. Henriques comes down the track now. Karn fires it down leg. A leg bye taken. Nine runs from that over.

  • 22:25 (IST)

  • Dhawan and Henriques have done well to bring Hyderabad back to their feet, going after the pacers to stitch a formidable-looking second-wicket stand. The run-rate is not a worry right now, with the target being a manageable one. With Yuvraj's fitness in doubt after he hurt his finger while fielding earlier this evening, this stand is all the more crucial. 

  • 22:21 (IST)

    After 6 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 43/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 15 , Moises Henriques 22)

    McClenaghan into the attack. Bowls round the wicket to Henriques. Short and wide and cut hard by Henriques to the backward point boundary. McClenaghan over the wicket now. The third delivery is full, Henriques goes through cover. The fifth ball is a slower one and full. Dhawan turns it away to mid on. Henriques comes down the track and clobbers the last ball, but unluckily, can't beat the fielder at mid off. Six runs from that over. Time for a strategic timeout at the end of that over. SRH have made steady progress in the powerplay.      

  • 22:15 (IST)

    After 5 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 37/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 14 , Moises Henriques 17)

    Bumrah into the attack. The third ball is back of a length and brings out a sublime cover drive from Henriques. Finds the gap between cover and point and the ball races to the boundary. Surely the shot of the innings so far. The next ball is driven again. Goes to backward point, but no more than a single. Dhawan gets up on his toes and pulls the next ball to the boundary. Not a pretty shot but effective. 11 runs from that over.

  • 22:11 (IST)

    After 4 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 26/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 10 , Moises Henriques 10)

    Harbhajan comes into the attack. Three runs from the first two balls. Dhawan gives the charge on the next ball. Was not to the pitch of the ball. Plays it away to long off. Some 'yes' and 'no' on the next ball. No cause for alarm for SRH in the end. The last ball is on the legs and turned to midwicket for Henriques for a single.

  • 22:11 (IST)

  • 22:08 (IST)

    After 3 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 21/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 9 , Moises Henriques 6)

    Malinga to bowl the third over of the innings. The first ball is turned away to long leg. The third ball is on the pads of Dhawan, who flicks it away backward of square. The ball flies to the fielder. The fifth ball is driven through the cover region for four. Looks like the news of selection to India's Champions Trophy squad has done Dhawan's confidence a world of good. Punches the next ball to wide mid off. Two runs. Good timing on that one. 11 runs conceded by Malinga in his first over. The ace pacer did not look comfortable.

  • Not the best of starts for SRH at all. The early loss of Warner, who went for his on-drive a bit late and got a bit of an inside-edge that the umpire didn’t detect, is a huge blow for the hosts. Much like Mumbai in their innings, SRH are in for a slow power play which could hamper their chase. 

  • 22:02 (IST)

    After 2 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 10/1 ( Shikhar Dhawan 2 , Moises Henriques 2)

    McClenaghan in for the second over. Full and straight from the bowler. Warner rapped on the pads. The SRH skipper was late on the shot. Given out by Marais Erasmus and he is one of the best in the business. Replays show the faintest of edges. Can't blame the ump there. That's very hard to pick up. Moises Henriques is the new man in. Pulls the first ball he faces. Banged in short and Henriques goes towards mid wicket. Three runs rom that over and a wicket. MI have started well inb= their defence of a small total.

  • 21:58 (IST)

    OUT! McClenaghan bowls full and straight and Warner is caught right in front of the stumps. Huge blow for SRH. They are 7/1 in the 2nd over.

    Warner lbw b McClenaghan 6(6)

  • Barring a partnership between Rohit Sharma and Kieron Pollard, Mumbai failed to have any going. A target of 139 would be hard to defend against the likes of David Warner and Co. But if anybody can then it's Mumbai with the kind of bowling attack they have got. A win here for Mumbai would really give them a biig boost ahead of the play-offs

  • 21:56 (IST)

    After 1 overs,Sunrisers Hyderabad 7/0 ( David Warner (C) 6 , Shikhar Dhawan 1)

    Warner goes for the reverse sweep off the very first ball. Well tossed up by Harbhajan and Warner misses the line completely. Parthiv whips the bails off behind the stupmps and appeals. He looks to be very excited. But Warner had his foot firmly grounded. The next ball is shortish and spinning away. Warner cuts through the gap between cover and point abd fetches the first boundary of the innings. Dhawan tries a sweep of the fourth ball, but doesn't get all off it. Seven runs from the first over.

  • 21:52 (IST)

    David Warner and Shikhar Dhawan opens the batting for SRH. Harbhajan bowls the first over.

  • 21:43 (IST)

    After 20 overs,Mumbai Indians 138/7 ( Harbhajan Singh 1 , Mitchell McClenaghan 2)

    Bhuvi to bowl the last over of the innings. The first ball tails in at the pads of Pollard. it is a full toss, but Pollard mistimes it. Easy catch to Vijay Shankar at deep midwicket. He had misses a sitter earlier,. but makes no mistake here. The MI batsman should have crossed though, which would mean Karn Sharma, who have been batting for a while, would have faced the next ball. Pollard looked to be too dejected to try the run. Hrabhajan Singh is the new man in. The next ball is a wide, but then Bhuvi comes up with a briliant yorker. All Bhajji could do is to dig it out. Bhajji plays and misses the next delivery. But two runs conceded by SRH as 'keeper Ojha fails to gather the ball cleanly. Karn Sharma reaches out for a wide one and gets an edge to Ojha behind the stumps. Mitch McClenaghan comes in for the last ball. Pulls a shortish delivery to wide long on for a couple. MI end with 138/7. A smallish total for MI and SRH would fancy themselves to win this, especially at home, where they have had a great record.       

  • Lowest totals defended by Mumbai Indians in IPL:
    120 v Pune Warriors, Gahunje, 2012
    139 v Chennai Super Kings, Wankhede, 2013
    142 v Delhi Daredevils, Wankhede, 2017

  • 21:40 (IST)

  • 21:40 (IST)

  • The Sunrisers were as clinical in the death overs as they were at the start of the innings, and getting rid of Rohit Sharma at this stage was key in restricting Mubai to a sub-par 138/7 at the end of the innings. The batsmen, though, cannot afford to take it easy, as their loss to Pune in their previous game at this very venue would still be fresh in their minds. 

Preview: Stung by successive losses, Sunrisers Hyderabad will look to turn the ship around and inch closer to a play-off berth when they face table-toppers Mumbai Indians in a crucial IPL T20 match in Hyderabad on Monday.

The Sunrisers, currently placed fourth on the points table with 13 points, need to win their remaining two matches to completely seal their play-off berth.

Mumbai Indians, under Rohit Sharma (L) take on David Warner's Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Mumbai Indians, under Rohit Sharma (L) take on David Warner's Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Hyderabad had lost to Delhi Daredevils by six wickets at New Delhi but what hurt them most was their 12-run loss to Rising Pune Supergiant at home on Saturday. It was their first home defeat of the season.

IPL 2017: Orange Cap firmly with David Warner, Bhuvneshwar Kumar sitting pretty with Purple Cap

Chasing a modest target of 149, captain David Warner (40) and Yuvraj Singh (47) made decent contributions but the other batsmen – Shikhar Dhawan (19), Kane Williamson (4), Moises Henriques (4) and Naman Ojha (9) – were found wanting.

It was Jayadev Unadkat's five wicket haul, which included a hat-trick in the final over, that did the trick for Pune as they restricted SRH to 136/9.

Batting in the middle-order has been a point of bother for the Sunrisers and they need to address it if the team has to win Monday's match against Mumbai.

The bowling, however, has been a major strength for the Sunrisers with Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan and Siddharth Kaul taking most of the wickets for them. In fact, Kaul returned with a four-wicket haul on Saturday to restrict RPS to 148/8.

Hyderabad's seasoned bowler Ashish Nehra left the field apparently due to cramps against Pune after bowling seven balls and it was not immediately clear whether he would be available for the Mumbai tie.

Mumbai Indians, on the other hand, have already qualified for the play-offs, but remains focused on getting the most from their remaining league games.

MI have been in sublime form and their massive 146-run win over Delhi Daredevils last night has only cemented their position at the top.

The blazing innings of Lendl Simmons (66) and Kieron Pollard's unbeaten 63 helped MI post a massive 212 runs against DD on Saturday. Parthiv Patel and Nitish Rana also have been in good form, while captain Rohit Sharma too have found his footing. The Pandya brothers – Hardik and Krunal – have also chipped in from time to time.

In the bowling department, experienced Harbhajan Singh and Karn Sharma scalped three wickets against Pune each last night, while pacer Mitchell McClenaghan was back among the wickets. Ace pacer Lasith Malinga, who has been out of form, also took two wickets against Pune. Jasprit Bumrah have also been phenomenal with his 'death' bowling.

Teams (from):

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (C), Lendl Simmons, Mitchel Johnsohn, Mitchell McClenghan, Nitish Rana, Parthiv Patel, Saurabh Tiwary, Shreyas Gopal, Tim Southee, Lasith Malinga, Krunal Pandya, Keiron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Asela Gunaratne, Harbhajan Singh, Hardik Pandya, Jagdish Suchith, Jasprit Bumrah, Jos Buttler, Karn Sharma and Vinay Kumar.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (C), Tanmay Agarwal, Ricky Bhui, Bipul Sharma, Ben Cutting, Shikhar Dhawan, Eklavya Dwivedi, Moises Henriques, Deepak Hooda, Chris Jordan, Siddharth Kaul, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ben Laughlin, Abhimanyu Mithun, Mohammad Nabi, Mohammed Siraj, Mustafizur Rahman, Ashish Nehra, Naman Ojha (wk), Rashid Khan, Vijay Shankar, Barinder Sran, Pravin Tambe, Kane Williamson and Yuvraj Singh.

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