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IPL 2017 Highlights, MI vs KXIP in Mumbai, cricket score and updates: Punjab win by 7 runs

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IPL 2017 Highlights, MI vs KXIP in Mumbai, cricket score and updates: Punjab win by 7 runs
  • 00:37 (IST)

    That's it from us from Firstpost Sports! It turned out to be one cracker of a match in the end, and Kings XI Punjab still are very much alive in the tournament! We look forward to a few intense clashes in the remainder of the league stage. 

    For now, we bid you good night! 

  • 00:10 (IST)

    Wriddiman Saha is the Man of the Match for his unbeaten 93 off 55 balls. 

  • 100 out of 100 to Pollard and Co for trying.  The target just proved a bit too much in the end.  The Punjab bowlers put their yorkers at the right place at the right moment and defended their score well.  But the fact that Mumbai got within a whisker of the mammoth target speaks volumes of their abilities. Punjab are peaking at the right time too. 

  • That last over from Mohit was clutch! Wow what a finish! What a game! Punjab's seamers were poor all game, and it looked like Pollard was going to steal it but Mohit backed his yorkers in the last over and he managed to pull it off. He turned a terrible night into a good one with three good balls. Shows how quickly T20 can change. The game was set up by Saha with good support from Guptill and Maxwell. Not a night for bowlers, but Kings XI's do just enough to keep them alive in this IPL. 

  • People are leaving disappointed but a couple of kids try to derive positives saying, "Papa pan maaja aali, mast match zaali." (Dad but we got to watch a good match, enjoyed it)

  • Highest totals batting second in IPL:
    223 - MI v KXIP, Mumbai, 2017*
    223 - RR v CSK, Chennai, 2010
    217 - RR v DC, Hyderabad, 2008

  • Mohit holds his nerves to defend 16 in the last over and that too against Pollard. A couple of brilliant yorkers under pressure did the trick. KXIP are alive and has kept the group stage alive too. 

  • 23:56 (IST)

    Highest match aggregates in IPL:

    469 - CSK v RR, Chennai, 2010

    453 - MI v KXIP, Wankhede, 2017*

    447 - CSK v KXIP, Mohali, 2008

  • 23:56 (IST)

    After 20 overs,Mumbai Indians 223/6 ( Kieron Pollard 50 , Harbhajan Singh 2)

    Mohit bowls the final over. Pollard hammers the first ball down the ground, and comes back for a second run. He however, fails to reach the crease at the non-striker's end, and gets only a single. SIX! Smoked over the midwicket fence by the burly Trinidadian! Dot off the third, with Pollard refusing a single after guiding it down towards long-off. Another dot in the fourth ball, with Mohit firing a perfect yorker this time. Mohit finishes off in style with a perfect couple of deliveries, yielding just one run off it. Pollard gets to his half-century with a single off the last ball, but the fact that it ends up in a losing cause hardly evokes any celebrations from him. 

    Kings XI Punjab win by 7 runs! 

  • 23:50 (IST)

    After 19 overs,Mumbai Indians 215/6 ( Kieron Pollard 42 , Harbhajan Singh 2)

    Sandeep to bowl the crucial penultimate over. Swing and miss for Harbhajan in the first delivery. Gets a single in the next ball to hand the strike back to KP. Pollard collects a double in the third delivery. Pollard drives the fourth ball towards extra-cover, and once again gets a double. Wide conceded in the fifth delivery. Single off the fifth delivery. Dot off the final ball of the over, with seven coming off it. 

    Mumbai Indians need 16 to win from 6 balls.

  • Harbhajan misses one but takes a single next ball, the fans shout mid run -"Pollard doosra dhavu Nokos" (please don't run the second). Pollard then scampers through for a risky second the next ball and gets a standing ovation. And then runs another two and gets another ovation with shouts of "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag" They are all involved and engrossed in the match here.

  • Another dropped catch.  This time by Punjab captain Maxwell.  And the ball goes over the ropes.  Two fours after that.  The wankhede is going bonkers. Karn Sharma is bowled on the fifth ball.  Good little innings though. Walks off to a massive applause.  Harbhajan comes in. 'Bhajji Bhajji', goes the wankhede.  23 from 12. This is eminently possible.

  • Karn walks off hitting his pads in disappointment as he misses a wide swing and finds his stumps shattered.  The crowd gives him a warm applause for his crucial cameo. 23 needed Off 12, everything hinges on Pollard now. 

  • 23:43 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Mumbai Indians 208/6 ( Kieron Pollard 37 , Harbhajan Singh 1)

    Mohit in for his third over. Pollard collects a single off the first ball. SIX! Karn hammers the second ball down the ground, and Maxwell palms it over the boundary rope! Nothing's going right for the KXIP skipper right now! FOUR! Karn brings up the team 200 with a cut towards the point boundary! FOUR MORE! Full-toss outside off, and this one runs away past the short third man for the second consecutive four! BOWLED EM! Mohit deceives Karn with a slower ball, with Karn swinging his bat rather early, and getting his stumps rattled as a result. Harbhajan walks out to bat, and retains strike for the penultimate over with a single. 

    Mumbai Indians need 23 to win from 12 balls.

  • 23:41 (IST)

    BOWLED EM! Another twist in what is turning out to be a cracker of a game! Karn tries slogging this one towards the leg side, but it was a slower one from Mohit! MI 207/6

  •  'Pollaaard Pollaaard' chants in the stadium. He is Mumbai's last hope now.  And he is putting up a brave fight as he smacks one for a six over long on.  'Man of steel',  says the big screen. 'Suupermaan' shouts an over enthusiastic fan, who throws his arms in joy,  almost decapitating the person sitting beside him,  much to the latter's chagrin. 

  • Hardik gone. But Pollard has continued his assault. There are relentless chants of Pollard.... Pollard. All hopes on the big man now. There is excitement as well as anxiety inside the stands. 

  • 23:36 (IST)

    After 17 overs,Mumbai Indians 192/5 ( Kieron Pollard 36 , Karn Sharma 5)

    Sandeep back into the attack, and he starts off with a wide. Sandeep however, strikes in the very next delivery to pull Punjab back into the game as Pandya gets a bottom edge to get caught behind. Karn arrives at the crease, and gets off the mark with a single in his first delivery. FOUR! Pollard hammers a full delivery along the leg stump for a straight boundary. His presence is as crucial as it gets! SIX! Another full delivery from Sandeep, and the Trinidadian smokes this one down the ground! FOUR! Karn hammers the full-toss in the last ball towards long-on, and it ends up kissing the boundary rope despite Maxwell trying to slap the ball back inside the ground. 

    Mumbai Indians need 39 to win from 18 balls.

  • Wriddhiman Saha is a star! First the innings to set up this huge total, and then once again he shows why he is one of the best glovemen in the game. That catch could be the match winner after Henry's big over. Once again he went too full and missed his lengths, also lacked any variations. For Mumbai all hopes rest on Pollard's big shoulders. 

  • Oh dear!  Pandya is out. Just when he was looking to lead a dramatic charge at the target. A collective groan in the wankhede. Pandya throws his gloves high in the air in disgust. 

  • That's what I meant when I said can't count Mumbai out still.  Pollard and Hardik are going berserk,  and with them is the Wankhede.  'Jeetega bhai jeetega Mumbai jeetega,' says the Wankhede. Improbable but not impossible.

  • 23:30 (IST)

    OUT! Just when Mumbai were staging a comeback, Sandeep pulls Punjab back with a full, wide delivery that Pandya edges to the keeper! MI 176/5

    Hardik c Saha b Sandeep 30(13)

  • 23:28 (IST)

    After 16 overs,Mumbai Indians 175/4 ( Kieron Pollard 25 , Hardik Pandya 30)

    Henry back into the attack. He starts his second over off with a wide. SIX! Pollard slogs the first ball down the ground towards long-on, before hooking the next one towards backward square-leg for back-to-back sixes! SIX! Pandya times his slog towards the extra-cover fence like a dream! SIX MORE! Fifty-stand up, with Pandya smashing a full-toss over long-on! Massive over this for Mumbai, with 27 coming off it! 

    Mumbai Indians need 56 to win from 24 balls.

  • Most balls bowled in an IPL season without taking a wicket:
    102 - Ishant Sharma, 2017*
    98 - Karn Sharma, 2016
    96 - TM Dilshan, 2009

  • 23:23 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Mumbai Indians 148/4 ( Kieron Pollard 12 , Hardik Pandya 17)

    Pollard bunts this delivery to long on for a single. Bowls it short on the next ball and Pandya fails to pull it properly. Gets a brace for his mistimed shot. Bowls it very full and outside off, Hardik leaves it alone. The umpire doesn't signal a wide. Something similar happened in the last over. Two singles follow and Pandya ends the over with a six over long on. These two are not going to give up the chase so easily.

    Mumbai Indians need 83 to win from 30 balls

  • So then, 94 needed from the last six overs. An Everest to climb,  but till Pollard and Pandya are there,  won't count MI out.  

  • As predicted, the spinners will play a crucial role for KXIP and three out of the four wickets have been grabbed by the spinners. It's a tough task for MI now but they can still dream because there is Pollard at the crease. 

  • Despite the dew it's the spinners who are getting Kings XI back into this match. Just like the last game, spin is proving to be their strength - shame it took almost a whole tournament for them to realise! Maxwell has led the way and now Tewatia and Axar are joining the party and taking wickets. Punjab in the box seat now but it's still game on while Hardik and Pollard are out there. 

  • 23:16 (IST)

    After 14 overs,Mumbai Indians 137/4 ( Kieron Pollard 10 , Hardik Pandya 8)

    Tewatia into his second over. SIX! Hammered straight down the ground by Hardik, and that will come as a relief for the Mumbai dug-out! Pollard goes in the same direction in the penultimate delivery of the over. The umpire signals for the second timeout of the innings. Much better over for Mumbai, with 14 coming off it. The umpire signals for a second timeout. 

    Mumbai Indians need 94 to win from 36 balls.

  • Maxwell has bowled his side back into this match, two fantastic overs from the captain returning some semblance of order to the proceedings. He has stepped up when the team has needed leadership and taken the ball himself and got the big wicket of Simmons thanks to a brilliant pluck from Guptill. The dew doesn't seem to be bothering Maxi and he's bowling a couple of good variations. 

  • 23:14 (IST)

    After 13 overs,Mumbai Indians 123/4 ( Kieron Pollard 3 , Hardik Pandya 1)

    Axar back into the attack. Rana struggles to connect in the over, getting an inside edge in the third ball that carries away to the short fine fielder. Tries a slog towards midwicket next ball, and ends up holing out to Guptill near the boundary, with the New Zealander collecting his third catch of the evening. Just three off the over along with the wicket. 16 runs scored in the last four overs for the loss of three wickets. 

    Mumbai Indians need 108 to win from 42 balls.

  • Another MI batsman departs.  MI crumbling a bit trying to keep up with the asking rate. And there comes Hqrdio Pandya.  Somehow have always felt he had a Caribbean flavour to him. Can Pollard and ue do it for Mumbai now? 

  • Huge blow for MI as Rohit departs.  Pollard comes in to a fantastic cheer. ' Polaaard Polaaard, ' goes the Wankhede. The big West Indian defends the first ball. 'Ek over dheere khelega,  phir maarega' says a voice in the crowd.  But do MI have the luxury of an over? 

  • 23:11 (IST)

    OUT! Wickets are tumbling one after another for Mumbai now, and it is Rana who has to return to the dugout after a run-a-ball 12. Rana mishits while going for a slog towards the leg side, and Guptill takes his third catch of the innings as a result. MI 121/4

    Rana c Guptill b Axar 12(12)

  • 23:09 (IST)

    After 12 overs,Mumbai Indians 120/3 ( Nitish Rana 12 , Kieron Pollard 1)

    Tewatia introduced into the attack. Rohit goes for a half-hearted slog down the ground, with the ball landing just short of the fielder near the boundary rope. Tewatia bangs in short again in the fourth ball, and this time succeeds in getting the captain's wicket, as the latter departs for 5. Just three runs and a wicket for Tewatia in a brilliant over. Pollard's the new man at the crease, and he gets off the mark with a single in the second ball he faces.

    Mumbai Indians need 111 to win from 48 balls.

  • 23:07 (IST)

    OUT! Now the skipper goes back to the dugout after top-edging the Tewatia delivery straight to Guptill at long-on! Rohit was struggling throughout, and finally perishes while trying to accelerate his innings. MI 119/3

    Rohit c Guptill b Tewatia 5(7)

  • Ishant Sharma takes a 3rd tumble of the evening on his followthrough, the crowd is not amused. Then, funnily, the big screen flashes "Udta Punjab" (A popular film title) which sends the stands into splits. The screen operators do possess a bit of sense of humour.

  • Goodness!!  Ishant Sharma takes another tumble on the follow through. More amusement for the Wankhede crowd. Some boos heard too. 

  • 23:03 (IST)

    After 11 overs,Mumbai Indians 117/2 ( Nitish Rana 11 , Rohit Sharma (C) 4)

    Ishant returns to the attack. Rana gets an inside-edge in the second ball of the over, which beats the keeper and runs away to the long-stop fence. Ishant concedes a no-ball in the fourth ball of the over, though Rana can only get a single in the free-hit. Ishant falls again this innings after messing up in his delivery stride, and the crowd responds with boos. Ishant's luck continues to be rotten as he misses out on a run-out chance in the final delivery of the over. Nine off the over. 
    Mumbai Indians need 114 to win from 54 balls.

  • Guptill plucks one out of thin air with a one-handed catch at long on. The umpires check for a no ball, the big screen shows the replays, from the stands it looks as if Maxwell has overstepped. The entire Wankhede chants "no ball." In unision. But the there is collective gust of grief as the third umpire confirms that it's not a no ball. MI have lost two in succession. Both the set openers back in the hut. Keeping the momentum going will be a big challenge from here on.

  • A stunner of a catch by Guptill in the deep.  Plucked it out of the air with one hand timing his jump to perfection. Disappointment in the Wankhede but soon it turns into appreciation.  The catch of the tournament for me. But looked like Maxwell was very close to have overstepped.  'No baaal, no baaal, ' shouts the Wankhede., but the catch stayed. 

  • 22:56 (IST)

    After 10 overs,Mumbai Indians 108/2 ( Nitish Rana 6 , Rohit Sharma (C) 1)

    Maxwell into his second over. The KXIP skipper succeeds in getting the big wicket of Simmons after the latter tried whacking a full-toss over long-on, and it took a one-handed screamer by Guptill near the boundary to result in the second wicket. Another outstanding over by Maxwell, with just four coming off it. 

    Mumbai Indians need 123 to win from 60 balls.

  • 22:54 (IST)

    OUT! Outstanding one-handed catch by Guptill at long-on results in the end of Simmons' stay at the crease! MI 106/2

    Simmons c Guptill b Maxwell 59(32)

  • Oh dear! Just when the fans had found their voice and livened up the atmosphere, Parthiv departs. 3 fours in a row from Parthiv and Wankhede had found the top of its voice. But then he departed next ball. There seems to be nothing in the pitch for the bowlers. The dew will make it even harder. KXIP bowlers need to make the most of Parthiv's wicket and apply the choke.

  • Parthiv goes over Ishant at short third man to get a boundary. Ishant had to be 10.feet tall to get that. Parthiv then goes on the other side of the keeper. But he falls in his bid to up the ante deceived by a slower one. 

  • 22:51 (IST)

    After 9 overs,Mumbai Indians 104/1 ( Lendl Simmons 58 , Nitish Rana 4)

    Mohit into his second over. FOUR! Cheeky stuff by Parthiv, as he shuffles to his left, and laps one towards the fine-leg fence! FOUR MORE! This time Parthiv gets an bottom edge that carries over third man. Hat-trick of fours in the first three balls, with Parthiv pulling the next one towards the fine-leg fence. He finally perishes, with the partnership falling short of the 100-run mark by a solitary run, as Parthiv miscues a back-of-length ball to get caught at mid-off, bringing Rana to the centre. Rana gets off the mark in the first ball that he faces, flicking the final ball of the over towards long-leg! 17 off the over! 

    Mumbai Indians need 127 to win from 66 balls.

  • 22:48 (IST)

    OUT! Parthiv finally gets dismissed after getting a hat-trick of boundaries, miscuing a back-of-length delivery from Mohit to get caught by Vohra near mid-off! MI 99/1

    Parthiv c Vohra b Mohit 38(23)

  • 22:45 (IST)

    After 8 overs,Mumbai Indians 87/0 ( Lendl Simmons 57 , Parthiv Patel (W) 26)

    The skipper himself into the attack now. Swing and miss for Parthiv in the first ball of the over. Simmons goes for a wild swing in the fourth ball and misses, and gets rapped on the thigh. Lbw appeal turned down as it was pitched outside leg. Inside edge for Parthiv in the following delivery, with Ishant saving a couple of runs while running towards the fine-leg fence. Tight over by Maxwell, giving away just five off it. MI, meanwhile, scoring at a rate parallel to that of KXIP. 

    Mumbai Indians need 144 to win from 72 balls.

  • Simmons is on fire. He gets dropped but then adds insult to injury with a couple of sixes. Yet another fifty, he's been an unsung hero for Mumbai Indians. The Caribbean flair in his shots makes him a joy to watch. The crowd is loving this now.

  • And there comes the customary dropped catch. Mohit Sharma. What was he thinking? And Simmons takes advantage and brings up his fifty in quick time. Still a long way to go for MI. 

Preview: Table-toppers Mumbai Indians (MI), the first team to secure a berth in the 2017 Indian Premier League (IPL) playoffs, are all set to take on a confident Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Thursday.

Mumbai, sitting atop the IPL standings with nine wins and three losses, will be looking to shrug off their performance in the last match, where they lost to Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) by seven wickets.

On the other hand, high on confidence after defeating Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) by 14 runs on Tuesday, Punjab will look for a big win as, to qualify for the playoffs, they have to win all their three remaining matches in the cash-rich tournament.

Rohit Sharma and Glenn Maxwell, captain of Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab respectively. Sportzpics

Rohit Sharma and Glenn Maxwell, captain of Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab respectively. Sportzpics

Going into Thursday's tie, the hosts will have a slight advantage as they have a much more balanced team as compared to Punjab.

In the batting department, opener Parthiv Patel along with Jos Buttler, Rohit Sharma, Nitesh Rana and Hardik Pandya are going through a purple patch that will surely help the visitors in outplaying the hosts.

The bowling department, which includes the likes of veteran off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell Mcclenaghan, Lasith Malinga and Jasprit Bumrah are also in prime form. So it will be an uphill task for the visitors to beat Mumbai in their own den.

On the other hand, Punjab's batting department which includes in-form Manan Vohra, Martin Guptill, Shaun Marsh and Wriddhiman Saha all have chipped in from time to time but need to be more consistent to lend depth to the batting.

Click here to find out more about the Orange and Purple Cap holders in IPL 2017

Skipper Glenn Maxwell is due for a big score after getting under 300 runs in 12 matches, with an unbeaten 44 being his highest score this season.

On the bowling front, medium pacer Sandeep Sharma, Mohit Sharma and leg-spinner Rahul Tewatia were brilliant in the last match and they will like to continue their form.

Apart for them, Axar Patel and Swapnil Singh also contributed well for the cause.

So Punjab will aim for a strong finish in order to qualify for the playoffs.

With inputs from IANS

Updated Date: May 12, 2017 00:37 AM

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