India vs Australia, 3rd ODI as it happened: Maxwell's blistering knock takes Aussies home; seal series 3-0

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India vs Australia, 3rd ODI as it happened: Maxwell's blistering knock takes Aussies home; seal series 3-0
  • 17:23 (IST)

    That's it from us here us at Firstpost. Even if you didn't enjoy India's performance, hope you enjoyed our coverage. The series might be over, but we'll be here as always for the 4th ODI from Canberra. 

    Adios, fellow cricket enthusiasts!

  • 17:04 (IST)

    Summary: So a closely fought encounter but India again end up on the losing side. A terrific spell from Jadeja to remove Smith & Bailey set the cat among the pigeons little bit but Maxwell played a blinder to hand the home team a well-deserved series win. India will be playing for pride at Canberra and Sydeny.

  • 16:54 (IST)

    Ayaz Memon is answering your (yes, you right there from Twitter) questions right here

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    Catch Ayaz Memon's analysis of the match right here:

  • 16:44 (IST)

    Faulkner finishes it for Australia. What a win for Australia! That's the series sealed too. Better effort from India but Maxwell played an absolute blinder.

  • 16:37 (IST)

    OUT! Going for his 100, Maxwell perishes for 96. Terrific hitting. Scores are level. Ovation from MCG. What a knock!

  • 16:37 (IST)

    SIX! FOUR! Maxwell deposits Umesh over long on and then cuts. 1 req'd from 9. 96 for Maxi. What a knock!

  • 16:36 (IST)

    Jadeja's last over, he finishes with 10-0-49-2 - great spell! Another tight over as just five comes off it. 

    After 48 overs Australia 285/6 (Maxwell 84, Faulkner 18)

  • 16:31 (IST)

    VVS Laxman is exasperated in the commentary box as Ishant starts the over with a gift down the leg side that he expertly guides to fine leg for four. Five more from the over but the damage was done off the first ball.

    After 47 overs Australia 280/6 (Maxwell 84, Faulkner 18)

  • 16:27 (IST)

    After 46 overs Australia 271/6 (Maxwell 79, Faulkner 14)

    Another big over for Australia. Jadeja is taken for 10 from that over. First by Faulkner - a streaky edge to third man. Then Maxwell - lofted over cover, inside out. A run-out chance after a yes-no situation but Faulkner dives in on time. 

  • 16:21 (IST)

    After 45 overs Australia 261/6 (Maxwell 74, Faulkner 9)

    Ishant bowls a good over to concede just four from it. Crucial moment in the match there as Maxwell takes off for a quick single after tapping it to Umesh at square leg, but for some reason, he does not throw at all - lack of back-up? Big let off.

  • 16:17 (IST)

    After 44 overs Australia 257/6 (Maxwell 73, Faulkner 7)

    After a terrific previous over, Umesh bowls a poor one as Maxwell toys around to get 15 off the over. First, a full ball is sent soaring over the bowler's head for a six. Next a horror full toss over the waist is hit for 4 over mid-off. Free hit is stopped brilliantly by Kohli at covers but the damage was done. That could be the over that changed it for Australia. Jadeja concedes just 5 from his over. 

  • 16:09 (IST)

  • 16:07 (IST)

    After 42 overs Australia 237/6 (Maxwell 55, Faulkner 5)

    Jadeja is back into the attack and it's a typically tight over. Five singles from it - one off an unnecessary misfield at covers. 

    Australia need 59 runs in 48 balls

  • 16:04 (IST)

    Jadeja back into the attack now. He's got four overs remaining and has bowled well with 25/2 from 6 overs.

  • 16:04 (IST)

    After 41 overs Australia 232/6 (Maxwell 53, Faulkner 2)

    A very good over from yadav. Just one run off the over. He bowled very good lines and did't give Maxwell any room. 64 needed off 54 now.

  • 16:01 (IST)

    Fifty! Maxwell is playing a blinder at the MCG. A 4 & 6 off Sran's over - both slapped on the offside. Thirteen comes from and could have been worse but for Jadeja's stunning stop at square leg to save a certain boundary. Twice now that Sran has released pressure with bad overs. 

    After 40 overs Australia 231/6 (Maxwell 53, Wade 1)

  • 15:54 (IST)

    OUT! Ishant gets another, as Wade is hurried onto a false pull shot. Dhawan takes the top-edge comfortably at mid-on. Game well and truly on at the MCG. The crowd goes wild. Australia 6 down. James Faulkner walks in and almost chops one on to the stumps. Super over from Ishant, just two runs off it.

    After 39 overs Australia 218/6 (Maxwell 41, Faulkner 1)

  • 15:46 (IST)

  • 15:46 (IST)

    After 37 overs Australia 210/5 (Maxwell 37, Wade 3)

    Ishant continues. A good, tight over but he'll be disappointed with the first ball to Wade where he let him off strike easily with a short ball on the pads. Jadeja gets a direct him from point (can't remember India getting a direct hit this series) but Maxwell is safe. Five singles from that over. Sran continues. Interesting to see Dhoni hold Jadeja back - he still has four left.

  • 15:41 (IST)

  • 15:39 (IST)

    OUT! India's fielding finally turns up with a crucial wicket. Maxwell swats one through the offside but Umesh Yadav gives the chase, slides, collects and sends a flat throw from near the ropes which Marsh has no inkling about. Dhoni is electric with his glove-work again and Marsh is just short. Wade is the new man in as India finally get to test the middle-order of Australia. Good over from Sran.

    After 36 overs Australia 206/5 (Maxwell 35, Wade 1)

  • 15:32 (IST)

    After 35 overs Australia 202/4 (Maxwell 32, Marsh 17)

    The target is shirnking fror Australians. Sran is given a change of ends and bowls a decent comeback over. Umesh bowls a rare boundary-less over as there is an hint of reverse swing for the first time tonight. Very poor effort from Ishant at mid-on as he lets one through the gates. Still only 3 runs from that over.

  • 15:25 (IST)

    Some very ordinary bowling from the pacers..

  • 15:24 (IST)

    Ayaz is taking his notes for the post-match chat. Make sure you guys stay tuned, yes?

  • 15:23 (IST)

    After 33 overs Australia 194/4 (Maxwell 28, Marsh 13)

    India are losing the plot here as Maxwell and Marsh launch a counterattack. Maxi plays a deft uppercut from a good bouncer off Ishant. Seven from that over. Yadav comes back from the other end and bowls a very poor over to concede 9. After just 1 from the first four balls, he bowls two poor short balls on the leg stump to Marsh - back-to-back fours.

  • 15:16 (IST)

    Sran has been very ordinary so far, his four overs have gone for 36.

  • 15:15 (IST)

    Sran comes back into the attack and he's being targeted by the Aussies here clearly. Eleven runs from his over. First a lofted drive over mid-on by Maxwell and then a beautiful straight drive past mid-on. 

    After 31 overs Australia 178/4 (Maxwell 21, Marsh 5)

  • 15:11 (IST)

    OUT! The move to bring back Ishant works. Marsh is gone too for a fluent 62. An angled ball outside off gets a faint outside edge and Dhoni takes a neat catch. Ishant roars in delight. India right back in this one. Crowd fully behind the away team now. The other Marsh walks in.

    After 30 overs Australia 167/4 (Maxwell 15, Marsh 0)

  • 15:05 (IST)

    This is classic....

  • 15:04 (IST)

    After 29 overs Australia 162/3 (Marsh 61, Maxwell 11)

    Ishant is back into the attack as Dhoni looks to pounce here. Just three runs off the over. There is a visible improvement in the energy on the field by the Indians - they are sensing a way back here. Jadeja follows it up with a not-so-tight over. Maxi brings out the reverse sweep for the first time and connects well.

  • 14:57 (IST)

  • 14:57 (IST)

    OUT! Another big one & it's that man Jadeja again. Bailey goes after electric glove-work by Dhoni. Beautifully flighted by Jadeja, Bailey is beaten and moves his backfoot outside the crease for a fraction of a second - no exaggeration. But Dhoni's on to it in a flash and whips the bails off. Third umpire confirms it. Maxwell is the new man in.

    After 27 overs Australia 151/3 (Marsh 61, Maxwell 0)

  • 14:52 (IST)

    After 26 overs Australia 150/2 (Marsh 61, Bailey 23)

    Another tight over from Jadeja goes for just 3 runs.Gurkeerat back in the attack and goes for five runs. 

  • 14:47 (IST)

    After 24 overs Australia 142/2 (Marsh 57, Bailey 19)

    After a quiet over from Jadeja for just 2 runs, Dhawan lets off the pressure at the other end. Two boundaries in that over. First, a good lenght on the offstump but Bailey who's in stunning form, pierces the gap between cover and mid-off. Then it's Marsh's turn to turn on the style - another exquisite cover drive past deep point. This is masterful batting by Australia,

  • 14:41 (IST)

    After 22 overs Australia 131/2 (Marsh 52, Bailey 13)

    Again a boundary every over. This is poor by India. Jadeja continues and Bailey gives him the charge off the first ball to chip over mid-on for a four. Easy six runs in the over. Then Dhawan comes back into the attack and a decent over is spoiled by a poor fielding effort from Dhawan at deep midwicket. Mind you, it was a poor short ball too. Marsh gets his 50 in that over too - back-to-back for the opener.

  • 14:34 (IST)

  • 14:33 (IST)

    After 20 overs Australia 118/2 (Marsh 48, Bailey 4)

    Smith goes and the other man in form, Bailey, comes in. Relentless from Australia. Gurkeerat bowls a quite over for 5 singles. A quick single off the first ball to square leg and had Jadeja hit the stumps, he was gone - just short.

  • 14:31 (IST)

    OUT! Ravindra Jadeja into the attack and strikes in his first over to get the big wicket of Steve Smith. Turned a tad, bounced from good length and a great low catch by Ajinkya Rahane at first sleep. Five from it, but the big wicket too.

    After 19 overs Australia 113/2 (Marsh 46, Bailey 1)

  • 14:25 (IST)

    After 18 overs Australia 108/1 (Marsh 43, Smith 40)

    Dhawan and Gurkeerat continue in tandem as India manage to stop boundaries for at least two overs. Three from Dhawan and five from Gurkeerat's over. Drinks being called for.

  • 14:19 (IST)

    After 16 overs Australia 100/1 (Marsh 40, Smith 35)

    Frustrating spell for India here. First Dhawan spoils a decent over by bowling one wide off leg stump to Smith with fine leg up. Then Gurkeerat, with his really gentle off spinners, tosses a dolly outside off which Smith dispatches with ease. 10 from the last overs as Australia race to 100. India were over 30 runs short at this stage.

  • 14:11 (IST)

    After 14 overs Australia 90/1 (Marsh 40, Smith 25)

    Dhawan continues with his military medium and concedes five runs as Australia continue to exploit the big gaps in this massive ground. Rotating the strike masterfully. Gurkeerat comes in from the other end, as the debutants bowl in tandem. After a decent start, he bowls one short and wide to Marsh who cuts it beautifully for 4. 


  • 14:07 (IST)

    Just a reminder to stay tuned after the match. The chat will be streamed live on the blog. 

  • 14:06 (IST)

    After 12 overs Australia 78/1 (Marsh 32, Smith 21)

    9 runs with minimum of fuss. Champion stuff this by the Australians, doing the little things with remarkable ease. Yadav's first ball is hit to mid-wicket uppishly by Smith but falls well short of Rahane. Smith then cuts and punches well for 2 and 3. Marsh then plays a super, controlled pull to place it wide of square leg and complete an easy couple. 

  • 14:06 (IST)

    After 12 overs Australia 78/1 (Marsh 32, Smith 21)

    9 runs with minimum of fuss. Champion stuff this by the Australians, doing the little things with remarkable ease. Yadav's first ball is hit to mid-wicket uppishly by Smith but falls well short of Rahane. Smith then cuts and punches well for 2 and 3. Marsh then plays a super, controlled pull to place it wide of square leg and complete an easy couple. 

  • 14:01 (IST)

    After 11 overs Australia 69/1 (Marsh 29, Smith 15)

    Decent start from Dhawan. Starts off with four dot balls to Marsh, and starts with his off-cutters. Last two balls are cut behind point by Marsh, who realises it's better to play late. Good running too.

  • 13:57 (IST)

    Rishi Dhawan into the attack for the first time in his career.

  • 13:55 (IST)

    After 10 overs Australia 65/1 (Marsh 25, Smith 15)

    Smith has started off in great style. Ishant 's over goes for 8 - two back to back boundaries, both through midwicket as Smith pulls short balls from Ishant. Wasim Akram is not a happy man in the commentary box. Yadav continues and it continues to rain boundaries. After a peach of a delivery to beat Smith outside off, Yadav goes short and wide again and Smith punches it wide of point.

  • 13:50 (IST)

    After 8 overs Australia 52/1 (Marsh 25, Smith 3)

    Wicet-taking over from Yadav but he'll be disappointed with the start to Steve Smith. First a wide and then on the leg stump. Jadeja makes a brilliant stop at point off the fifth ball to save a certain boundary. Continuing to show lack of discipline, the Indian bowlers.

Match preview: Struggling India aim to keep series alive

Melbourne: Having lost two games in a row, India will aim to keep themselves alive in the ongoing five-match One Day International (ODI) series whne they face Australia in the third game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) here on Sunday.

To be fair to the visitors, their batsmen did reasonably well, posting totals of 309 and 308 respectively in the first two matches after skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the toss and decided to bat on both occassions.

Can India stay alive in this five-match ODI series? AFP

Can India stay alive in this five-match ODI series? AFP

Rohit Sharma has been the star performer, scoring back to back centuries at the top of the batting order. The Mumbai lad scored an unbetaen 171 in the first match before posting 124 in the second.

Shikhar Dhawan, the other opener, continues to struggle with his form. The Delhi left-hander scored nine and six respectively, but his lack of contribution did not have any effect on the overall batting performance as Virat Kohli has more than made up for that with his excellent form at number three. Kohli produced half-centuries in both matches and was unlucky to miss out on a century in the oening game.

Ajinkya Rahane has also done well, scoring 89 in the second game.

However, the Indian bowling lacked any sort of fizz as the hosts easily overhauled the targets on both occassions. Rookie pacer Barinder Singh Sran ad a promising debut, taking three top order wickets in the series opener. But he seemed out of depth in the second match, conceeding 51 runs without a wicket in his nine overs. Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin also took a couple of wickets in the first ODI.

But the rest of the Indian bowlers have not been able to make any sort of impression on the Australian batsmen. To go with their lack of bite, the bowlers also conceeded as many as 12 extras in the second match in Brisbane. A poor effort in the field, including dropped catches, has compounded the visitors' misery.

The poor show by the bowlers has prompted Dhoni to conceede that the batsmen will have to do more if the visitors are to stay alive in the series.

The Indians have lost two of their last three ODI series, going down in Bangladesh away to South Africa at home. The bowling attack will have to be re-jigged if Dhoni wants to avoid a third consecutive series loss.

Since the pitch at the MCG is expected to be a batting track, the two spinners Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja should expect to be certain canditates for selection.

Among the seamers, Ishant Sharma has hardly covered himself in glory at Brisbane, but could still be selected given Dhoni's preference for the Delhi pacer. Sran will probably be retained while it remains to be seen whether the economic Bhuvneshwar Kumar replaces Umesh Yadav.


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