Highlights Germany vs Sweden, FIFA World Cup 2018, Match 29 in Sochi: Toni Kroos nets stoppage-time winner

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Highlights Germany vs Sweden, FIFA World Cup 2018, Match 29 in Sochi: Toni Kroos nets stoppage-time winner
  • 01:58 (IST)

    What a match!

    That's all we have tonight! Thank you for joining us today. Tomorrow, England take on Panama in their second Group G match at 5.30 pm. Joint Group H leaders Japan and Senegal face off at 8.30 pm followed by Poland taking on Colombia at 11.30 om. Join us tomorrow as we get you updates from these matches. Auf Wiedersehen!

  • 01:48 (IST)

    Germany win a thriller against Sweden!

    Arnav: I'm almost not surprised there was a late winner. Almost, that is. I feel like I say this after every game but, <insert losing team here> really didn't deserve to lose.

  • Germany win a thriller against Sweden!

    Olsen was grasping at thin air and it’s all over. Swedish heartbreak and German ecstasy. It was absolute bedlam and one of the great World Cup ties in recent history. World-class Kroos, finding the angle. The reigning champions are still the world champions. They deserved it, but Sweden must be devastated. That was more than a valiant performance, but in the end, as has been proven at this tournament in previous matches, you can’t defend for 90 minutes and get a result, well, except Portugal. Cruel on Sweden, but it was foolish free-kick to concede. A dull World Cup? Naah, it’s been brilliant so far, even if the quality hasn’t always been fantastic. Two belters coming up in the next days: Argentina - Nigeria in St Petersburg on Tuesday and Brazil - Serbia on Wednesday. From me here in Russia, it’s goodbye for now!

  • 01:41 (IST)

    Sabine Lisicki is one happy Germany fan

  • 01:39 (IST)

    Mats Hummels is pleased to say the least!

  • 01:37 (IST)

    Group F goes down to the last day

    Germany jump above Sweden into second place courtesy of a better head-to-head record. With this win, Germany are still in control of their fate as they take on South Korea in their last match. 

  • 01:32 (IST)

    Stat aside, this a brilliant photo!

  • 01:27 (IST)

    FT! Germany beat Sweden!

    Peep peeep peeeeeep! What incredible scenes at the Fisht Stadium in Sochi! Toni Kroos, Germany's match-winner, sinks to his knees and pounds the pitch. He's absolutely pumped! Joachim Low is absolutely ecstatic on the German touchline.  

  • 90+5` Germany 2-1 Sweden

    The World Cup offers extraordinary drama and these 90 minutes were it. Toni Kroos delivers with what was about to be Germany's last chance of the game. The midfielder was so poor, playing in a deeper role with little protection, but that will all have been forgotten at the end of the game. Yes, here comes the cliche: a football match lasts 90 minutes, but in the end the Germans always win.

  • 01:25 (IST)

    GOAL !


    The world champions have done it! They win a free kick on the left of the box. Kroos stands over it. Rolls it to Reus, who stops it and Kroos curls the ball into the top corner beyond a hapless Olsen. This is football!

  • 90+2` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Germans are pumping balls into the box. Germany's finishing has let them down. Luck isn't on their side either. Brandt's attempt kisses the woodwork. Nerve-wracking, but Sweden may well be knocking out Germany here. What drama!

  • 01:22 (IST)

    90+1` Germany 1-1 Sweden. Julian Brandt is denied by the post!

    This just proves that tonight is not Germany's night. Germany win a corner on the left which is worked around to Brandt outside the box on the left. He takes a touch and shoots but his shot cannons off the post! Werner, in an offside position, puts it over the bar.

  • 01:19 (IST)

    89` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Final change of the match for Sweden as Berg is replaced by Isaac Kiese Thelin.

  • 88` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Olsen!! Miracle save. Germany keep pressing. It's do or die in an extraordinary finale in Sochi. It's frantic and both teams have made their last substitutions.

  • 01:17 (IST)

    87` Germany 1-1 Sweden! Olsen's stunning saves denies Mario Gomez!

    What an absolutely save from Robin Olsen! Kross' cross is headed towards goal from point-blank range by Gomez and Olsen make a stunning one-handed save to keep the ball out! 

  • 01:15 (IST)

    86` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Last throw of the dice from Joachim Low as he sends on Julian Brandt in place of Jonas Hector.

  • 83` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Boateng got away with murder. Euuhm, no, in the end, he was rightfully sent off. We suspect VAR involvement. This has just gotten a whole lot more complicated for Germany. How Werner might come to rue shanking it. Berg tests Neuer to the limit with a dangerous header. Low can't believe it.

  • 01:11 (IST)

    RED CARD !

    82` Jerome Boateng is sent off!

    Boateng fouls Berg and he is off after a second yellow. Things are going from bad to worse for Germany here.

  • 80` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Oh dear, Timo...

  • 01:09 (IST)

    80` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Timo Werner needed to better there. Kimmich with a low cross towards the front post. Werner looks to side-foot it into goal but his shot blazes over the crossbar.

  • 78` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Sweden have looked tired and Durmaz coming on is a timely substitute. Less than 15 minutes left and that second German goal is still not on the scoreboard. Have the Swedes weathered the biggest storm? You do wonder what Leroy Sane is thinking of all this. Plenty of German incursions have come on the left. Sweden’s golden boy Toivonen has also had his marching orders and Guidetti comes on. That is like for like. This remains an edge-of-your-seat blockbuster. Expect a renewed Teutonic onslaught soon.

  • 01:07 (IST)

    77` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Sweden's goalscorer Ola Toivonen's shift is over as he is replaced by John Guidetti.

  • 01:04 (IST)

    75` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Sweden win a corner which is headed out of goal by Germany. But only as far as Forsberg who lets go off a fierce left-footed volley. Neuer pouches it.

  • 01:02 (IST)

    73` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Sweden make their first change as Jimmy Durmaz comes on for Viktor Claesson.

  • 71` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    This is relentless from Germany. Sweden no longer have someone up front to hold up the ball. A Swedish heist in Sochi seems far-fetched now. It's all German menace, crosses from the wings and danger in the box.

  • 00:59 (IST)


    70` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Jerome Boateng is booked for taking down Emil Forsberg just as the Swedes were breaking on the counter.

  • 00:57 (IST)

    67` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    A chipped pass from Boateng towards Mario Gomes who puts his shot well over the ball from six yards out! The offside flag saves him the blushes.

  • 66` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Stat alert: Germany have completed 509 passes, Sweden 166.

  • 65` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    All those low crosses are hurting Sweden...

  • 00:53 (IST)

    64` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Kroos looks to curl one into the top corner but it takes a deflection off a Swede and Germany win their sixth corner. Kroos takes it but Lindelof heads it away.

  • 62` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Sweden will thank Jonas Hector here. The left-back doesn't have the nouse of a striker and he can't finish a fine German attack on the left channel. Hector couldn't channel his inner Gomez, but Low applauds in appreciation. The German coach is egging on his players from the touchline. Sweden are hanging on.

  • 00:51 (IST)

    60` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Huge chance missed by Germany to take the lead there! Kimmich fizzes in a delightful low cross onto the path of Reus. The Dortmund man looks to flick it with his backheel instead of hitting with his left and he completely misses the ball. Mario Gomez was behind him but he expected Reus to score there.

  • 00:46 (IST)

    55` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Great chance for Jonas Hector to give German the lead. Werner dribbles in from the left and he cuts it inside the box. Hector volleys it towards goal but saved well by Olsen.

  • 54` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    They need to. In 1982 Germany and Austria played out a draw to progress from the group stages. This Gijon scenario may now be inflicted on Germany with this 1-1 scoreline. At least, Algeria will feel avenged.

  • 00:42 (IST)

    50` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    That goal has boosted the German confidence and they get another chance to score as Muller heads a Kroos free-kick but it is just wide off the near-post.

  • 49` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Order in the universe has (almost) been restored. The invisible man - Reus - has done it! Werner with the assist. And so the cliche goes - never write off the Germans. Poor defending by Augustinsson. Strong start by Germany. That was the case in the first half as well. Can Germany, the reigning world champions, keep up this intensity and press for a winner?

  • 00:39 (IST)

    48` Germany 1-1 Sweden

    Germany nearly take the lead as Kroos' shot takes a huge deflection off a Swede leaving Olsen wrong-footed. Thankfully for him, the ball hits the side-netting.

  • 00:37 (IST)

    GOAL !

    48` Marco Reus levels for Germany!

    Germany have their equaliser! Werner's low cross bounces off Gomez and Reus is at hand to turn the ball in from close range.

  • 46` Germany 0-1 Sweden

    Following up from my last comment, kudos to Sweden. They have played this very well, but Germany have been inexplicably bad, perhaps most highlighted by Kroos’s terrible World Cup. He can’t have enjoyed it a lot so, bar the opening ceremony. At Madrid, he plays alongside Modric and with Casemiro behind him. Here he has got very little protection. Germany did have three great chances in the opening exchanges - how they miss Miroslav Klose. But Low has rolled the dice. Gomez is on.

  • 00:33 (IST)

    Mario Gomez comes in at halftime

    Low makes one change at halftime as Draxler make way for Mario Gomez.

  • 00:27 (IST)

    HT. Germany 0-1 Sweden

    Arnav: Germany sure could use Leroy Sane right now. I really can't say that the result is unfair at halftime. Sweden are good value for their lead. What on earth has come over Germany?

  • 00:26 (IST)

    Stat alert!

  • 00:25 (IST)

    HT. Germany 0-1 Sweden

    Hold on. How did he get called up for the World Cup?!

  • 00:24 (IST)

    HT. Germany 0-1 Sweden

    History doesn't look kind for the Germans

  • HT. Germany 0-1 Sweden

    Low is no longer sitting down. He strokes his hair. I assume to calm his nerves. Oh, there is Reus on the ball, where has he been? Will Germany blame Ozil if it all goes wrong? Germany have been let off again as Forsberg bend in a fine cross into the middle, but no one could connect. It is crisis time, or shall I write that in capitals - CRISIS TIME: Germany have 45 minutes left to avoid elimination. Mind you, if Sweden qualify, we will have to watch their stifling football again in the knock-out. That could be a bit of a problem.

  • 00:21 (IST)

    45` Germany 0-1 Sweden. Neuer makes a stunning save!

    That was an absolutely vital save from Neuer. Rudiger concedes a free-kick on the right which is taken by Seb Larsson. It is a dangerous one and Berg is first to it and his powerful header looks destined for goal but Neuer makes a one-handed save at full stretch to deny Berg. And that is also the final action of the first-half.

  • 00:18 (IST)

    43` Germany 0-1 Sweden. Nearly a second for the Swedes!

    Germany are making things difficult for themselves. Their defence is all over the place as Forsberg plays in a delightful cross/pass towards Claesson on the right. The Swede opts to take a touch which gives Hector enough time to intervene and clear.

  • 41` Germany 0-1 Sweden

    It’s the beauty of the World Cup, but Toivonen barely makes the team at his club in France, Toulouse. There was almost a comedic value to his goal. Of course, Kroos lost possession and Rudiger failed to cover, but for Toivonen to score this one was quite something. The pendulum has swung and Sweden are confident now. Will Germany, for the first time in our lives (unless you are over 80 that is) exit the World Cup in the group stages? You’d think so. Gundogan lets fly from 25 yards, gets a deflection and Olsen comes up with remarkable reflexes to keep a clean sheet.

  • 00:13 (IST)

    39` Germany 0-1 Sweden. Olsen denies Germany

    Stunning reflexes from Olsen to keep Germany out! Gundogan lets one fly from outside the box and it takes a heavy deflection from a Swedish defender. Olsen is quick to adjust and palm the ball away. However, Muller is at hand to pounce on the rebound and he has Lustig for company. The duo and Olsen tussle for the ball which rolls past the post as slowly as it can.

  • 36` Germany 0-1 Sweden

    Sensational, but Germany’s misery is self-inflicted. They commit too many bodies forward, leave too much space at the back and too often lose possession in the middle of the park. Kroos covered his head with his hands, Neuer bellowed at his defenders. It’s crisis time.

Preview: Mesut Ozil has been dropped for Germany's must-win World Cup clash against Sweden in Sochi on Saturday.

The much-criticised Arsenal playmaker drops out as coach Joachim Loew makes four changes to the side that lost 1-0 against Mexico in the opening game of their trophy defence last weekend.

Mats Hummels is absent due to injury, while Sami Khedira and Marvin Plattenhardt are dropped as well.

Marco Reus, Jonas Hector and Bayern Munich midfielder Sebastian Rudy come into the team, as Chelsea's Antonio Ruediger replaces Hummels in central defence.

Mexico's 2-1 win over South Korea earlier on Saturday in the same Group F means the World Cup holders will be eliminated if they lose to the Swedes on Russia's Black Sea coast.

A draw will leave them on the brink of being knocked out, while Sweden know a win would clinch their place in the last 16.

Sweden coach Janne Andersson welcomes back Manchester United centre-back Victor Lindelof after he missed the 1-0 victory over the Koreans due to illness.

Starting line-ups for the World Cup Group F match between Germany and Sweden in Sochi on Saturday (1800 GMT kick-off):

Germany (4-2-3-1)

Manuel Neuer (capt); Joshua Kimmich, Jerome Boateng, Antonio Ruediger, Jonas Hector; Sebastian Rudy, Toni Kroos; Thomas Mueller, Marco Reus, Julian Draxler; Timo Werner

Coach: Joachim Loew (GER)

Sweden (4-4-2)

Robin Olsen; Mikael Lustig, Victor Lindelof, Andreas Granqvist (capt), Ludwig Augustinsson; Viktor Claesson, Albin Ekdal, Sebastian Larsson, Emil Forsberg; Marcus Berg, Ola Toivonen

Coach: Janne Andersson (SWE)

Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL)

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