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Highlights Brazil vs Costa Rica, FIFA World Cup 2018, Match 24 in Saint Petersburg Stadium: Coutinho, Neymar win it for Samba Boys

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Highlights Brazil vs Costa Rica, FIFA World Cup 2018, Match 24 in Saint Petersburg Stadium: Coutinho, Neymar win it for Samba Boys
  • 19:52 (IST)


    That's all we have for today. Brazil slogged and slogged against Costa Rica and finally ended up getting all three points. Philippe Coutinho was the outstanding player for his team. Neymar played better than he did against the Swiss but he was frustrated for a long time on the pitch. Ultimately, he scored and tears started rolling down from his eyes when the match got over. You get an idea about how much the goal and the win meant for him.

    We will be returning tomorrow with out live coverage. Until the, hope you have a good day! 

  • 19:46 (IST)

    The second-half statistics!

    Courtesy: FIFA 

  • 19:36 (IST)

    Coutinho, the main man for Brazil? 

  • BRA 2-0 CRC

    ​Neymar is in tears. It will be interesting to hear what Tite has to say about all this. At least, Brazil have gotten their campaign up and running in earnest.

  • BRA 2-0 CRC

    Drama every day at the World Cup and that's two! Brazil carve through the midfield and it's a neat attack - Casemiro, Douglas Costa and Neymar at the end of it. The superstar gets his goal and it is hugs all around. Tite hugs Marcelo, Neymar hugs Coutinho.

    Brazil celebrate and Costa Rica are out. At least the Ticos have the consolation that they'd win the literary World Cup with Bolanos and Borges in their ranks. Coutinho was Brazil's outstanding player.

  • 19:28 (IST)

    Full-time! BRA 2-0 CRC

    Crazy, crazy finish to the match. Brazil tried so hard for 90 minutes to break the deadlock. It came with the help of Coutinho and then Neymar added to the goal tally with a good finish. He was frustrated for a very long time but he found a way to turn this match into a joyous one. 

    It's tough on Costa Rica. They defended with grit but Brazil's attacking quality was just too much for them.  


  • 19:25 (IST)

    90 + 6' BRA 2-0 CRC

    Arnav: Neymar gets a goal to redeem himself. I can't say he deserves a goal today though, and I don't think Brazil deserve a two-goal victory either.

  • 19:24 (IST)

    GOAL !

    90 + 6! BRA 2-0 CRC

    It's all over! Neymar gets his goal and he must be a very relieved man! 

  • 90+4' BRA 1-0 CRC

    What a miss! That shot from FIrmino looked like the ball was filled with helium

  • 19:20 (IST)

    90+3' BRA 1-0 CRC

    Arnav: Absolutely heartbreaking for Costa Rica! They'd done so well until this point. Late goals really are a trend in this tournament.

  • 90+3' BRA 1-0 CRC

    Absolute pandemonium in St Petersburg. Did you see Tite taking a tumble?! For all the right reasons. Brazil’ general coordinator Edu Gaspar was besides himself! Incredible scenes. Brazil have broken through. But Tite hasn’t lost his head. Jesus is off and Fernandinho is on to reinforce the midfield.

  • 19:19 (IST)

    GOAL !

    90+1' BRA 1-0 CRC

    OH BRAZIL! It took so long but finally it comes and it's from Coutinho. Firmino heads the ball down inside the box, Jesus takes the crucial touch and Coutinho buries it. 
    Heartbreak for Costa Rica!

  • 19:17 (IST)

    90' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Six minutes of added time. Six minutes for Brazil to score!

  • 19:15 (IST)

    89' BRA 0-0 CRC

    ​Navas is an absolute colossus! If Costa Rica hold on, he will be my man of the match. Navas is an absolute colossus! If Costa Rica hold on, he will be my man of the match.

  • 19:14 (IST)

    88' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Arnav: Good to see the referee taking charge of this game. With that reversed penalty call, his credibility might have been questioned, but he's now shown that he will not tolerate any petulance from either side.

  • 87' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Costa Rica's time wasting is as obnoxious as Neymar's childish behaviour.

  • 83' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Quick succession of yellow cards for Brazil, both Neymar and Coutinho booked. Brazil have got their emotional tone wrong.

  • 19:10 (IST)


    82' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Two yellow cards in quick time. One for Neymar for showing his frustration and one for Coutinho for arguing with the referee.

  • 81' BRA 0-0 CRC

    The dark arts! Neymar forces a penalty. All the tumbling has come good, but the replay shows he, well, tumbled. Pathetic! Kuipers reviews and applies justice. Neymar grins, but he is not helping Brazil. He oversold and it was visible.

  • 19:07 (IST)

    80' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Arnav: Well, well well. When I said we needed a moment of magic from Neymar, I didn't mean a piece of theatrics. In my book, that's a shocking dive.

  • 19:06 (IST)

    77' BRA 0-0 CRC


    And it's foul on Neymar by Gonzalez. 

    This time, the decision went his way. Oh wait wait, the referee takes the help of VAR and he decided against it. No joy for Brazil 

  • 19:04 (IST)

    Arnav: The harder Neymar tries, the more difficult it seems to get for him. It really doesn't look like his day. Douglas Costa on the other wing and Coutinho through the middle look more threatening at this point. But with Neymar, you know that a moment of magic is never impossible.

  • 19:03 (IST)

    75' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Change for Costa Rica

    Francisco Calvo replaces Christian Gamboa

  • 73' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Bolanos has shored up Costa Rica in midfield and brought back more defensive stability. Brazil now have Firmino, Jesus, Neymar and Coutinho on the pitch. Can they unlock these competent Costa Rican defenders? Neymar almost pounces on a loose control from Gambao, but misses the target.

  • 18:59 (IST)

    72' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Another opportunity for Neymar and nothing out of it. He tries for a curler, running diagonally, but the ball is inches wide from the goal.   

  • 18:57 (IST)

    70' BRA 0-0 CRC

    ​Arnav: Finally! Firmino is coming on. That's more like it. Can he and Coutinho rekindle their Liverpool-era partnership. Brasil have been much improved in the last few minutes, and Firmino's intelligent movement can help to open up Costa Rica's defense further.

  • 18:57 (IST)

    69' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Neymar surges ahead with nobody in the front but Oviedo with a great piece of defending denies the shot. 

  • 18:54 (IST)

    67' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Brazil are looking to change things around with Firmino. Out goes Paulinho.
    So that means Brazil will play with two strikers up front. 

  • 65' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Costa Rica can breathe. After 15 minutes of intense pressure, Brazil have relented somewhat. Neymar had a perfect opportunity to release Douglas Costa, but was yet again imprecise. Costa Rica trying to move their defensive line higher up, but it's still Brazil with the possession.

  • 18:50 (IST)

    63' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Arnav: Both defenses seem to have lost a bit of their concentration and structure. We're seeing more last-ditch stuff from both sides now, lots of jumps, hacks and somersaults to block the ball.

  • 60' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Dutch referee Kuipers reprimands Neymar. About time someone did that.

  • 18:46 (IST)

    58' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Arnav: That Keylor Navas save reminded me of his heroics at the last world cup. The second-half has started much better than the first.

  • 58' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Paulinho has also been sighted in the box, which is an encouraging sign for Brazil. Costa Rica make a first change. Bolanos is a polyvalent midfielder, who can play up front. Venegas, however, is leading the line.

  • 18:44 (IST)

    56' BRA 0-0 CRC

    SAVE from Navas. Paulinho delivers a lovely ball to Neymar in the middle, the forward was all set to celebrate only for Navas to spoil the party. This has been that kind of game for Neymar. 

  • 18:41 (IST)

    55' BRA 0-0 CRC

    First change for Costa Rica. 

    Bolanos comes in and Urena goes out. 

  • 53' BRA 0-0 CRC

    That was coming…well, not just yet, but Brazil pile on the pressure. Some neat interplay, Jesus’ header kissing the woodwork and a succession of corners. They are playing with urgency. Fagner, the right-back, has been asked to move forward a bit more.

  • 18:38 (IST)

    50' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Gosh! Two outstanding chances for Brazil. First one from Jesus as his header hits the post, and then Coutinho tries to drill the ball inside the net only for Navas to save it.  

  • 18:35 (IST)

    48' BRA 0-0 CRC

    First good chance of the second-half belongs to Neymar. He gets the ball inside the box but fails when it comes to control. 

  • 46' BRA 0-0 CRC

    The polar opposite of the 2002 encounter. Costa Rica have had the best chance and Brazil lack a cutting edge. Neymar simply spends his time complaining. Tite rolls the dice. Willian, who was very bleak, is replaced by Douglas Costa.

  • 18:32 (IST)

    45' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Second-half is underway! Brazil have introduced Douglas Costa and removed Willian. 

  • 18:29 (IST)

    Here are the half-time stats! 

    Courtesy: FIFA

  • 18:20 (IST)

    BRA 0-0 CRC

    Arnav: It's been an entertaining contest here. But neither side deserves to be ahead

  • BRA 0-0 CRC

    Costa Rica have frustrated Brazil. They were always going to defend with many bodies and Tite’s team haven’t found any solutions. Brazil’s game has been pedestrian. Willian and Paulinho were very underwhelming, but there is a sense that Neymar, yet again, and Gabriel Jesus, have the  emotional tone of this game wrong. They have been targeted, but there is no need to tumble around all the time. The pair are doing  Brazil a disservice. A fascinating second half awaits.

  • 18:19 (IST)

    Half-time' BRA 0-0 CRC

    There were opportunities and most of them belonged to Brazil but they have nothing to show for it. Neymar, Coutinho and Marcelo did most of the attack from left. Costa Rica will be happy with their performance in the first 45 minutes. The plan was to defend and they did a good job at it. 

  • 18:13 (IST)

    43' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Arnav: Thiago Silva is absolutely immense for his team.

  • 18:12 (IST)

    42' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Another long shot from the left by Marcelo but Keylor Navas makes no mistake. 

  • 40' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Costa Rica long for half-time, pinned back in their own half; Brazil want that goal at all costs before the break. They have struggled to break down Costa Rica’s 5-4-1 formation. Paulinho and Willian, who has been so excellent in recent friendlies, have offered far too little.

  • 18:10 (IST)

    38' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Brazil get their first corner in the 38th minute. There were shouts of penalty during the corner when Paulinho took a tumble but referee says no. Even the VAR thinks it's not a penalty. 

  • 18:04 (IST)

    34' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Arnav: This last spell has been much better from Brazil. If they can score before half-time the floodgates may open. If not, we will probably see a draw or narrow victory for either side. Either way, we're in for an interesting hour of play!

  • 33' BRA 0-0 CRC

    Those first twenty minutes from Brazil were painfully slow. They are taking route one now, balls over the top and running in behind the Costa Rican defense. Very simple, but it has Costa Rica stretched. Neymar should score, but it’s for all to see he is not in top form. That first touch was too heavy. Marcelo and Coutinho shoot from outside the box. The danger is coming from everywhere now. Brazil beginning to assert themselves.

Costa Rica were one of the major surprises of the 2014 World Cup and will head to Russia for next year’s tournament with largely the same squad of players having easily qualified from the CONCACAF region.

Litte was expected of the ‘Ticos’ in Brazil after they were drawn in a group with Uruguay, Italy and England, but the team coached by Jorge Luis Pinto topped the standings and went on to beat Greece in the round of 16 on penalties.

 Highlights Brazil vs Costa Rica, FIFA World Cup 2018, Match 24 in Saint Petersburg Stadium: Coutinho, Neymar win it for Samba Boys

Brazil's Neymar in conversation with Willian. Reuters

It could have been an even more memorable tournament for the Central American nation had they not exited to the Netherlands on penalties after their first ever quarter-final appearance ended goalless following extra time.

Much of the credit for that historic run was given to Colombian coach Pinto, but the current man in charge, Oscar Ramirez, has continued his good work.

One of the highlights of Costa Rica’s qualifying campaign was a 4-0 crushing of the United States in San Jose that cost US coach Jurgen Klinsmann his job.

To prove that result was no fluke, Costa Rica beat the Americans 2-0 in New Jersey and finished a relatively comfortable second in the final group, won by Mexico.

Both goals in that win at Red Bull Arena came from striker Marco Urena. He led the line well in the absence of Real Betis forward Joel Campbell, who missed the latter stage of qualifying due to injury.

The core of the team which beat Italy and Uruguay in Brazil is still in place with Real Madrid’s Keylor Navas in goal, Celtic’s Cristian Gamboa, Sunderland’s Bryan Oviedo and Bologna’s Giancarlo Gonzalez at the back.

Christian Bolanos, 33, remains influential in midfield where Deportivo La Coruna’s Celso Borges has held off competition from younger players.

Captain Bryan Ruiz, of Sporting Lisbon, continues to be the creative force in attack while Ramirez will hope that the speedy Campbell will be back to full fitness in Russia.

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With inputs from Reuters

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