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Arvind Kejriwal's sit-in protest: Congress right in dismissing AAP alliance, not getting carried away by optical diversions

From media persons to political observers, there have been several observations critiquing the Congress party for its 'no-alliance-with-AAP' approach.

Such is the insidious power of visual media, that it disrupts the attention span of the viewer irreparably and forces her to focus on the ever fleeting here and now.

File image of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. PTI

File image of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. PTI

That the Delhi chief secretary Anshu Prakash was summoned to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's residence at midnight has now been forgotten; that he was allegedly summoned to approve some objectionable content in a self-congratulatory advertisement marking three years of the Kejriwal government is forgotten; that Prakash was allegedly heckled and slapped by 'MLA-turned-bouncers' is totally forgotten. The IAS Association has been on a protest ever since.

The protest is symbolic (five minutes silence observed daily) and is not coming in the way of day-to-day file work. The question then is, why did the Narendra Modi government at the Centre not intervene on behalf of the IAS Association in February? Does the government of India not take Delhi seriously or does this mess suit it as much as it suits Kejriwal?

The man keeps claiming non-cooperation from the bureaucracy but simultaneously also keeps making tall and highly exaggerated claims of achievements in the health and education sectorsin Delhi; are some of the facts that have been buried in this culture of 'minute-to-minute' reporting of events sans perspective?

Has politics become a 20/20 match? Why aren't tough questions being asked of Kejriwal? He willingly apologised to all the BJP/NDA leaders for having defamed them in the past but could not show the grace of meeting his own chief secretary and offering an apology on behalf of some of his rowdy MLAs? All that the officers were seeking from the government was an assurance of their safety and security.

Does this not show a serious lack of concern for the citizens of Delhi that Kejriwal chooses instead to sit on an 'air-conditioned' dharna, playing cheap politics?

People elect a government to deliver, not to deliver new villains as an excuse for non-performance. Why do people expect the Congress to get carried away by Kejriwal's need for optical diversions and lose track of the fact that it delivered under exactly similar conditions for 15 years in Delhi?

Are the Liberals willing to condone physical attacks on the head of the bureaucracy, in the House and in presence of the chief minister? Are they happy with an elected chief minister sitting on a dharna, disrupting the Republic Day parade?

Are they absolutely fine with a minister leading a mob, taking law in his hands and bashing up African nationals in the heart of the National Capital? One would think upholding the sanctity of the Constitution and rule of law is the foremost among liberal values.

Their restlessness with the Modi government is completely understandable but they shouldn't rush into strengthening just about anyone who appears to be taking on Modi, lest you want an 'operation successful, patient is dead' scenario. Please do not reduce politics to a journey from one optic to another.

The author is a Congress spokesperson

Updated Date: Jun 18, 2018 15:59 PM

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