This week's menu: Basil chicken, patra ni macchi, and paneer butter masala

Shaheen Peerbhai, grade-A foodie and chef extraordinaire, has put together this week’s daily menu planner that delivers maximum taste with minimum fuss. Curried potato sandwich, anyone?

Shaheen_Peerbhai June 04, 2011 16:00:07 IST
This week's menu: Basil chicken, patra ni macchi, and paneer butter masala

I’m Shaheen Peerbhai, food blogger, photographer, journalist, and once-upon-a-time baker. I am also your very own culinary concierge. Need to liven up that breakfast-on-the go? Getting bored with what’s in your lunchbox? Running out of ideas for a tasty, healthy dinner after you get home from work? I’ve scoured cookbooks, recipes sites and my own kitchen to figure out how you can eat well and eat right. Minimum fuss. Maximum taste.

This weeks menu Basil chicken patra ni macchi and paneer butter masala

Basil chicken coconut curry. Image from

To make things even easier here’s your shopping list for all the dinners I’ve thought up for the upcoming week. This way you never have to run to the store on your way home. You can just do it all this weekend. But if you don’t get around to it, don’t worry, I will publish an individual shopping list for each dinner recipe during the week.

This week we’ll revisit some fabulous traditional favourites, cook recipes that will make an Italian grandma proud and much, much more. So let’s get started on this week’s menu.

This week’s menu:
Mon: Perfect porridge; basil chicken in coconut curry
Tue: Curried potato sandwich; aubergine with garlic yoghurt sauce
Wed: Egg mushroom rolls; patra ni macchi
Thu: Club sandwich; paneer butter masala
Fri: Cherry pancakes

Vegetables and Herbs
1 large aubergine
2 packets button mushrooms
1 coconut
Basil leaves
1 bunch coriander leaves
Lettuce leaves
1 bunch spinach
250g cherries
Cheese and dairy
250g paneer
Cheddar cheese
Fresh cream
500g chicken
Coconut milk
Worcestershire sauce

Shopping list:
Here’s the shopping list for this week and for the big weekend meal. Remember that this shopping list is for the main dishes and not for the suggested accompaniments. It also assumes that you’ve got your basic ingredients in place as listed in our suggested pantry list.

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