Youplus Political Page: A look at how Indians view the Lok Sabha election, the candidates and parties

A note on Methodology

Youplus constantly tracks trending topics that are of interest to people in a specific region or country to deliver insights about what is important to them. With one of the largest interactive panel bases, Youplus crowdsources opinions on relevant topics through the proprietary application called MIC. Opinions are captured in video for AI-powered processing via the Youplus VOISE platform to reveal deep insights about what people are thinking and why. Youplus publishes unbiased reports about the most trending topics to bring people’s opinion to light

True Feel Score

The traditional method of getting insights is by analysing the data and inferring the meaning out of it. At Youplus, we understand and score the meaning, sentiment and facial emotion to derive at the True Feel Score (TFS) of that person/attribute.

True Feel Score (TFS) has two dimensions of feeling to it. The Positive TFS and Negative TFS. The feeling is scored based on the depth of conversation. The score in is between 0-10 (10 being the highest.) If feel just “good” then the TFS would be on the lower side of the score towards 0. And if the feeling is “Awesome” then score will be closer to 10 . The proximity of the feeling to 0 or 10 determines the “True Feel Score”.

Youplus is building technology to grant insights into the minds of video creators, influencers, and those who trust them. Founded by a team of serial entrepreneurs with extensive expertise in search and video, we're focused on revealing never-before-seen insights to help you connect with your customers and consumers on a human level.

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