#WeMissYouToo: Maggi returns the love with a new advertisement

Let's face it. We all miss Maggi. We all miss "cooking" Maggi in our own signature styles. It never took us "two minutes", but no one ever complained. Since the Maggi ban, a generation has been craving for its favourite instant noodle. And it's good to know the feeling is reciprocated.

 #WeMissYouToo: Maggi returns the love with a new advertisement

Maggi. Reuters

Social media has been brimming with love letters to Maggi since the ban and Maggi has finally responded. Maggi India came up with a new advertisement professing its love for the country, saying #WeMissYouToo.

In a very minimalistic and simple ad, Maggi voices the query inside everyone's head: "Kab wapas aayega yaar? (When will it be back?)" 

Yes, most people have cooked Maggi in the middle of the night; while some woke up hungry, others were watching midnight football and thought it made a great midnioght snack. The ad echoes all the times when we decided not to bother mom and cook up a storm.

The 52-second advert has struck a nostalgic chord with most of India's youngsters.

Maggi India Twitter page has been responding to queries from consumers and has reciprocated to maggi lovers' reaction to the ban.

On 14 August, Bombay High Court quashed the Maggi ban and ordered fresh tests. If Maggi clears those tests, it may very well be back, maybe not in two minutes, but not before long. Nestle India has said it plans to bring back Maggi  in the market by end of 2015 and Maggi lovers can't wait.

Watch the ad below:

Updated Date: Aug 25, 2015 15:38:00 IST