Watch Sutapa Sanyal's inspiring journey towards women empowerment in Uttar Pradesh

Gender bias, domestic violence, lack of opportunities and the list, unfortunately, goes on. These are a few problems millions of women in India and around the world face on a daily basis. There is an old saying in Hindi, "If a woman is educated then an entire household will be educated". Now imagine, if every woman had the freedom to follow a path of their own choosing? Along with prosperous households, the nation would prosper too.

And we have a great example for our claim in the form of Sutapa Sanyal. As a young woman, she always wanted to be in a position to serve the common people which inspired her to become an IPS officer. Back in the 80s, being a police officer like many professions was typically male-dominated, but that did not deter Sutapa from achieving her goal. She became an IPS officer and went on to serve the country for over three decades.

In 2014, Sutapa Sanyal became the Director General of Mahila Samman Parishad Prakoshth - a unique police initiative dedicated to the safety, security, dignity and empowerment of over 140 million women and children in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Watch the video below for Sutapa Sanyal's #RoarForChange!

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Updated Date: Jan 07, 2019 13:12:13 IST