Uma Bharti launches steps to check pollution in Ganga, improve sanitation

Sahibganj (Jharkhand): In line with the Centre's efforts to conserve Ganga, Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti on Monday launched a series of initiatives to check pollution in the river and improve sanitation practices among villagers staying along its stretch in Jharkhand.

Uma Bharti in a file photo. PTI

Uma Bharti. File photo. PTI

Speaking at an event here, she said nine initiatives have been taken for effective management of solid and liquid waste and participation of local governing agencies in the same.

Bharti, according to an official statement, said eight village-level crematoriums, 32 bathing ghats and 40 community toilets will be constructed along the 83-km stretch of the river in the state.

She stated that more than 10,000 soak pits will be constructed through community participation to contain and dispose surplus waste water emerging from households and community-managed hand pumps of the villages.

The government will undertake community-led construction of 1.52 lakh meters of open channel drains in the project villages to ensure "speedy and safe" disposal of domestic waste, she said.

The BJP leader emphasised that improving health and quality of life of 45,000 households from 78 villages located along Ganga River basin in the state, as the "main aim" of the projects.

Bharti said 78 units will be established in the hamlets for collection, storage and composting of degradable solid waste and for setting up small enterprises for non-biodegradable material.

The minister stated that 5,460 households will be supported for adoption of composting facilities using vermin composting for productive use of animal and agro-waste and 1,860 will be supported for adoption of biogas plants to facilitate safe disposal of animal waste.

The entire project will be carried out under the Ministry's guidance with support from United National Development Programme (UNDP), community organisations and NGOs, Bharti added.

Updated Date: May 09, 2016 19:37 PM

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