The real issue facing veterans: When will OROP be implemented?

By Bikram Vohra

Freeze all the factors and let’s bring it down to one point with this OROP issue.

When the hell will it be implemented?

 The real issue facing veterans: When will OROP be implemented?

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I want someone out there to educate me on this single aspect of the OROP announcement and its much heralded historic texture. If anybody have the answer and it makes sense, I’ll give this government a standing ovation and backslap as good as the rest of the people.

When will the first war widow get the first cheque?

When will the oldest wounded soldier who was boarded out receive the new pension?

If you flip that disc, what is the period when the widow and the retired soldier, sailor, airman will NOT get the financial upgrade? Will they have to wait till the ‘minor’ details are sorted out?

Is it predicated to the single judge and his six-month window to examine the OROP issue and the open-ended discussions that could ensue when the report is ultimately ready? Will it be as early as next month? Next year? After five years, when the first review is due and the present government may or may not be in power?

I have trawled the TV channels, tried to pry an answer out of the veterans themselves, read up the media reports but no one has said a word about when.

The label of ‘implementation’ has been used with a gay abandon and I am all for it.

All I want to know is when. After all, if we want to implement something, the other party wants the timeline.
So, for the final time, please enlighten us, ye of great genius out there. When?

Updated Date: Sep 06, 2015 13:39:31 IST