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Sunanda Pushkar case: Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar quizzed for three hours

In the latest development in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case, sources in the Delhi police revealed that Pakistani columnist Mehr Tarar was questioned by the Special Investigation team (SIT) in the last week of February. Tarar was questioned on the fight that ensued between her and Pushkar sometime in 2014 January or February.

According to The Times of India (TOI), Tarar had come to Delhi a few months back and was questioned for about three hours in a five-star hotel in Central Delhi, after the police requested her cooperation in the investigation.

Sunanda Pushkar, wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, was found dead in Leela Palace Hotel on 17 January, 2014. Just a day before her death, Pushkar engaged in a Twitter spat with Tarar upset over the text and tweet messages shared between her husband and Tarar.

A series of tweets had sprung up in January on Tharoor's timeline claiming several hyperbolic forms of love for Tharoor, on his own Twitter handle. Soon, Tharoor had declared that his account has been hacked and will be non-functional for a few days. Just when the dust was about to start settling, Pushkar had declared that neither her or her husband's account has been hacked. In fact, it was she, who had logged into Tharoor's account and posted messages that Tarar had sent her husband to tell the world that her husband was being stalked. The Pakistani journalist had later denied having an affair with Tharoor.

Tarar's name also came up in the statements made by several people connected to Pushkar. The TOI reported that journalist Nalini Singh told cops and the magistrate that Pushkar feared that Tharoor was going to marry Tarar and wanted to retrieve BBM messages exchanged between Tharoor and Tarar.

Sources in the Delhi police, however, told TOI that Tarar denied having an extra-marital affair with Tharoor.


Updated Date: Jul 18, 2016 11:32 AM

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