S Gurumurthy mounts detailed defence of his Sabarimala-Kerala floods tweet, RBI role and right to speak 'despite abuse'

RSS ideologue S Gurumurthy is on the defensive as Twitter users descended on him for linking Kerala floods and the Supreme Court ruling allowing women inside the Sabarimala temple. Gurumurthy, who was recently appointed as an independent director at the Reserve Bank of India, clarified that he never said that because women were allowed in the shrine, the state was ravaged by floods. He said that he was merely commenting on the 'public view'

"It is a comment on people's view. Where is the God Vs Law in this? In fact in Hindu philosophy which is doctrinally most liberal says God is subject to law i.e Dharma. Sri Rama coronated as King asks Vasishta "Am I the supreme?" Vasishta says: "No, law i.e Dharma is supreme."

 S Gurumurthy mounts detailed defence of his Sabarimala-Kerala floods tweet, RBI role and right to speak despite abuse

S Gurumurthy. Image courtesy: http://gurumurthy.net/

He further added that his tweet was his personal opinion on a completely different subject matter, therefore it had no connection with his recent appointment as a board member of the RBI.

"What has my appointment to the RBI board to do with my views? I am an independent director. Not bound by any rules not to express my view freely. It is not a paid job. I accepted it, on persuasion, almost pressure, for putting forth my views on MSMEs which are under stress," Gurumurthy said.

Asserting his freedom to express his independent views, Gurumurthy said if given a choice between any post and his freedom to hold and express an opinion, he will always choose the latter.

"On a choice between my right to express my views and RBI directorship, undoubtedly choice tomorrow will be the former. I have rejected any number of positions, to retain my right to speak what the liberals and pseudo seculars dislike. I will continue to do so despite all abuse," he said.

Gurumurthy had stirred up a row after he said that the Supreme Court may want to review its decision to allow women inside the shrine because of the Kerala floods.

"Supreme court judges may like to see if there is any connection between the case and what is happening in Sabarimala. Even if there is one in a million chance of a link people would not like the case decided against Ayyappan," he tweeted. While his tweet was framed in the passive, the right-wing thinker was quoting another user who had said that since the Supreme Court allowed everyone (read women) inside the shrine, the lord has denied entry to everyone.

Gurumurthy also attacked those criticising him. "Amazed at the hypocrisy of Indian intellectuals who trash people's faith. 99% Indians believe in God. 100%, including liberals, seculars, intellectuals, believe in astrology. Atheist Karunanidhi's followers prayed for him. I am among those who look to God but not astrology."

Gurumurthy said that he does not often respond to 'online abuse' but because a 'political leader of a responsible party' brought in his appointment at the RBI, he wanted to 'set the record straight.'

"I wanted to ignore what was actually abuse masquerading as debate as I don't respond to abuse. But when a political leader of a responsible party also made same charge against me, even referring my RBI appointment (which has no relevance to the tweet) I decided to respond... This response is triggered by the statement of the politburo member of CPM that I made a hate statement in the Twitter as an RBI director. That is false as explained in the 1at tweet. Where is ref to RBI director in my twitter handle. To set record straight I had to respond," he said.

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Updated Date: Aug 22, 2018 10:20:22 IST