Rahul Gandhi's holidays contain more mysteries than Enid Blyton's novels

Uh oh, here we go again. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen and goodbye.

Rahul Gandhi, Rahul-scarlet-pimpernel-Gandhi; where do you go, to my lovely… no that doesn’t exactly fit, but it makes the point.

You send out a message saying cheerio, take care, off I go, just a day after the Reserve Bank Governor quits under such shabby circumstances; the rupee and the Sensex have dropped, and instead of being your normal strident self, you are off to on another ‘won’t tell you where’ vacation.

There are more mysteries in your holidays young man, than there are in Enid Blyton novels.

With the fallout from Raghuram Rajan's resignation that is certain to make the fish from Denmark smell sweet in comparison, would it not have made more sense to cancel the vacation, sit here and make it your ‘vocation’ to take on the Modi team and exploit the suspected rift between him and Jaitley on this issue? After all, it is all about the 2 percent interest rate cut that Raghuram Rajan resisted and perhaps  Rahul Gandhi wants to stay away from this one.

He also probably wants the interest to drop, huh?

What could be the reason for Rahul Gandhi's time off being kept a state secret? PTI

What could be the reason for Rahul Gandhi's time off being kept a state secret? PTI

Odd, yes? Isn’t it the way Rahul behaves — dons his armour, climbs his steed and rushes off to battle even on mini issues.

So why is he leaving this golden opportunity and letting it go abegging?

What could be the reason for the time off being kept a state secret? Of course, it could be a security question and he doesn’t want the paparazzi to know. Makes sense.

Maybe there is a another visit to Colombia; that makes greater sense. Woo the girl, there you see her, sitting there across the sea, you know you want her, so go ahead and kiss her.

Maybe he is attending one of those mystical seminars that suddenly pop up in some private hall and his presence is mandated, and all the Congress minions then go on TV shows and create a froth of lie and deception.

Not that it will be a secret for long so why cause so much fuss and bother about it; what’s with the thanks to everyone and all the gooey affection. We go on vacation, we just go to the airport and catch a flipping plane. Bye, see you. What’s all this thanks to those who showered affection on Rahul Gandhi yesterday and gave him good wishes, for all of which he is truly grateful.

Tiger, you are just going for a holiday, not a 14-year saga or a swim around the world. You are not being exiled unless that’s something we haven’t been told about.

That tweet almost sounded like a tearful final farewell.

So why don’t all you peeps and trolls and others get in on the act and tell us where he is going. And for what?

Do it now. Because soon enough the leaks will start and they will be followed by elaborate explanations that will only obfuscate things further, and speculation will raise its curious head and it will be murky and delightful.

Fact is, he is allowed to take a holiday. The fact is also that he doesn’t have to tell us where he is going. Since he isn’t elected to public office he can travel freely, especially since there is no legal restriction.

So, the only intriguing part is why he decides to make it such a Sherlockian affair. Just go. Big deal. The intrigue in what is not really an earth shattering event is that he is missing this opportunity to make a little hay as the cloud covers the sun over the Reserve Bank.

And the western world has taken a dim view of the Raghuram Rajan episode, as has the public.

You think Rahul Gandhi will fire his salvos from the safety of some distant shore after sussing out a situation in which Raghuram Rajan’s lame duck tenure for the next couple of months will see interest rates going down so that the big boys can swipe huge sums and pay less in interest?

So then, if there is a scandal brewing why is our sterling captain in white not ‘interested’?

Is it that elementary, Mr Watson?

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Updated Date: Jun 20, 2016 14:41:32 IST

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