Quotable Quotes: What Narendra Modi said at SRCC

Gujarat’s firebrand Chief Minister Narendra Modi today said that the vote-bank politics has ruined the country and the nation now needs development politics.  He mesmerized a vast gathering of students at the Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) by appealing to the youths to make India a global brand.

Highlights of what Modi said:

The solution to all problems is development. The whole nation has been destroyed by vote bank politics, what it needs is development.

Our full government and its functioning need to change to work faster. And need to increase its scale.

In Delhi all the metro coaches come from Guajrat.

India's youth has the desire but they have a lack of skills. Presently in Gujarat we are having skill development workshops.



The whole world saw the man in Jaipur ask Clinton whether he considered India to be a third world country and a poor nation. Clinton told him that he had seen what the nation was and he would tell the world about it.

Whatever the colour of our skin we are no less than anyone in the world.

The youth of the nation has its finger on the mouse of computers and is changing the world.

In Taiwan, an interpreter asked me if we still have snake charmers and superstition. I said no. We are mouse charmers.

In the last 20 years Indians have travelled across the globe and changed their perspective of India.

This century is India's. Because every time mankind entered an era of technology then India has led the way.

Isn't our duty to make the words of Vivekananda truth by developing the youth of nation and changing the world?

Leaders should see the youth as a new age of power for the nation to progress.

It is important how we view the youth of the nation. For most of the political leadership the youth is only a new age voter.

China exports the most herbal medicine but India despite its history of ayurveda hasn't managed to export as much.

50 percent of GDP was under one roof at Vibrant Gujarat. When world sees it they feel comfortable to form an tie-up.

In Japan on everything there is a slogan about Olympics. They are preparing a spirit across nation about it. What have we done? Here we had Commonwealth Games. Why we had it? Even those who organised it don't know yet.

Why shouldn't we make the 'Made in India' tag a statement of quality for our manufactured products?

The whole world sees us a bazaar where they can dump products. We should look to make the world our bazaar and boost manufacturing.

India needs to make its place in the global economy and technological upgradation is a must.

In Delhi many of you'll are upset over law and order and everyone is worried about their security.

Gujarat was never an agricultural state. Earlier it meant a desert. We have always had registan (desert) and next door Pakistan.

The ambassador of a nation asked me what major challenges India faces and I said the biggest one is that how we use opportunity.

I believe that the glass is full. One half with water and the other half with air.

If India has to make its mark in the global stage then we need to consider how we will govern our nation.

Updated Date: Feb 08, 2013 09:02 AM

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