Pakistan's 'inhuman' treatment of Jadhav's family is low-level diplomacy aimed at drawing global attention

When Pakistanis come to India, we offer them biryani in Jaipur, ziyarat at Ajmer and dinner in Agra. And when two Indians, a mother and her daughter-in-law, go to Pakistan, they are dished out just humiliation. That's the difference between the two countries, their cultures and ethos. One is an epitome of hospitality, the other a specimen of sadistic mind games.

Let us forget for a moment Kulbhushan Jadhav and his purported role in spying. For a moment, let us set aside the debate on his alleged guilt. Let us talk just about Pakistan's treatment of two women it had invited as a "humanitarian gesture", as a show of "goodwill." Let us evaluate Pakistan just as a mezbaan, a host.

Which country in this world would invite two hapless, broken women, only to torture and humiliate them, to call an old woman "qatil ki maa", to strip a wife of her ornaments, shoes and force her to adhere to a dress code? It can happen only in Pakistan.

 Pakistans inhuman treatment of Jadhavs family is low-level diplomacy aimed at drawing global attention

A file image of Kulbhushan Jadhav's mother and wife with Indian DHC. PTI

In inviting Jadhav's mother and wife, Pakistan seems to have scripted a theatre of the morally pervert. Its diabolical ISI appears to have scripted a drama only to play psychological games with the two women, and through them with a country of 125 crore. The "humanitarian" gesture "in line with Islamic principles and teachings" aimed at showcasing its "large-heartedness" was just low-level diplomacy aimed at inflicting pain on India, creating noise on the global platform to draw attention to itself and satiate the bloodlust of the constituency at home.

A host that sets hounds on its guests should actually be pitied upon. In fact, its mindset should call for a thorough evaluation on a shrink's couch for deep-seated illnesses. Pakistan needs to be deplored, derided and paid back. But it also needs to be a subject of our deep concern for the ailments that have inflicted it.

Any other country would have learnt from what India does when it invites guests from across the border. When the architect of Kargil comes for bilateral discussions, we offer him our best hospitality, cuisine and courtesy in spite of the raging anger against him for launching a war on India, killing many of our soldiers. When the prime minister who presided over that wanton act of destruction at Kargil holds a wedding at his farm, our prime minister not only sends him flowers but makes an unscheduled pit-stop to share the family's joy. And, when our prime minister inaugurates his tenure, he not only invites perpetrators of war and hostility but also sends gifts to their mothers back home.

When ailing citizens of Pakistan reach out to our foreign minister for help, she personally intervenes to help them get visas for timely medical help in our hospitals. When its actors, singers and artists come knocking for work, we open the doors of our entertainment industry for them. And when some Indians back rage against supping with the enemy, the liberals here stand up for the guests, defend the idea of the entire globe being a family (vasudev kutumbhkam) and our ethos of guests being our deities (atithi devo bhave).

To fellow Indians, I would say, be outraged, but also be proud. With its inhuman treatment of guests, Pakistan has just vindicated the idea of India and underlined its own chicanery, cruelty and crudity.

It has opened its doors to us only to show us is darkness and moral squalor.

As Munnabhai would argue, let's send them flowers with prayers of getting well soon.

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Updated Date: Dec 27, 2017 15:32:24 IST