Over 43% of Indians name Hindi as their mother tongue, reveals Census data; Bengali, Marathi, Telugu in top 4

Hindi was entered as the mother tongue by a larger percentage of Indians in the 2011 Census in comparison to the 2001 edition, states the latest language data made public on Tuesday. According to Census data, 43.63 percent of the population entered Hindi as their mother tongue in 2011, compared to 41.03 percent in 2001.

Bengali remained the second-most cited mother tongue at 8.3 percent — a shade higher than 8.11 percent of the total population in 2001. However, Telugu and Marathi traded third and fourth places, with 7.09 percent of respondents going for the latter — up from 6.99 percent last time around — and 6.93 percent naming the former in 2011, compared to 7.19 percent in 2001.

Here's a look at the other facts and figures:

Updated Date: Jun 27, 2018 13:33:45 IST