On Independence Day, Bhutan PM Lotay Tshering reviews Narendra Modi's book 'Exam Warriors', calls it 'profound and practical'

Editor's Note: Bhutan prime minister Dr Lotay Tshering praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's book Exam Warriors, written for children appearing for school-leaving examinations, in a Facebook post on Thursday. Modi is scheduled to make a two-day visit to Bhutan starting from 17 August. Below is the verbatim reproduction of Tshering's post.


In anticipation of the visit

Out of the collections I was sorting out recently came out the book called Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi. I am aware that the Prime Minister of India, beside everything else, is a scribe and a pro at that.

On that spot, I flipped through the pages of the book directed at young people, as he de-constructs the idea of exam which many view as “life determining”.

Woven with personal anecdotes, the content is so simple for a child to comprehend yet so profound and practical. Such is Shri Narendra Modiji.

In the interactions during my two visits to Delhi after assuming this office, the leader of the world’s largest democracy came out as a man so humble and natural.

We immediately hit off well. Sharing our heartfelt thoughts, I realised the man has good intentions to bring about change and take his nation forward. For a person who has made bold decisions for his country of diverse background and complexities, Modiji has his feet firm on the ground.

In this book, as he highlights many life’s lessons, he says, “forget dreaming about becoming a prime minister, I was never even a class monitor”. He exudes so much positivity, not just in the book but even in person.

For someone who has to think for billions of people and represent them on the global stage, he takes time out to prepare children on handling exams. Is it not empathy, an intrinsic quality of a good leader? He attaches importance to values, while asking children to study for knowledge as marks will follow as by products.

Meanwhile, the segment on yoga in the book is also a must read. As a medical practitioner, I would recommend this holistic practice of health and wellbeing. To be happy, fit, flexible and as an anti-aging solution, yoga is the way. I thank Modiji for personally proposing June 21 as the International Yoga Day at the UNGA.

Meanwhile, on my own quest, I am also assured that Bhutan has a good friend in him. And in two days, he visits our country. It is an honour no doubt. But it is also a proud moment to welcome him not just as the Prime Minister of India but as a great human being who means well for his country and beyond.

I see new chapters of friendship unfold for the two countries. But for today, I wish the people of India a happy Independence day. We pray for a peaceful and prosperous India.

Dr Lotay Tshering
Prime Minister

Updated Date: Aug 15, 2019 18:56:57 IST