Narendra Modi in Himachal Pradesh: PM pushes for rural development, 'be it roads, railways, air, highways' at Sundernagar

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Narendra Modi in Himachal Pradesh: PM pushes for rural development, 'be it roads, railways, air, highways' at Sundernagar
  • 15:57 (IST)

    Congress only knows to disrupt 'vikas', says Modi

  • 15:48 (IST)

    Demonetisation not a new idea, says Modi

    During Indira Gandhi's rule, the then Union minister Yashwantrao Chavan recommended the scrapping the Rs 100 notes. However, Indira did not approve the idea. "If we want to win elections, do not bring such ideas," Modi claimed Indira told Chavan. Modi claimed that Indira prioritised party over nation by deciding to not pursue note ban. 

  • 15:44 (IST)

    Another salvo from Narendra Modi

  • 15:43 (IST)

    Modi takes potshots at Congress

  • 15:36 (IST)

    Congress is responsible for social evils in India

    "Corruption was not a major disease 70 years back. There were no such evils even when India was under British rule. So who is responsible for corruption? Who brought communal, caste and social disharmony in India? It is the Congress. Don't you think the party needs to taught a lesson?," Modi said.  

    If the youth need to be lead a good life, then such evils need to be tackled. Modi also said that the various mafias in the state are "danav" (monsters) for the dev bhoomi. 

  • 15:30 (IST)

    Modi praises the efforts of 125 crore Indians

    "I am not responsible for the praise that India is receiving. It is all because of the 125 crore Indians that India is shining in the world," the prime minister said. When foreign leaders meet me, they do not meet me but the 125 crore Indians, he added. 

  • 15:27 (IST)

    People in Himachal will vote to punish Congress party 

    People in Himachal Pradesh will not only vote to elect BJP but also to punish the corrupt Congress government, Modi said.  "There is an opportunity to give three-fouth majority government to Himachal Pradesh. Such a strong mandate will help state to develop further," Modi said. 

  • 15:23 (IST)

    Modi turns emotional in Kullu

    Modi said that he has a sense of responsibility towards Himachal Pradesh and would help the state by developing it. Modi, who was the BJP incharge for Himachal Pradesh in the late 90s, said that during his stay in the hill state, he never thought he could come to the state as the prime minister. 

  • 15:19 (IST)

    Modi is speaking at Kullu

  • Himachal Pradesh election 2017: Tibetan community divided on whether to exercise franchise

    As political parties of all shades pursue the 50,25,541 legitimate voters for electing 68 representatives to the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, some 14,000-odd votes hold special significance, not for their numbers but for defining the future status of about 1,20000 Tibetans, living in India, as refugees. But the decision to grant voting rights to people of Tibetan origin born in India, “taken after long-drawn detailed procedures that took 3 to 4 years,” according to Pushpendra Rajput, Chief Electoral Officer, Himachal Pradesh, has divided the community.

    Read the full report here

  • 15:14 (IST)

    Meanwhile, Virbhadra Singh slams Narendra Modi over Women's Reservation Bill

    Himachal Pradesh chief minister Virbhadra Singh on Sunday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not moving the stalled Women's Reservation Bill, accusing him of betraying the "nation builders".

    "Once hailed as ‘nation builders' by PM Modi, the already marginalised Indian women have been most brutally betrayed by the BJP government," the chief minister said attacking the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) central government in a series of tweets.

    "Deference of the Women's Reservation Bill is BJP has gone back on its primary manifesto promise for women. And it was only the beginning," he said.

  • 14:32 (IST)

    Glimpses of Modi's rally at Una

  • 14:31 (IST)

    Modi praises Aadhaar for reducing corruption

    "Seeding Aadhaar cards with bank accounts have eliminated middlemen and subsidies now reach the beneficiaries directly," the prime minister said. 

  • 14:20 (IST)

    Congress is left with nothing and can only mourn its decline, says Modi

  • 14:17 (IST)

    Himachal will once again celebrate diwali on 18 December: Modi

  • 14:15 (IST)

    Congress is frightened it will be wiped out of 'dev bhoomi'

    Giving the slogan of pehle matdaan phir jalpaan, Modi urged the common man of Palampur to vote en masse for the BJP. He said that the state should teach the Congress a lesson. 

  • 14:12 (IST)

    Not frightened of my effigies being burnt, says Modi 

    "My fight against corruption will continue. I am not afraid of Opposition burning my effigies or protesting against me. For the Congress, corruption is its only identity. After its defeat in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the Opposition is frightened that it will be wiped out in 2019 as well as 2024 polls," Modi said. 

  • 14:07 (IST)

    My fight against corruption will continue, says Modi

    Reiterating that he will continue fighting corruption, Modi said that the Congress will burn the effigies of him because their corrupt practices have come to a halt. Modi added the Congress cannot fathom the fact that a poor mother's son, a chaiwala, is now the prime minister. "They always thiught that it is their sole right to occupy the post."

  • 14:04 (IST)

    Helped reduce prices of LED bulbs

    Modi said that ever since his government has come to power, the prices of the LED bulbs have reduced. This, he believed, has helped the middle class to save a lot of money. "We reduced the prices of LED bulbs from Rs 300-400 to jsut Rs 40-50," Modi said. 

  • 13:59 (IST)

    Working towards housing for all till 2022

    Narendra Modi reiterated his committment to build houses for every Indian by 2022. he praised the middle class for driving the country's economy.  "They live with honesty and integrity. They follow all rules. But if the government does not listen to them what will happen to them. So we are offering many schemes to help tjhem," he added. 

  • 13:52 (IST)

    Modi praises Dhumal in Palampur

    Prem Kumar Dhumal is known for his contribution towards promoting tourism in the state. These elections are not about who will form the government or who will become the chief minister, but are about transforming lives of people in Himachal Pradesh," Modi said in Palampur. 

  • 13:50 (IST)

    Congress leaders look to loot people, says Modi

    "Congress leaders look to loot as much as they can when they come to power. But there are people of Himachal, who will decide how to punish them," Modi said at his rally in Palampur. 

  • 13:46 (IST)

    Narendra Modi praises Shanta Kumar

    "Congress has the habit of spending leisure time in power. But BJP is a party with a difference. Shanta Kumar, our first CM, spent his tenure in providing water to people in the hills," Modi said. 

  • 13:38 (IST)

    Modi is speaking at Palampur 

  • 13:35 (IST)

    Narendra Modi in Himachal Pradesh: PM hits out at Congress for abusing subsidy of Rs 57,000 crore

    "People used to loot the treasury in the name of subsidies. In the past, 57,000 crore used to get leaked due to rampant corruption in implementing subsidies," Modi said in an election rally at Una.

    "Now our policy has stopped the leak. The leaders in Congress cannot bear this, so they are attacking me."

  • 13:33 (IST)

    Omar Abdullah takes potshots at Modi

    After Narendra Modi said that the jawans are being attacked by stone pelters in the Kashmir Valley, Omar Abdullah took to Twitter to criticise him. 

  • 12:37 (IST)

    GST benefited transport sector, says Modi

    "This country has warmly welcomed GST(Goods and Services Tax) as it has immensely benefited the transport sector. Truck movement between the states has gained pace," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. 

  • 12:29 (IST)

    Modi talks tough on black money

    "After demonetisation, at least three lakh companies came under the scanner. We did a sample survey of 5,000 companies and saw that they at least transacted Rs 4,000 crore worth of black money. I can only imagine what will happen if we look the transactions of all the companies," Modi said. 

  • 12:24 (IST)

    Modi slams Congress benami property issue

    "They are worried that their property will be confisticated, so they are perotesting on 8 November. Benami property raised property prices and dashed the dreams of the common man," Modi said. Modi also slammed Rajiv Gandhi and his successors for not acting on the benami property law for at least 30 years. 

    "They took the credit for making the law but did not implement," Modi said. 

  • 12:15 (IST)

    Modi pushes for tourism development in Himachal Pradesh

  • 12:12 (IST)

    Narendra Modi slams Rajiv Gandhi

    Narendra Modi took potshots at former PM Rajiv Gandhi's statement that one rupee ends up as 15 paise when it reaches villages. Modi said Rajiv was such a doctor who diagnosed the problem of corruption but did not do anything about it. He added that he has made sure that the whole of 100 paise now goes to the pockets of the poor. 

  • 12:05 (IST)

    Congress abused subsidy system, says Modi

    "People used to loot the treasury in the name of subsidies. In the past, 57,000 crore used to get leaked due to rampant corruption in implementing subsidies. Now our policy has stopped the leak. The leaders in Congress cannot bear this, so they are attacking me," Modi said in Una. 

  • 12:00 (IST)

    Modi slams Congress, says the fight is one-sided this time

  • 11:56 (IST)

    Modi says peole are ready to boot out Congress

    "This is the first time that we need to say that the election has been fought and won by the people of Himachal Pradesh. People here are ready to teach Congress a lesson," Modi said in Una. 

  • 11:48 (IST)

    A storm raging against corrupt Congress, says Modi

    In the last 20 years, there has not been a single election where I have not been involved. But this is an unprecedented elction. I know where the wind is blowing.A storm is raging here against corrupt Congress. 

  • 11:41 (IST)

    Modi is addressing a rally in Una

  • 11:38 (IST)

    Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2017: Narendra Modi govt is anti-hill states, says Congress

    Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala on Thursday dubbed the Modi government as "anti-hill states" and said it failed to fulfil its poll promises. Prime Minister Narendra Modi abolished the special category state status to Himachal Pradesh in 2015, he claimed.

  • 11:36 (IST)

    Modi likened Congress leaders to 'termites' 

    At a rally in Kangra on Saturday, Modi likened the Congress to termites and exhorted the people to finish it off by handing over three-fourths majority to the BJP in the 9 November Assembly election.

  • 11:29 (IST)

    Thwarchand Gehlot oversees preparations for Palampur rally today

    Ahead of Modi's rally at Palampur on Sunday, Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Thawarchand Gehlot visited the site to oversee the preparations. 

  • 11:27 (IST)

    Watch: BJP's vision document for Himachal Pradesh

  • The Indian Express noted.  ">

    11:23 (IST)

    Rahul Gandhi will visit Himachal on Monday

    Narendra Modi's Sunday rallies come a day before Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi will visit the state. Rahul will be addressing rallies in Paonta Sahib, Chamba, and Nagrota in Kangra district, The Indian Express noted. 

  • 11:18 (IST)

    After demonetisation, will Modi crack down on benami properties? 

    On Saturday, PM Modi hinted at a crackdown on ‘benami’ properties, and said the Congress is worried as such assets of its leaders will not be spared in his government’s action.

  • 11:15 (IST)

    Watch: Modi attacked Congress in Saturday's rally 

  • 11:13 (IST)

    Recap: Huge crowds attended Modi's Saturday rally 

  • 11:11 (IST)

    BJP promises to increase education allowance for 'divyangs'

  • 11:04 (IST)

    Narendra Modi's rallies today

    At 11 am, Modi is expected to address a rally in Una, before moving to Palampur at 1 pm. His final rally will be at Kullu at 3 pm. 

  • 10:58 (IST)

    Updates for 5 November 2017 begin

  • 16:34 (IST)

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi concludes his speech

  • 16:33 (IST)

    Development will protect posterity, says Modi

  • 16:32 (IST)

    Modi bats for farmers

    Catering to the farmers in the state, Modi said, "We addressed the troubles farmers faced for urea. Neem coating of urea has benefitted farmers immensely."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Himachal Pradesh to attend two rallies on Saturday ahead of the Assembly polls in the state.

Modi is scheduled to attend the first 'Jansabha' in Kangra at 1 pm on Saturday followed by Sundernagar at 3 pm.

The prime minister last visited Himachal Pradesh on 2 November and spoke at a rally in Kangra. Terming the Congress a "laughing club", Modi on Thursday said the party was losing its hold in every corner of the country.

"State after state, people across the nation have taken it upon themselves to eradicate the Congress which has put them through so much misery," he said.

Attacking the Himachal Pradesh government, Modi had also said Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh was talking of action against corruption when he himself was out on bail on a corruption case.

Playing up the development agenda, Modi had said that the Congress aided the growth of five 'mafias' — forest mafia, mining mafia, drug mafia, tender mafia and transfer mafia — in dev bhoomi Himachal and plunged the state into backwardness.

Two-time former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal as the BJP chief ministerial candidate in the upcoming election. On Friday Congress leader Sachin Pilot said the BJP was forced to project Dhumal as the face of BJP after charisma of Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed.

"The BJP withdrew (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi's face because of fear. We are banking on development, which was unprecedented, in the state that our party ensured in the past five years of its rule," he said. Pilot also questioned the BJP over its huge expenditure over bringing its entire central leadership in the poll-bound state.

The Assembly polls in Congress-ruled Himachal will be held on 9 November.

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Updated Date: Nov 05, 2017 15:57 PM

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