Muslims need to be thrown out of Hindu areas, says VHP's Togadia

Hate speeches show no signs of stopping this election season. After Azam Khan, Giriraj Singh, and Amit Shah, now Vishwa Hindu Parishad president Pravin Togadia has also reportedly jumped on the bandwagon by telling people to clear Muslims from areas where a majority of the residents were Hindus.

According to a report in Times of India, Togadia had joined a VHP and Bajrang Dal street protest outside a house purchased by a Muslim businessman in Bhavnagar, Rajkot where he urged protesters to storm the house.

 Muslims need to be thrown out of Hindu areas, says VHPs Togadia

VHP leader Pravin Togadia. AFP

"If he (the owner) does not relent, go with stones, tyres and tomatoes to his office. There is nothing wrong in it. Killers of Rajiv Gandhi have not been hanged ... there is nothing to fear and the case will go on," Togadia reportedly told the crowd.

He also gave the owner of the house a deadline of 48 hours to vacate the house and said that in the past when homes were stormed "Muslims have lost both property and money."

Local police officials had deployed personnel outside the house to control the crowds.

The comments come at a time when the BJP's Giriraj Singh has said that the all Modi-critics must leave India and go to Pakistan.

Despite criticism from his party, the Bihar leader stood by the comments saying, "I stand by my statement that those trying their best to stop Modi from coming to power have no place in India and should go to Pakistan whose interests these Modi-baiters have sought to espouse by opposing him in the polls."

Updated Date: Apr 21, 2014 15:32:31 IST