Littering in public to rash driving: Quora users reveal what they want banned in India

There has been an increase in the number bans and restrictions under the new government this past year. From India's Daughter (the documentary) to beef ban in many states. From certain "inappropriate" words in movies to foreign funding of NGOs.

Almost all of them are forced and have attracted much contempt from the public.

 Littering in public to rash driving: Quora users reveal what they want banned in India

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Reversing any of these bans seem impossible for now with the governments's inclination towards them but, going with the flow, if people had a chance to ban more things, something they would really want to see less of, what would they be?

This question was raised by a user on Quora and it received some interesting answers.

- It seems that the number one thing that people want banned is the country is littering in  public.

Many of the top answers complained about the use of plastic bags and the habit of people littering streets and public places.

"Not only does it create many health hazards, it also affects the outlook of how the foreigners perceive India," writes one user.

- Public urination and spitting followed close.

Everyone thinks its filthy, then why not ban it?

"It's a problem that has long plagued India, from Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south... In this god-fearing—or at least god-respecting—nation, only GOD can stop public urination," a user expresses her frustration.

"We don't like stepping in your day old saliva, we don't like brushing against it when we have to share the sidewalk, we don't like not being able to lean on the wall, or sit on top of it.," complains another.

- Rash driving, driving with high-beam lights and honking also seemed to be a serious concern.

"And the biggest Irony is, people don't know that they should be driving on low beam lights," writes a user.

- Other thing people would like to see banned in the country range from child labour to perks given to politicians to the caste system.

Perhaps the government will do much better if it diverted its attention and resources in making the country a safe and clean place rather than banning what people eat and watch.

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Updated Date: May 25, 2015 15:58:41 IST