JNU row: Tired of #IamAntiNational Rajdeep, #IndiaFirst Arnab, #HateModi Barkha. Tired, tired, tired!

I am bone weary.

Of this whole JNU thing and the nation up in arms and politicians mucking about making things worse and the people at large wondering what the heck is going on.

Like is enough enough? I am tired of Rajdeep Sardesai’s desire to be anti-national even though what happened to him at the Delhi Gym is appalling.  Tired of Arnab Goswami ranting endlessly as if the golden fleece had been found by him and Jason was a runner up. Night after bloody night. Tired of Barkha Dutt’s incessant anti-Modi hostility. Exhausted by my own writings on Kanhaiya Kumar and the dredging for virtue that has become endemic across the country.

JNU row: Tired of #IamAntiNational Rajdeep, #IndiaFirst Arnab, #HateModi Barkha. Tired, tired, tired!

Lawyers protest at the Patiala House Court. AFP

Tired of lawyers who think they have the lien on nationalism and patriotism and their affection for violence. Weary of the week of intellectual masturbation. The posturing politicians, the 101 dalmatians of media’s opinions, spotted and spotty, just all of it. Sick of the liberal sprinkling of that word... Sedition.

Tired of Rahul Gandhi fetching up wherever there is trouble. As if he was India’s doctor on call. Just tired of the way media and the political firmament have  completely lost sight of the bigger picture and the harm we are doing to ourselves by pushing the parameters of an event that is done and dusted and needs no more commentary.

Absolutely out of stamina for the poisonous panellists of Indian TV who have now become a quasi-government of their own and fling clods of pre-digested pap at the public in a hundred languages. No stamina left for the snarled ball of wool this JNU 9 February event has turned into, so opaque and knotted that the truth is a crushed worm wriggling in the raised dust.

Time for all sides and all parties to call a truce and end the nonsense that is being dressed up as a cause celebre. The more we pick at the scab the more gangrenous this wound will become. It is scary that the rot was deeper than we had ever thought. There is a limit to everything and in the greater scheme of things, Mr Kanhaiya Kumar’s indiscretions, real and imagined,  are a whistle in the wind.

Time for sanity to prevail, not indignation and very clearly time to stand up together and say, back to our respective corners, ease off each other everyone and return to being one family. Even boxers, after being bloodied and battered, touch gloves.

In families there are fights and divisions but we come together in the end and the end is here for this now threadbare coverage and it is time to go home and let things cool. However trite it sounds, time to shake hands and be family again and enjoy the pleasure of that.

Let’s do that before someone is killed and thank God that we live in a country where these things can happen and we can talk of them but genius lies in knowing when to stop because at the end of that flow if you don’t turn around there is a fall.

The fact is that we are now hurting India. When other nations start interfering it is time for all of us to say, uh oh, this is our scrap in our backyard on our terms and no one else is invited. It is also time to see the light and stop provoking each other.

Like the brouhaha over the hoisting of the Tricolour. I am all for flying the national flag anywhere. But to order its raising when tempers are frayed and the mood is grim seems an indulgence. Because then the ripple effect begins. Some university says they won’t do it under duress and it becomes anti-national and we all express horror and the divisiveness begins again.

What is injured? Our flag because it is ushered into a controversy where it has no role.

Come on India, we are better than this.

Seriously, bas karo, bahuth ho gaya.

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Updated Date: Feb 19, 2016 13:03:33 IST

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