It's not enough to lock doors, hide cash in Noida; even pizza is not safe out in the open

Noida doesn't quite evoke feelings of safety and security, and for good reason. Not for nothing did it top the list of looting cases last year. Specifically on the topic of women's safety, Delhi and the national capital region are notorious for being unsafe spaces.

 Its not enough to lock doors, hide cash in Noida; even pizza is not safe out in the open

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Delivery persons have often said that they would rather get lower salaries than risk their safety in Noida and Gurgaon. And they are right, because it's not just personal safety, money or jewellery that one has to worry about in Noida — turns out, even pizzas are not spared!

According to a report in The Times of India, on an average a dozen pizzas are stolen every week in the satellite town. Ramesh, a pizza-delivery person quoted in report said that at least two or three such incidents occur every week.

What's more, it appears the culprits are a hungry bunch of people. "It's not as if they steal only one pizza when they rob you. Saare le jaate hain jitney ho aapke paas (They take all the pizzas). Normally, a delivery boy carries 4-5 pizzas when out for delivery," Ramesh's colleague is quoted as saying.

Navbharat Times described Rajneesh, another delivery person's ordeal upon witnessing the loot. He said that he was on his motorbike looking for the addresses when three people came on another bike and they snatched his pizzas and fled. Rajneesh rushed to the police nearby and asked them to catch the pizza thieves, who were nabbed within 15 minutes.

However, it appears that the thieves had done their homework well. While theft of valuables can invite a police complaint, robbing a person of his favourite pizza will attract nothing. A Domino's Pizza employee lamented about how the police said that an FIR cannot be filed for the loss or theft of pizza.


Amar Ujala reported that while such incidents are common near colleges, but there isn't a fixed time for such crimes to occur. Part of the problem is the utterly absurd nature of the crime. With the hungry thugs stealing nothing other pizza, poor delivery boys lament how nobody even takes them seriously, with many even finding it funny.

Nobody said it was going to be easy delivering pizzas.

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Updated Date: Jan 19, 2017 12:58:20 IST