International Dog Day 2019: Top 5 canine Instagram accounts to follow to celebrate occasion

  • International Dog Day is marked on 26 August.

  • Dogs make humans happy, and a lot of scientific studies back this up.

  • Given this fact, who wouldn't like their social media feed full of dog videos and photos?

International Dog Day is marked on 26 August. The occasion encourages dog ownership of all breeds, irrespective of their pedigree. The day celebrates mutts, mixes, pure breeds and pooches of every kind possible.

Dogs make humans happy, and a lot of scientific studies back this up. News18 has quoted a research paper published in ScienceDirect, which states that when humans interact with dogs, oxytocin (a hormone that helps humans to relax and reduce stress) levels increase in both species.

Given this fact, who wouldn't like their social media feed full of dog videos and photos? From the famous dogs with massive followings to the more obscure pooches flying under the radar, Instagram offers an endless supply of canine cuteness. Check out our top picks —

1. GoodestBoysOfBombay

GoodestBoysOfBombay, run by the East India Comedy (EIC) collective comedian Sahil Shah and Meghana, is an extended version of Humans Of Bombay. The page posts random cute pictures of stray dogs along with their location with some hilarious and relatable captions. The duo even helps the pets to get adopted and provide assistance if they need any.

2. WeRateDogs

The name explains it all.

The account posts adorable pictures of dogs with a little blurb about the pooch and includes a rating for them. With a over million followers, the account was also endorsed by author JK Rowling in 2017. WeRateDogs has successfully used the account to raise money for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), as well as individual GoFundMe campaigns.

3. The Game of Thrones direwolves

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“Look that way guys” - GRR Martin talking to Greywind and Summer August 23rd 2019 Black and White/ colourised. This weekend we met with GRR Martin the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” the book series that began with “Game of Thrones”. It’s hard to get across in words the monumental occasion this was for us not only as a Game of Thrones family but as fans of his work. He was incredibly nice and Will managed to ask him if the names of the Direwolves really were connected to the children of the Stark family and he said “I’ll let you work that out” he went into further detail that really blew our minds. But we’re keeping that for ourselves. We managed to tell our story that we tell tourists everyday about our adventures in the film industry and GRR Martin even laughed at “Swords and Shields and Stuff”. We also used the opportunity to talk about the increased rehoming rate of northern Breeds. GRR Martin personally collects for a wolf hybrid charity and we had a great chat about that. From real Wolves to Direwolves We thank you for creating this universe it’s changed this world. ⚔️ #grrmartin #gameofthrones #asoiaf #Stark #targaryen #jonsnow #daenerystargaryen #got #georgerrmartin #summer #greywind #direwolves #direwolf #belfast #ireland #westeros photographer @ross_mulhall_

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Game Of Thrones stans unite! A must account for any Game of Thrones fan, Odin and Thor played two of the Starks' direwolves (Summer and Grey Wind) on the popular HBO series.

4. Jiff the Pomeranian

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One of Instagram’s biggest animal stars in the world with 9 million followers and a few Guinness World Records to boot, Jiffpom the Pomeranian shares selfies with American celebrities Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.

5. Tucker The Golden Retriver

Ever wondered what goes in the mind of dogs, how and why they react to certain things? Well, the answer lies in this popular dog account. Tucker's owner, Linda posts almost every moment of her dog. The video editing where she describes what goes in Tucker's mind is nothing less than hilarious.

Updated Date: Aug 26, 2019 18:43:32 IST