Indian Army spots Yeti in Himalayas and BJP's Tarun Vijay says 'don't call it beast, say he is a snowman': Twitterati is speechless

The Indian Army has spotted a Yeti in The Himalayas. Yes. Remember when Rachel and Monica fogged a 'yeti' in their basement several years ago in the sitcom Friends. But there is a slight difference — Rachel and Monica go on to find that yetis don't exist. No such luck with the Indian Army. However, news that would have had all the science enthusiasts (or, err... conspiracy theorists) abuzz with the possibility of a feral throwback to our violent evolutionary past, has upset BJP leader Tarun Vijay.

"Congratulations, we are always proud of you. salutes to the #IndianArmy Mountaineering Expedition Team. But please, you are Indian, dont call Yeti as beast. Show respect for them. If you say he is a 'snowman'."

The Indian Army on Monday claimed to have cited the 'mythical beast Yeti' near the Makalu Base Camp in the Himalayas and tweeted out images of extraordinarily large footprints as proof.

Vijay congratulated the army for their achievement but took offence to the usage of the word 'beast' for the supposed 'ape-man', the idea of whom is thoroughly rooted in folklore.

Yeti or what is also referred to as 'The Abominable Snowman' is a mythical ape-like creature taller than an average human with white or greyish fur that many over the years have claimed to have seen in the Himalayas but not been able to show evidence of. The army, in a first, tweeted out images which could possibly link to the folklore about the existence of such a snowman.

In the images, however, the prints appear to be of a single foot. Vijay's argument is that being Indian, the army should "show respect" and not call it a beast, perhaps linking the figure to Hindu mythology. But Vijay's comment has Twitter in splits while many users were scratching their head to figure what exactly did Vijay mean...

In a series of hilarious comments on Vijay's tweet, one person asked him to "keep calm" because "Yeti was not Hanuman ji".

A Twitter user wondered whether adding the Hindi honorific suffix ji would be enough to show proper respect.

Another mini exchange on gender appropriating snow'man' appeared under Vijay's tweet.

One person also took a spinoff to the prime minister's recently aired interview with Akshay Kumar to troll the BJP leader.

Many users drew parallels with a popular cartoon character and a similar encounter that the protagonist, 'Tintin', has with a Yeti in one of the comics. Some even asked if it could be a character from the series Game of Thrones.

The images tweeted by the Army show the imprint of only a single foot on the snow. Hence, a Twitter user mentioned a theory of yetis preferring to "catwalk"

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Updated Date: Apr 30, 2019 16:19:44 IST