In and around Chennai: Scenes from a flooded city

 In and around Chennai: Scenes from a flooded city

Pallavaram Army Camp at 5 am in the morning. The first rescue and relief trucks of the day leave the camp. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost


The Chennai outer ring road is completely empty but for a lone army truck deployed in the region for a rescue mission. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost


Sadly, the army had to pull out a dead body from under one of the flyovers at the Chennai outer ring road. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost


The army puts back the boat after a successful rescue mission. Now they are off to another part of Chennai where help is needed. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost


Mudichur area near Chennai is completely submerged. One of the worst hit areas in Tamil Nadu. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost


An old man saved for a rainy day, puts his money out to dry in Chennai. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost


Army load food and water to give to stranded citizens in Chennai. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost


Not a lake: This is the Mudichur area near Chennai that was the worst hit. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost


Packaged drinking water is much needed among TN residents. Pulasta Dhar/Firstpost

Updated Date: Dec 04, 2015 08:17:43 IST