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Why did it take P Chidambaram 15 long years to have a sudden epiphany on Afzal Guru?

Isn’t that just peachy? P C Chidambaram now wakes up to the possibility that Afzal Guru may not have been that involved in the attack on Parliament. Just a bit, not that much, oops, 32% less, let’s make a clean breast of it.

Hello? It took 15 years and a bunch of students creating a ruckus for him to have this epiphany and wake up to a whole new ball of wool? Wasn’t the whole trial on his party’s watch? Wasn’t the Congress in command for all the years all the way to the hanging tree? And when Guru was hanged in 2013 it was after rejections of pleas by the Supreme Court and the President. So why this deliberate attempt to obfuscate matters now?

 Why did it take P Chidambaram 15 long years to have a sudden epiphany on Afzal Guru?

What explains P Chidambaram's sudden epiphany? PTI

You want to be anti-Modi at least have the grace not to be so blatantly hypocritical.

To be absolutely fair, it is the BJP who inherited this issue and had nothing to do with it except being in power when the assault took place and 14 people were killed including 5 terrorists intent on committing mayhem.

The UPA government had over a decade to exercise whatever options it wanted to, including setting the self-confessed man free. It did not take any action. Who stopped them, what stopped them?

In 2013, the Congress cabal was keen to show its credentials to its vote banks and counter the speeding Modi bandwagon. So the case moved without delay. It was the Congress that refused to give the body after the execution to the family so it could not become a rallying point. If Chidambaram has now got a public change of heart and is indicting his own party one has to ask how all Congress guys who are now projecting a bleeding heart are not anti-national in the current context of the word.

Here is a man against whom evidence of involvement was way beyond reasonable doubt. He was charged under section 121 of waging war against the state.

The Vice President’s car was targeted.

The death toll of innocents was 9 people: go ask their families how they feel. Another 13 received injuries... This was not a picnic in the park, let’s stop romanticising it.

Afzal Guru confessed to his role. He had no regret nor any expression of it. On the contrary he wrote this message in 2008 to Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin that he does not regret carrying out the attack. Guru said that the 13 December attack was linked to the Kashmir issue and also urged Salahuddin not to consider it as a "conspiracy."

The Supreme Court rejected his final appeal against the death sentence. The President of India rejected his mercy petition. It was an attack on the symbol of the country.

It led to a troop movement of 100,000 soldiers to the border in preparation of a possible war. Afzal took sleuths to his hiding places from where explosives were discovered.

And you, PC, are technically indicting the Supreme Court for having goofed up. By going against the Supreme Court, are you not in contempt?

If Chidambaram, Rahul, Shashi Tharoor and other such liberal folks who are now actually inciting the students of JNU even further with their cleverly sculpted support because it is actually so exploitative, it should be asked why were they silent all these years.

If they had falsely put a man to death would it not hang heavy on their conscience? They would be having trouble sleeping at night, drenched with guilt. Three years since the hanging and they lived with it, they were good to go. And it is only now that that there is this profound revelation.

If the Congress had won the last general election it is a safe bet these guys would have been as silent as Tuntakhamen’s tomb. They will even risk going against their state to win back lost ground such is the unbelievable avarice for power. Makes one wonder why we have politicians at all.

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Updated Date: Feb 25, 2016 18:27:00 IST