Firstpost Editor's picks: Rahul Gandhi's resignation, Twitter war over Delhi temple vandalism, Vijay Mallya's latest offer; today's top stories

Delhi Durga Temple vandalised: Row over parking snowballed into Twitter war, revealing how right-wingers exploit social media's vulnerabilities

A section of Bharatiya Janata Party supporters, including party leaders like MLA Kapil Mishra and BJP Delhi's IT and social media cell head Punit Agarwal, shared several tweets fanning communal tension online over the vandalism incident. A deluge of tweets with the hashtag #TempleTerrorAttack, #TempleAttacked and #TempleDestroyed were tweeted and retweeted and on 2 July was trending as one of the top Twitter trends.

Rahul Gandhi resigns: Congress must go democratic way to pick new chief, a revolving-door presidency will be disastrous

At present, the Congress is very fragile. Some in the party could be forgiven for thinking that a bruising election for the Congress presidency wouldn’t be in the party’s best interests and could end up opening up rifts that would effectively kill the party. That is perhaps a fear that is not entirely illegitimate. The problem is that the alternative is worse.

Should banks take Vijay Mallya’s latest offer for repayment? Lenders are caught between a rock and a hard place

The double standard that the Indian banks exhibit to a defaulting retail borrower and a large corporate borrower are well known. If payments are overdue, the banks will waste no time to rush to the doorstep of a home/auto loan borrower, harass him/her in front of family members and even go to the extent of naming and shaming that person in public. But, the story is different for the moneybags. The Vjay Mallya case is a good example of that. Banks haven’t been able to recover much money even after three years of Mallya boarding his flight to the UK after allegedly defrauding the lenders to the tune of Rs 9,000 crore.

India vs Bangladesh, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: Rohit Sharma's adaptability stands out as India enter semis

Rohit's game sense and adaptability to the situation stood out. This was a team that was not only looking to get out of the shadows of England defeat but the manner of it as well. And Rohit changed his gameplay to adjust to the demands of the team. Rohit not only punished the bad balls but also manufactured shots off good balls and the urgency was witnessed in his running too as he hared down for singles and twos.

The Office India review: Good performances, apt casting make Hotstar's lazily-written remake watchable

What's with Hotstar and remakes? Well, without being a purist, here's the good news: Hotstar's The Office India (which is a remake of Ricky Gervais' British sitcom) isn't all that bad as a remake. It has some redeeming qualities, and manages to make you laugh several times through its 13-episode run. The bad news: its cringe-worthy moments will really make you cringe (and not in the way the US version did, ultimately accepting it as a comedy trope.)

Updated Date: Jul 03, 2019 21:44:02 IST