Firstpost Editor's Picks: Narendra Modi to visit Russia, PSU bank mergers, F1; today's must-read stories

Narendra Modi to visit Russia: Reviving New Delhi-Moscow ties key to containing China's hegemony in South Asia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia comes at a time of huge geopolitical turbulence when the US-China trade war is in full swing, the ties between two American allies – South Korea and Japan – are strained, Beijing is pursuing aggressive policies in the South China Sea, and most importantly, India-Pakistan bilateral ties are at an all-time low.

PSU bank mergers: Consolidation is no panacea as social banking goals remain with state in a vulnerable economy

As India wakes up to the week after a big-bang announcement of mergers meant to consolidate 10 public sector banks into four behemoths, niggling questions remain: Is this more of the same from the point of view of what public sector banks essentially do? Is this a headline management attempt by a fiscally-strapped Narendra Modi government to divert attention from a severe economic slowdown?

Formula 1 2019: With Renault's Nico Hulkenberg left without a team, here's a look at German's options for 2020

At the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix ,Renault confirmed Esteban Ocon would be driving for the team alongside Daniel Ricciardo in 2020. This meant that Nico Hulkenberg was left without a seat — a challenging position for any driver.

Adivasis and the Indian State: How onset of industrialism, modernisation wreaked cultural, social and economic havoc among tribals

In recent centuries, especially after British colonisation, the adivasi worldview has been in constant and dynamic flux. The catalyst to this change could be the post-Independence era which was flooded with schemes, rules, regulations and provisions which might not go hand in hand with the adivasi worldview.

What Spider-Man’s exit from Marvel Cinematic Universe means for the future of Tom Holland's character

For fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the last two weeks have been quite a downer. When we first heard that Spider-Man could be set to leave the MCU, for many, their initial reaction was flat out denial

Updated Date: Sep 02, 2019 21:44:27 IST