Firstpost Editor's Picks: Girish Karnad passes away, Bengal violence, Rafael Nadal's French Open win; today's must-read stories

Girish Karnad's plays exemplified his generation's transformative practices, bore his distinctive mark

Girish Karnad (1938-2019) belonged to the formative generation of Indian playwrights who came to maturity in the two decades following independence, and collectively reshaped Indian theatre as a major national institution in the later 20th Century. The work of these playwrights has a historical connection with the modern theatre forms that emerged under the influence of western models in metropolises such as Calcutta and Bombay during the colonial period. Their modernity, however, is shaped by the unprecedented experience of political autonomy and new nationhood, and entails a rejection rather than continuation of colonial theatre practices.

Violence in Bengal is undergirded by history: Power struggles in state have always been marked by bloodshed

West Bengal's latest series of clashes and confrontations that were provoked over the weekend in the Saandeshkhali area in North 24 Parganas district seem to have claimed four lives, with the BJP claiming three fatalities and the TMC at least one. On Friday, violence flared up in Asansol, necessitating the deployment of RAF (Rapid Action Force) personnel. But these incidents are the tip of what would appear to be a pretty dangerous iceberg: one that could sink the state of West Bengal, no matter which party wins at whatever election.

India's foreign policy for the next 5 years: Given New Delhi's reliance on Russian arms, Moscow's growing proximity with Beijing, Islamabad can't be ignored

The Russian Federation is a good friend to have in our corner. Many will disagree and point to the fact that Russia is now China’s largest arms supplier. The upside to this — for Russia — is that India is still its largest arms importer, accounting for some 62 percent of total sales. But New Delhi is obviously uncomfortable with Beijing buying up systems that it wants for itself, with the S-400 being the obvious example. The fear is not only that both will be operating the same systems. Russian buys are also rapidly increasing China’s own defence industrial capability.

Big Little Lies season 2 episode 1 review: The Monterey Five want to forget 'what they have done' — but can they?

The first episode of Big Little Lies' season two, aptly titled “What Have They Done,” starts slow. The trauma that the women are living with manifests in different ways, and the show is in no hurry to rush through it. This is about a murder, after all, no matter how monstrous the victim. But as the episode plays out, like a crescendo of the ocean waves that are a part of the opening credits, the excitement builds and you know you're going to be left with a cliffhanger. The beauty is in the details; you blink and you miss.

French Open 2019: Rafael Nadal gives yet another lesson in defending one’s territory with relentless performance against Dominic Thiem

What does it feel like to get home after a tiring day at work? Soothing? Relaxed? Like you’d rather not be anywhere else in the world? Rafael Nadal has probably been feeling that way about returning to Roland Garros every year since 2005. This is where all the worries of his past are shorn away, where all his discomforts disappear. No matter how many tough losses he may suffer or how many injuries he may accumulate during the rest of the year, Nadal finds his inner peace in Paris.

Updated Date: Jun 10, 2019 19:54:01 IST