Firstpost Editor's Picks: Chandrayaan 2 landing, Ram Jethmalani passes away, reactions to 'Saaho'; today's must-read stories

Chandrayaan 2 landing: A failed attempt is a failure and a loss only if we learn nothing from it

We should view the failure of Chandrayaan from this angle. It was meant to see how much water in ice form existed on the moon. A base on the moon for humans — which will be the first step for multi-planetary life — will require being able to find and use the moon’s water.

Ram Jethmalani dead at 95: 'Maverick' criminal lawyer defended BJP stalwarts like Amit Shah, Advani in high-profile cases

Jethmalani caused significant and radical upheaval to the law scene in India during his career, arguing in defence of those accused of assassinating former prime ministers Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, as well as Parliament attack accused Afzal Guru.

Kashmir after Article 370: As govt lifts curfew after month, Sopore attack shows citizens face renewed jihadist threat

Now, the government’s grim curfew is giving way to a brutal, new crackdown: this imposed by jihadist groups, determined to demonstrate that Kashmir will resist New Delhi’s efforts to tie its destiny to that of the Indian Republic.

Saaho: Prabhas should have picked a smaller film, not tried to match blockbuster success of Baahubali

The way most critics and audiences have reacted to Saaho makes it amply clear that it has hardly anything to offer besides Prabhas’ dedication and well-choreographed action.

Inside Mumbai's Raj Bhavan Bunker Museum: Underground shelter to offer visitors glimpse into Indian history

From historical anecdotes, tokens of colonial craftsmanship, to virtual reality booths that offer cannon-firing experience: the Bunker Museum aims at engaging people using a couple of themes.


Updated Date: Sep 08, 2019 21:06:27 IST