Firstpost Editor's Picks: Article 370, no first use of nuclear arms, Modi's $5 trillion economy goal; today's must-read stories

Abrogation of Article 370, detention of Kashmir politicians BJP's strategy to lure ultra-nationalists who won't buy Hindutva candy

Clearly, the ‘lockdown’, with all its appurtenances, is meant to make an example of Kashmir and its people. The message is: We have a strong prime minister, a strong home minister and a strong government; don’t mess with us. Leaving aside the merits of the abrogation and the dismemberment of the state, nothing rational explains this heavy-handed, occupation-minded operation. The don’t-mess-with-us message is clearly meant to consolidate behind the ruling party an additional support base of ultra-nationalists, who don’t necessarily buy the Hindutva candy.

'No first use' of nuclear arms policy gives India many advantages; govt must clarify doctrine post Rajnath Singh's tweet

Unlike countries such as China and the US, India does not regularly release publications detailing its nuclear doctrine, or shifts therein. This ambiguity has some advantages of its own, but some further clarity pertaining to this subject is desperately needed. The official doctrine today exists merely as a press release summarising eight points, with all other statements made offhand, with no great depth to them. One can hope the tweet that prompted this debate is indicative of a larger effort of comprehensively evaluating India’s nuclear doctrine, and not only posturing.

Tracking India's economic slowdown: Narendra Modi's $5 trillion goal is wishful thinking unless Rs 100 lakh cr infra puzzle is solved

If the Narendra Modi government finds a way and manages to implement the Rs 100 lakh crore investment as announced, this will indeed act as a big stimulus to the economy and help revive the job market. With unemployment at a 45-year high and private investments falling, it is highly critical for the government to act with an urgent stimulus package. The industry has already sought a package nothing less than Rs 1 lakh crore from Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Their demand is reasonable given that economic activities are hardly showing any signs of an uptick and job situation continues to worsen. The problem is that the government doesn’t have a strong hold on its finances as of now.

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Hockey test event provides India coach Graham Reid with chance to instil faith and belief in team

When Graham Reid took over after the World Cup, one wondered what could be the logical game plan for a team that knew everything except for the highly defensive, hold the ball, German system. In Tokyo, Reid needs an answer to that. Not because it needs to work but because the players need to be convinced that Reid is the answer. Pessimism is now a habit in Indian hockey. The past can be ignored but not denied. Some of these players have played under multiple national coaches. They hear and apply the instructions. The solution is belief.

With Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino victimises Sharon Tate all over again

For vast swathes of time, we Sharon Tate her simply swaying to music, dancing, laughing, or engrossed in her own image on screen. The camera follows her miniskirt as she walks to the theatre, and then we see a long glimpse of her feet perched un-selfconsciously on the back of a seat, as she watches her latest film. The way the camera zooms in on her face and on her body most times she is in the frame is unsettling, uncomfortable. Maybe that's Quentin Tarantino's way of indicating the scrutiny Tate was subject to: as a strikingly attractive woman, and later, as a celebrity who met a terrible end, or whose widower would be embroiled in a rape case.

Updated Date: Aug 17, 2019 20:16:59 IST