Delhi Traffic Police uses technology to ensure citizens adhere to traffic rules: Now, pay challans online within 3 months

Inducting technology in its day to day functioning, Delhi Traffic Police has introduced new e-challan for traffic rule violators which can be paid through e-payment gateway on the website of the department. Now, traffic violators can pay the fine for violation of traffic rules from any place and at any time.

In routine cases of traffic rule violation, the violator is handed a challan by the traffic police on duty. The challan is a mandate to pay fine as a punishment for violating the traffic rule.
Earlier, the violator had to travel long distance to the headquarters of Delhi Traffic Police at Todapur in West Delhi to pay the fine against challan. But after the Delhi police has launched the e-challan recently, the traffic violator has the option to pay the same online.

 Delhi Traffic Police uses technology to ensure citizens adhere to traffic rules: Now, pay challans online within 3 months

Representational image. Reuters

As per the new system a traffic violator who has been issued a challan by the Delhi Traffic Police, can pay the fine immediately through debit or credit card with the newly introduced handheld devices with the traffic police on road. The handheld devices function like a Point of Sale and produces the proof of payment immediately.

If a traffic rule violator wants to pay the fine later, he or she can visit the Delhi Traffic Police website and click the option ‘Notice’. The option ‘Notice’ shows a drop down menu with three options among which ‘Pending Notices’ is one.

Clicking of the ‘Pending Notices’ leads one to a page where the person concerned has to fill any one of the two bars appearing on the screen.

One of the bars ask for the registration number of the vehicle that committed the offence. The other bar asks for the number of the Notice. After filling up any one of the two bars the page with payment option along with the details of the offence appears. The person concerned can proceed for online payment thereon.
The Delhi Traffic Police has also launched cameras that detects traffic violations on the road and also an app that sends sms to the vehicle owner informing about the violation.
A number of violations such as over speeding, driving without helmet, jumping red light, jumping stop line can be detected with the camera.
The app uses the phone number of the owner of the vehicle mentioned in the Registration Certificate to send SMS.

The fine imposed for traffic rule violation has to be paid within three months of intimation. Exceeding the period of three months, the fine is to be paid in the court.

Sources in the Delhi Traffic Police told Firstpost that there is hardly any chance of an imposition of fine being challenged in the court of law as the violation of traffic rules are now recorded with the cameras installed by the roadside.

“The person on whom the fine is imposed can see the photos of the violation made by logging in to the website of the Delhi Traffic Police website by just typing the number of the vehicle concerned or the number of the Notice in the Pending Notice section,” said Taj Hasan Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic).

Updated Date: Jul 23, 2019 15:46:08 IST