DCW issues notices to hostels over gender discrimination allegations

New Delhi: The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has issued notice to 23 universities and two institutes seeking to know their existing rules for availing hostel facilities along with the annual fee following allegations of gender discrimination.

The move comes in the wake of the Commission launching an enquiry into a report, compiled by a student activist group called 'Pinjra Tod', alleging that women faced discriminatory rules and living circumstances in hostel accommodations in Delhi.

Also, the Commission was also approached by students of Hindu College, who have made similar allegations about hostel guidelines, the DCW chief Swati Maliwal mentioned in the notice.

"Please send a response to the Delhi Commission for Women on all matters listed below: the entry and exit timings of students in the hostels. If the timings are different for male, female and transsexual students, please provide reasons for the same.

Swati Maliwal. File photo. News18

Swati Maliwal. File photo. News18

"Please also inform the Commission as to the penalties and other action that are taken against the male, female and transsexual students upon violation of these timings," the notice said.

"All applicable rules for availing hostel facilities as well as for retention of hostel facilities disaggregated on the basis of gender, if applicable," it said.

The Commission through its notice has sought the details of the number of students studying in the University and College and also how many have availed the hostel facility provided by the University/College, disaggregated by gender and reservation status along with the total capacity of the hostel, disaggregated by seats for male, female, and transsexual students as well as by reservation status.

The Commission has asked the authorities to send the details within 15 days of receipt of the notice. The DCW has also asked the number of differently-abled students, disaggregated by gender, who are studying in the college and have availed the university and college hostel

"Number of seats in the hostel which remained unfilled, disaggregated by gender and reservation status. Please provide the reasons for the same.

"Annual fee for students in University/College Hostel for the current and the previous academic year i.e 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, disaggregated by gender and reservation categories. If different for male, female and transsexual students, reasons for the same," it said.

Further noting that many female students do not get access to hostel accommodations, the Commission has sought to know the plans or proposals for expansion and construction of hostels in order to accommodate the demand for hostels for students.

It has also sought copies of all letters and other communication sent to various authorities for requesting the construction of hostels, which have not yet been complied with.

"Please ensure that the time line is honoured, for the Commission intends to undertake and complete its enquiry before the next academic session begins. Please note that the non-receipt of the data sought above shall be viewed seriously," the notice.

Also, the notice was send to the Principal's of all colleges under the Delhi University.

Updated Date: May 07, 2016 20:42 PM

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