Dawood Ibrahim's exclusive interview: 1993 Mumbai serial blasts accused is fit and in Pakistan

The voice samples were run past top Intelligence sources in the country who have been tracking Dawood for years who confirmed it is the voice of the man himself.

FP Staff August 10, 2017 20:08:27 IST
Dawood Ibrahim's exclusive interview: 1993 Mumbai serial blasts accused is fit and in Pakistan

Jettisoning all speculation about his health and whereabouts, Dawood Ibrahim spoke to CNN-News18, giving the most definite proof that the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts mastermind and India's most wanted fugitive is truly alive and kicking.

Dawood Ibrahims exclusive interview 1993 Mumbai serial blasts accused is fit and in Pakistan

File image of Dawood Ibrahim. Image courtesy: CNN-News18

This is the first time Dawood has ever spoken directly to any television channel. The voice samples were run through top Intelligence sources in the country who have been tracking Dawood for years. They have confirmed it is indeed the voice of the man himself. The audio clip offers proof that Dawood is alive and is operating out of his residence in Karachi.

Chased by the channel's Investigations Editor Manoj Gupta, the gangster picks up the phone and appears to be calm and in control until he realises he is speaking with a journalist from India. He immediately tries to hide his identity and hands over the phone to his aide Javed Chotani and prods him throughout the entire conversation. It was evident that Dawood panicked when he realised he was being tracked.

Manoj Gupta: Dawood saab..
Dawood: Aap kaun
Manoj Gupta: Ji saab goodevening, this is manoj gupta from CNN-News18
Dawood: Nahi ye chotani bol rahe hain
Manoj Gupta: Hain ji?
Dawood: Bol bol
Javed Chotani: Salam walekum
Manoj Gupta: Haan walekum salam
Javed Chotani: Kaun bol rahe hain
Manoj Gupta: Ji main Manoj Gupta bol raha tha CNN-News18 se
Manoj Gupta: Dawood saab the?
Javed Chotani: Ji ji, manoj bhai boliye
Manoj Gupta: Dawood sahab se baat kara di jiye
Javed Chotani: Kaun dawood saab
Manoj Gupta: Dawood ibrahim saab
Javed Chotani: Boliye kya hai?
Manoj Gupta: Ji main manoj bol raha tha, woh mereko jaante hain, poochh li jiye unse ek baar
Manoj Gupta: Unhone uthaya tha phone
background rustle, pause….
Manoj Gupta: Woh jaante hain mereko, poochh li jiye unse ek baar
Dawood: Haan bolo bolo
Javed Chotani: Haan bolo bolo

Chotani is a Pakistani bookie who looks after Dawood's multi-billion dollar betting syndicate and his real estate empire in Dubai. He was also the conduit between Dawood and the bookies regarding the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal. Chotani is said to be close to Dawood's brother Anees and is known as "doctor" within betting circles. He started out as a table tennis player in Pakistan. Chotani lives in Karachi and has a house in Dubai as well.

Manoj Gupta: Woh to sir, aap pakistan mein ho karachi ke andar
Javed Chotani: Kisne Bola Ye?
Manoj Gupta: Ye to number sir pakistan ka hai na
Dawood: Time Waste Mat Kar
Javed Chotani: Khuda ka khauf kar, time waste kar raha hai, tu kisse baat kar raha hai- kiska interview le raha hia- kuchh pata hai tujhe?
Javed Chotani: Nahi aap batao itna lamba interview le rahe ho, itni saari baatein kar rahe ho, pata hai bhi kisse kar rahe ho?
Manoj Gupta: Dawood saab se
Javed Chotani: Khuda ka khauf kar, ek to naam aise lete ho, aapko kya wo aise kisi tarah phono pe mil jayeinge kya
Javed Chotani: Kisna kaha tumhe ye number- mita do ye number tum ek kaam karo – mujhe ek number do jisse mai aapka message kisi ke through paas karva sakta hun mai

Pakistan has always denied Dawood's presence on its soil, but India has denied Islamabad's claims to this effect. It's considered an open secret that successive Pakistani governments have given refuge to the fugitive, who is also using a Pakistan phone number. The 1993 Mumbai serial bombing mastermind now operates from his safe haven-cum-residence at D-13, Block-4, Clifton in Karachi.

The lane in which his bungalow is located has a "no-trespass zone". Despite Pakistan's denials, Dawood enjoys the patronage of the country's intelligence services, while his den is also heavily guarded by Pakistani Rangers. He runs the dreaded D-company via aides like Chotani. The phone conversation, while nailing Pakistan's lie, also endorses India's dossiers against Dawood.

In the last three years, the Narendra Modi government has prepared a new blueprint to nab the gangster, with the formation of five new investigative teams of over 50 officers from the Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax Department, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Intelligence Bureau. The Centre's mandate is clear — dismantle Dawood Ibrahim's business empire spread across the world.

India is monitoring every move of Dawood and his gang. But it is no mean task, especially since Dawood and his family members are known to be not only extremely secretive but also very careful.

In an earlier interview with CNN-News18's group editor-in-chief Rahul Joshi, Union home minister Rajnath Singh had said, "It's a matter of time that Dawood will be nabbed."

Javed Chotani: Mai bol raha hun ki aap kitne Mashallah samajhdar patrakaar lag rahe ho to aapko lagta hai ki aap koi bhi number milaoge to aap phat se Dawood saab utha bhi lenge, aap interview bhi le loge
Javed Chotani: Number do mai baat karvata hoon
Manoj Gupta: Haan – 90xxxxxxxx
Javed Chotani: Aap aap batao - seedhe studio mein interview lenge direct?
Manoj Gupta: Camera bhej deta hun sir Karachi mein
Javed Chotani: Karachi mein? Kyun…aap sirf mujhe kyun bol rahe ho baat karvane ke liye aur milvane ke liye, bhej do number

Dawood uses an alias, Sheikh Ismail Merchant, in Karachi and hardly receives calls himself for security reasons. A fugitive in India, he leads a sybaritic life in Karachi. He has a highly secured palatial house spread over 6,000 square yards, with a swimming pool, tennis courts, snooker room and a high-tech gym.

Manoj Gupta: Sir ek chota interview de do
Dawood: Nahi interview nahi
Manoj Gupta: Sir aap kahan par hain, main ek camera bhej doon karachi main?
Dawood Aide: Iftahar ka time hai, jaane de beta
Manoj Gupta: Sir ek interview kar do Dawood saab
Manoj Gupta: Sir ek baar mil lo mujh se
Dawood: Mil lete hai
Dawood Aide: Kahan hai
Manoj Gupta: Main Delhi mein, batao sir aapke paas aa jaun
Dawood Aide: Dilli pe ho, Dubai aa ja Dubai aa ja
Manoj Gupta: Dubai kab sir?
Manoj Gupta: Sir, camera bhej doon Karachi main
[Pause…Rustling Sound]
Dawood: Koi ias hai rehne de
Manoj Gupta: Hello
Manoj Gupta: Hello
[Dawood Muffled Sound Of Him Prompting]
Dawood Aide: Yeh koi time hai interview karne ka, iftahar ka time hai, koi namaz ka time hota hai, thoda dhyan to do yaar
Manoj Gupta: Ek chota sa interview kar do 2 minute ka
Manoj Gupta: Dawood Ibrahim saab bol rahe hain
Dawood: Acha Bol
Dawood Aide: Acha bolo kya poochna chah rahe ho
Manoj Gupta: Kuch time dijiye sir
Dawood Aide: Jab dil kare
Manoj Gupta: Kab aaon sir
Dawood Aide: Anytime
Manoj Gupta: Sir kara do ek baar baat
Dawood Aide: Haan to number do apna, main kara deta hoon
Manoj Gupta: 98xxxxxxxxxx
Dawood: Likh
Dawood Aide: Kahan loge interview, direct studio main logo interview?
Manoj Gupta: Hum phone par lelenge interview
Dawood Aide: Hum phone par nahi dete interview
Manoj Gupta: Camera bhej deta hoon aapke paa Karachi main
Dawood Aide: Jab aapko sab pata hai, to aap mujko kyon pooch rahe ho milwane ke liye
Dawood Aide: Bhej do, aur ek kaam karna saath main aap bhi aa jana
Dawood Aide: Aab hamari baat tab hi hogi jab aap hamare samne honge
Dawood: Inka naam kya hai
Javed Chotani: Aap ka naam kya hai aapka naam kya hai waise
Manoj Gupta: Ji sir Manoj Gupta
Dawood: Likh
Javed Chotani: Bas befikar ho jao, number note kar liya hai maine aapka, naam bhi, inshaallah karte hain

Over the course of the telephonic conversation, it was quite evident that Dawood was not "unwell" as it is widely believed to be. It was thought that he was suffering from gangrene but as he himself claimed, he only has high blood pressure.

Manoj Gupta: Kya haal hain sir…Good evening
Dawood Aide: Good evening!
Manoj Gupta: Kaise hain sir
Dawood Aide: Hello
Manoj Gupta: Dawood saab good evening
Dawood Aide: Good evening
Manoj Gupta: Sir, Manoj here
Dawood Aide: Ji bolo bolo, kaise hain
Manoj Gupta: Ji badhiya badhiya, sab Allah ka karam hai, aap sunao
Dawood Aide: Sab badhiya hai
Manoj Gupta: Aur sir, tabyiat theek hai
Dawood Aide: Allham dil Allah, first class
Manoj Gupta: Sir yeh jo beech main rumour udh raha tha ki aapko heart attack ho gaya aur apko gangrene ho gaya
Dawood: BP badh gaya tha ek baar…BP badh gaya tha ek baar

The telephone call, while demolishing Pakistan's lie, also arms the Indian investigating agencies with one more proof to nab the one fugitive who has evaded them the longest.

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