Cyclone Vayu: Chinese vessels allowed to stay at Ratnagiri port to avoid being hit by tropical storm

New Delhi: Ten Chinese vessels have been allowed to stay at Ratnagiri port in Maharashtra on humanitarian grounds after they sought shelter to avoid being hit by the fury of Cyclone Vayu, the Indian Coast Guard said.

 Cyclone Vayu: Chinese vessels allowed to stay at Ratnagiri port to avoid being hit by tropical storm

Indian Coast Guard Inspector General, KR Suresh. ANI

"As concerned with this present cyclone, yesterday we got news of two Chinese vessels which were off Ratnagiri. Immediately a team of the police, the coast guard went and checked them. Today, eight more have arrived which makes it ten," Indian Coast Guard Inspector General KR Suresh said.

The vessels will be provided shelter with a security cordon. "They are probably seeking monsoon shelters on humanitarian grounds and with the fury of the cyclones which is progressing towards the coast of Gujarat, we will be providing them shelter and keeping them under security cordon. At the same time, they will have to take requisite approval from the Government of India which is required for such an action," Suresh said.

Talking about Cyclone Vayu the coast guard officer said, "Around six or seventh of this month, during our regular monitoring of oceans especially for weather and more so because of the approaching of South West Monsoon, we realised, the development of low pressure which can convert itself into a depression or even a cyclonic storm especially to facilitate the early arrival of monsoon. In the process, by the eighth of this month, we had issued advisories to the Coast Guard formations as per the SOPs which we learned after Cyclone Okhi. We are in a position to simultaneously inform all the state governments and to ensure that there is no loss of life and property in the ocean".

Meanwhile, the Indian Air Force on Tuesday also tweeted that its C-17 Globemaster got airborne from New Delhi to Vijaywada. The aircraft was planned to airlift around 160 National Disaster Response Force personnel from Vijayawada to Jamnagar in order to carry out the HARD missions for the people affected by the cyclone in Gujarat.

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Updated Date: Jun 12, 2019 12:35:18 IST