Amit Shah mocks Rahul Gandhi over SC's Aadhaar verdict, says 'Congress won today like it did in 2014'

New Delhi: BJP president Amit Shah Wednesday mocked Congress chief Rahul Gandhi after he claimed that the Supreme Court order on Aadhaar supported his party's vision, saying, "Yes, the Congress won today, just like they won Lok Sabha Polls in 2014".

Shah accused the Congress of trying every trick to fight and defeat Aadhaar as it is the "fountainhead of middlemen and corruption".

"They tried to mislead people on various grounds, including scare-mongering on privacy. Today they stand exposed and defeated," he said in a series of tweets attacking the Congress.

The Supreme Court judgment, he asserted, is a strong validation of Aadhaar as an instrument of service delivery and gives further impetus to empowering the poor by ensuring they get their rights.

Describing Aadhaar as a tool of oppression and surveillance for the BJP, Rahul had thanked the apex court for supporting the Congress vision and protecting India.

The BJP president said Aadhaar under the UPA government was "niradhar" (without any basis) and had no purpose.

The UPA spent thousands of crores to enrol people without any law or scrutiny, he added. "The Modi government gave it strong legal backing and integrated it in service delivery. This ensured savings of Rs 90,000 crore and benefited the poor," he said.

Updated Date: Sep 26, 2018 18:54:25 IST