A bird? A plane? Here's what you need to know about the Kasganj UFO sighting

On Friday morning, a picture of an unidentified flying object spotted in Uttar Pradesh (UP) was trending on social media.

Like our good friend Shikhar Jiwrajka here, it made us wonder — UFO? Sachi? Ya another rumour?

UFO_18_380No, no. It couldn't be another rumour, after all, the real life documentary, Independence Day just hit the theatres a few days ago. According to International Business Times, residents of UP's Manpur Nagaria village in Kasganj district claimed to have spotted the UFO. Since the image was also being widely shared on Whatsapp — this generation's most reliable news and information source, government authorities assured that the claims would be investigated.

District Magistrate K Vijendra Pandyan, according to IBT, was "taken aback" by the pictures. The Firstpost UFO hunters (yes, we recently hired 15 highly qualified hunters), however were not surprised (because they've seen many). "It's a proper UFO!" exclaimed lead UFO hunter, Radha Jigripeedi. Pandyan's aide, who wished to remain as inconspicuous as the UFOs in question, consulted Jigripeedi in secrecy and sent the photos to the Indian Meterological Department (IMD) for further investigation.

According to Pradesh18, there have been many such sightings across the world. Our team of experts agree and according to this in-depth report, UFO abductions are very real and happen to people who are familiar with extraterrestrials. IBT reported that in 2007, a UFO that looked like a fireball was reported in West Bengal and spookily enough, 50 years before that, another UFO was sighted. Associate UFO examiner, Deepag Dharraiij said that 50 years had great significance in extra terrestrial cultures.

However, though our experts have established the presence of UFOs and terrestrial life and most of the scientific community has accepted Alienology as a science, there are still some naysayers and any talk of UFOs is met with disbelief and disdain, Veronica Mars, Web Producer at the Special Forces wing of Firstpost said that this UFO sighting and all other UFO sightings are mere pranks perpetrated by beings from other planets and that there is no cause for concern.

As we were reporting this crucial information, our crack team of UFO hunters received various new sightings:

Shaktimaan was spotted on his way to rescue Chotu, a fifth grader who lost his pencil in the classroom.

Shaktimaan was spotted on his way to rescue Chhotu, a fifth grader who lost his pencil in the classroom.

And the UFO team was able to confirm that Taher Shah is indeed Mankind's Angel

And the UFO team was able to confirm that Taher Shah is indeed Mankind's Angel


Merlin's Beard! We mean, Merkin's Beard...Oh! No! We actually mean Donald Trump's 'toupe' floating in the stratosphere.

B to the A to the B to the A... Rajnikanth stepped out from his fancy apartment in the clouds and gave us a sneak peek into his life.


Firstpost cannot claim to have verified this image, sometimes we forget to feed our UFO hunters and they do tend to get hungry.

Updated Date: Jul 08, 2016 17:13 PM

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