3 tips to come out of that post-Holi food coma

Around Holi, a lot of food and mithai is passed around to spread goodwill. It is common to overeat on the big day and end up feeling a little sick.

Myupchar March 10, 2020 11:00:35 IST
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3 tips to come out of that post-Holi food coma

Holi is a celebratory time - most of us get the day off from work and spend it with our loved ones. Since large Holi gatherings are off the table this time around, thanks to the coronavirus , many of us have turned our attention to another great aspect of Holi - the food. Around Holi, a lot of food and mithai is passed around to spread goodwill and mark the occasion. It is common to overeat on the big day and end up feeling a little sick. It is not easy to say no to the food that is so tasty - even the most determined and health-conscious among us end up cheating on this auspicious occasion.

3 tips to come out of that postHoli food coma

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Here is a quick list of what to do in case you give in to temptation and overeat: 

1. Stay active

We know that the urge to sleep it off can be very strong - the better the food, the bigger the food coma, right? But if you fight the urge to lie down for just a little bit longer, you’ll find that food will go down easier.

To do this, invite the whole family to continue the fun over a light (and short) walk or even a simple party game everyone can enjoy. Just make sure that you sit in an active posture like vajrasana, if you choose to stay indoors. Here’s how to sit in Vajrasana:

  • Kneel on the carpet or a mat, with both the knees on the carpet (or mat).
  • Push your heels outward and rest your hips on the soles of your feet.
  • Place your hands on your knees.
  • Breathe normally.

The idea is that when you tuck your legs under you, it slows the flow of blood to the legs. Doing this increases blood flow to the pelvic area and abdomen, and therefore improves digestion.

That said, different people may have different skill levels. Feel free to change your position when you get tired and attempt it again when you feel like you can.

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2. Sip hot water instead of milky tea or cola

The bubbles in cola can make you even gassier, and milky, sugary tea can increase acidity and bloating in some people. Instead, sip on some hot water. You can also try adding digestive herbs like saunf (fennel seeds) to the hot water or you could try an infusion like jasmine or peppermint tea which improves digestion. Share the flavourful drinks with the whole family!

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3. Give the leftovers away

Let’s face it, most of us end up cooking too much when we’re expecting guests. But what to do with the rich, spicy, yummy leftovers? Eat them over the next several days? Or give them away? You guessed it, give these leftovers away, and both the recipient and your tummy will thank you.

Giving the leftovers away quickly would ensure that you won’t feel guilty about wasting the food and won’t try to finish it.

That said, remember that festive occasions come but a few times a year. A little bit of indulgence is good for the soul. So relax. Put the past (meal) in the past and return to normalcy as quickly as possible. Eat healthily and slowly for the next few days!

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