World Cup 2019 Social Pavilion: Team India's paintball challenge, Moeen Ali's football skills and more

Mercurial – (adjective)

changeable; volatile; fickle; flighty; erratic:a mercurial nature.

animated; lively; sprightly; quick-witted.

pertaining to, containing, or caused by the metal mercury.

Leaving the above here for your understanding because every time someone wants to describe Pakistan cricket team, they use the above adjective. We’ve got you covered. Underdogs, David and Goliath reference, chokers are all the terms you’ve been acclimatized to over the years. This is a relatively new word for you to get comfortable with because it is going to be used for the next 40 or so days because.. Well, Pakistan are mercurial.

Pakistan have finally done it. They have won a game of cricket finally after what seemed like an eternity. And we’re getting increasingly closer to witnessing a game cricket played by Team India. The day will arrive on Wednesday. The day when #Team India take on #ProteaFire.

The Big Cup of cricket has sprung more surprises and twists than your average Hindi TV series. There is resurrection, there is an underdog taking over an empire and what not. Only thing missing is a team getting knocked out of the cup and coming back to life in the form of a snake.

While India wait to play a game of cricket in the Big Cup, Pakistan showed why #WeHaveWeWill was given to them by the people at Twitter Sports sitting ‘all the way’ in San Francisco, California, US. (All the way reference in the below paragraphs)

We at Social Pavilion have constantly asked the right questions to those in power. We have always been watchful of ICC’s Instagram feed and we’ll continue to question them even after the Big Cup ends.

So, in Trent Bridge, ICC caught up with few of Pakistan fans, who were ‘best dressed’ and came ‘all the way’ from Belgium. A simple google search would show that Brussels (Belgium) is an hour's flight from London and London is a three-hour travel from Nottingham where Trent Bridge is.

People from Lahore or Dhaka or Delhi sitting at the back must be wondering about how mercurial the ICC media team is. *We’re just going to use mercurial in every possible way because Pakistan cricket team shouldn’t be the only happy customers from it.* The ICC media team kept focussing on more Pakistan fans. More and more Pakistani fans as if even the fans were mercurial and would run at any instance of a boundary being hit by the England cricket team.




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The fans are having a ball in Nottingham #lovecricket #cricket #CWC19 A post shared by Cricket World Cup (@cricketworldcup) on

And they kept focussing on more Pakistani fans.

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Pakistan were on in their #CWC19 clash against England today, and so were their fans! #WeHaveWeWill #lovecricket #cricket #icc

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Well, we might be needlessly poking in some things here but guess in which country is football more popular than cricket. Guess in which country are they coming up with a new format called ‘The Hundred’ to sway people back to cricket again. And guess which country played yesterday. Oh, ICC. You had one job. And all you did was show us the Pakistani fans. Like they needed any introduction or anything. England cricket badly needed a reality check. And what better than the mercurial Pakistan giving it to them. England cricket have did everything right in the recent past. They’ve played good cricket, football and had good squad battles.

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Squad Battles time! Who's going to come out on top - Team @jasonroy20 or Team Mo? Click the link in our profile to watch episode 1 now. #ExpressYourself #WeAreEngland

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And had weird training sessions….




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Final training session ✅The boys are ready! #expressyourself #englandcricket #cwc19 A post shared by We Are England Cricket (@englandcricket) on

Guess when you’re good at so many things, you tend to become mercurial and end up becoming a little less good in one of the sport.

Team India are not far behind too. India has had some rigorous sessions of paintball in the woods and made up for all the time in the UK till our match starts right in time before the dooms day.

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That time when #TeamIndia went for a round of Paintball ️ #CWC19

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Good news is that the day when India play a match in #CWC19 might just happen real soon. Sooner than we think and a football star ‘all the way’ from Germany sent in his wishes to the skipper and the team.

The official handle of Cricket World Cup responded to the German star and extended an invite. Safe to say, he wouldn't be coming because the mercurial ICC has been cutting down the number of teams in each world cup and the Germans couldn't care any less about cricket.

And right before their meek surrender to Liverpool in Madrid, Tottenham England football team captain sent in his wishes too.

Also, the Indian football team sent in their wishes to the cricket team.

Come tomorrow, #TeamIndia look all set to take on a depleted and deflated #ProteaFire but for today it is the two Asian teams taking on each other in search of their first win. #AfghanAtalan take on #LionsRoar. For the social media rookies, it will be Afghanistan taking on Sri Lanka.




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  if you're excited for #AFGvSL! #lovecricket #cricket #icc #cwc19   A post shared by Cricket World Cup (@cricketworldcup) on

That’s that from us today. A new word learnt today in the cricket lexicon. Player of the German football team, the captain of Tottenham Hotspur sending their wishes ‘all the way’ from their respective places and the Indian football Team doing their fair share of cricket-football bonhomie as well.


P.S – There was no drinking game going today and you did not have to take a shot every time the word ‘mercurial’ and ‘all the way’ was used here.

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Updated Date: Jun 04, 2019 15:55:47 IST