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India Women vs New Zealand Women, Highlights, 2nd T20I at Auckland, Full Cricket Score: White Ferns clinch series with four-wicket win

Date: Friday, 08 February, 2019 10:53 IST Match Status: Match Ended
Venue: Eden Park, Auckland

India Women in New Zealand 3 T20I Series 2019 2nd T20I Match Result New Zealand Women beat India Women by 4 wickets

Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Radha Yadav not out 6 6 0 0
Mansi Joshi not out 0 0 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Anna Peterson 3 0 22 0
Lea Tahuhu 4 0 28 0
Batsman Status R B 4s 6s
Leigh Kasperek not out 4 5 0 0
Hannah Rowe not out 4 3 0 0
Bowling 0 M R W
Deepti Sharma 4 0 19 0
Mansi Joshi 4 0 35 1
  • There is still one match to go in the series and Harmanpreet Kaur and Co would look to finish things on a high. They bettered their game in 2nd WT20I. And would look to finally pack a punch in the last one. But that is still two days away and India will have chance to correct some mistakes. 

    We will meet you again. For now, you can switch to men's game which is to start in about 40 minutes. Click here to check over-by-over updates and LIVE score of the 2nd T20I. 

  • Amy Satterthwaite, NZ captain: We could have done it in a more easier way. It is good place to be. We need to keep winning series from hereon.

  • Suzie Bates, Player of the match: Yeah, we did not take it easy on ourselves as it went down to the last over. We just loved the atmosphere in both the games. We just love playing here. Hopefully, the boys can win today too. 

  • Harmanpreet Kaur, losing captain: We should give credit to our bowlers. It was not a decent total but they still fought hard. We were 30 runs short. The played better cricket than us but still one more game to go, so we will need to correct our mistakes in that match.

  • A roller-coaster of a game in the last five overs. India picked up quick wickets in this phase and pulled the game back but could not handle the nerves in crunch moments. That stumping chance that slipped out from Tania Bhatia's hands would hurt her and the team.

  • That's IT!

    New Zealand win. Rowe taps it to point fielder and runs. Mandhana was wayward again with the throw as the batters complete the series-winning single. White Ferns win 2nd WT20I by 4 wickets. 

  • Second last ball: Kasperek hits it to deep mid-wicket and collects another single. Match tied. 

  •  Rowe taps to the mid-wicket and runs, the throw is wayward. 2 needed off 2 now.

  • OUT! Mansi Joshi strikes, adjusts her length, targets the off-stump, gets it fuller and Martin misses it altogether, the ball hits the stumps. Katey Martin b Mansi Joshi 13(12) 

  • FOUR! Short and wide, Martin hits it through the covers to get a boundary. 

  • Mansi Joshi to bowl the final over. 

  • After 19 overs,New Zealand Women 127/5 ( Katey Martin (W) 9 , Leigh Kasperek 3)

    Bhatia, the keeper, has spilled one easy stumping chance and more than that, has allowed the batters one run. This might hurt India after the match. White Ferns are nervous but India have not done anything intelligent to play on that. 9 needed off 6 balls.

  • Deepti Sharma will bowl now. 

  • After 18 overs,New Zealand Women 122/5 ( Katey Martin (W) 7 , Leigh Kasperek 2)

    Wait a minute, India asked for a miracle and they have created one for themselves in the 18th over of the innings. Two wickets in the over. Suddenly, we see fielders taking catches and throwing themselves around. This is not over. Need 14 off 12 balls.

  • OUT! What is happening in the middle? Miracle is indeed happening here. Two wickets in this over. Peterson plays the glory shot but hits is straight to Deepti Sharma on long-on. India team is jubilated. Anna Peterson c Deepti Sharma b Arundhati Reddy 0(1)

  • OUT! Big one this is. Is this the wicket India wanted? Hell, yes! Bates walks back as she tries to clear the off side field but holds on to Rodrigues at mid-off. Bates c Rodrigues b Arundhati Reddy 62(52)

  • Reddy back on. 

  • After 17 overs,New Zealand Women 117/3 ( Suzie Bates 62 , Katey Martin (W) 4)

    19 needed off  18 balls now. This is easy now for the hosts. If there is any miracle waiting to happen, it should happen in this over. Hopefully, India did not leave it to a miracle to effect a win.

  • FOUR! Another short-tracker from Poonam and Bates rocked back and then pulled it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary. 

  • Poonam continues

  • After 16 overs,New Zealand Women 111/3 ( Suzie Bates 57 , Katey Martin (W) 3)

    Bates is stealing this one quickly from India. Supreme level of fitness as she runs a double to fetch 2 runs for her new partner. She has been there for a long time now and has been busy hitting and running. They need 25 off 24 balls.

  • Radha back on

  • After 15 overs,New Zealand Women 106/3 ( Suzie Bates 56 , Katey Martin (W) 0)

    A wicket has come for India. They need a one more quick wicket here. Bates is batting well and NZ would want her to stand there and see the side through. 30 needed off 30

  • FOUR! Not the best ball to bowl after taking a wicket. Poonam Yadav pitches it full on the legs and Bates sweeps her for a boundary to fine leg. 

  • Katey Martin, right handed bat, comes to the crease

  • OUT! This is the wicket India wanted and what a stage to get this one. Satterthwaite tried to sweep and the leading edge flew up in the air, Priya Punia caught her safely at square leg. 
    Satterthwaite c Priya Punia b Poonam Yadav 23(20)

  • Poonam Yadav back on. 

  • After 14 overs,New Zealand Women 99/2 ( Suzie Bates 50 , Amy Satterthwaite (C) 22)

    Fifty partnership has come up between Bates and Satterthwaite in no time. Fifty for Bates as well. This match will be over very soon if these two keep hitting the way they are doing now.

  • FOUR! Reddy tries slower one but Satterthwaite picked it up early and heaved it to deep of mid-wicket to get a boundary. 

  • Reddy back on. 

  • After 13 overs,New Zealand Women 88/2 ( Suzie Bates 45 , Amy Satterthwaite (C) 17)

    Bates and Satterthwaite dominant now. Difficult for India to make a comeback from here but the game is far from being over yet. NZ women need 48 off 42 balls. 

  • FOUR! Bates doing it easy, short ball and she hits it to backward square leg to fetch a boundary. 

  • Radha Yadav back on. 

  • After 12 overs,New Zealand Women 80/2 ( Suzie Bates 37 , Amy Satterthwaite (C) 17)

    If things were going a little bad for India, they have turned worse in this over. Not in terms of runs leaked but Mandhana being hit on her leg while trying to cover a throw. She was seen limping but nobody knows about the status now.

  • FOUR! Satterthwaite hits another one to long-on to start the over on a positive note. 

  • Joshi back on. 

  • After 11 overs,New Zealand Women 70/2 ( Suzie Bates 34 , Amy Satterthwaite (C) 10)

    Good over White Ferns. 8 off it and they are yet again given a chance to cruise. 64 required off 9 overs.  

  • FOUR! Loopy and slow in pace, Satterthwaite comes out and hits it for a boundary to deep of mid-wicket. 

  • Poonam continues

  • After 10 overs,New Zealand Women 62/2 ( Suzie Bates 32 , Amy Satterthwaite (C) 4)

    Very good over by Deepti. Just 4 off it. Hosts now need 74 off 60 balls. A few tight overs here and the pressure will start talking.

  • Deepti back on. 

  • After 9 overs,New Zealand Women 58/2 ( Suzie Bates 30 , Amy Satterthwaite (C) 3)

    Poonam Yadav is into the attack. Her loopy, slow deliveries take a long time to reach the batter. Thw slow pace will not help the batswomen hit the balls easily. In that case, they may look for singles and doubles. If India can field well in this phase in the game and stop the singles and doubles, the pressure would build up. 

  • FOUR! Half-volley, Bates sits and and sweeps it between the deep mid-wicket and long-on for a boundary. 

  • Poonam Yadav, right-arm leg break, comes into the attack

  • After 8 overs,New Zealand Women 47/2 ( Suzie Bates 21 , Amy Satterthwaite (C) 1)

    Two experienced players in the middle for the hosts. Captain Amy Satterthwaite along with Bates would look to finish things off for New Zealand. 6 off the over. 

  • Reddy continues

  • After 7 overs,New Zealand Women 41/2 ( Suzie Bates 16 , Amy Satterthwaite (C) 0)

    Gurrey was stuck for a while. She broke shackles by hitting a boundary and then that shot led her to another one, which was not that well implemented. India have made a comeback here for sure.

  • OUT! Gurrey tries to be aggressive, tries to go over the mid-off but does not connect, the bottom edge flies to Mansi Joshi at mid-off and she does not make a mistake. Caitlin Gurrey c Deepti Sharma b Radha Yadav 4(11

  • FOUR! Gurrey goes off the mark with a boundary after a shaky start, hits it just inches away from the mid-on fielder and gets a boundary. 

  • Radha continues

India Women vs New Zealand Women, 2nd T20I Live Score: There is still one match to go in the series and Harmanpreet Kaur and Co would look to finish things on a high. They bettered their game in 2nd WT20I. And would look to finally pack a punch in the last one. But that is still two days away and India will have chance to correct some mistakes. We will meet you again.

India Women vs New Zealand Women, Highlights, 2nd T20I at Auckland, Full Cricket Score: White Ferns clinch series with four-wicket win

File image of New Zealand skipper Amy Satterthwaite (L) and India captain Harmanpreet Kaur. AFP/ICC

The second India Women vs New Zealand Women T20I is being telecast on Star Sports Network. The New Zealand Women-India Women live streaming will take place on Click here to know when and where to watch the second T20I between New Zealand Women and India Women.

2nd WT20I preview: Mithali Raj's inclusion could be the bone of contention for Indian women, who will be eyeing a much improved showing with the bat when they face an upbeat New Zealand in a must-win second T20 International here on Friday.

Indian batting is prone to collapses, especially from a position of strength. Chasing 160, India were going strong at 102 for 1 but Smriti Mandhana and Jemimah Rodrigues' dismissal proved fatal for the visitors who collapsed to 136 all out, bringing back memories of their inexplicable surrender in the the 2017 50-over World Cup final against England.

Mithali's years of experience could have come in handy in the series opener on Wednesday but she was dropped from the eleven.

Debutant Priya Punia opened with Smriti Mandhana but lasted just five balls while another youngster Dayalan Hemalatha too could not do much at number four.

Mithali was not picked as the team management is looking to build a squad for the 2020 T20 World Cup in which the senior player is unlikely to feature. However, the youngsters did not deliver and she could be back for the second game considering that the series is on the line.

New Zealand on the other hand are riding high on momentum, having beaten India comprehensively in the previous two contests, the final ODI and the first T20.

The team is reliant too much on Mandhana's contribution at the top.

"Practically, I would say I have to bat till 20 overs that is the best option. The more I bat till 18 overs, we won't collapse because if the top three or four batters can bat till the 18-20th overs then the rest can revolve around them, so tactically that is what I will try to do," said Mandhana after the 23-run loss.

Skipper Harmanpreet would be itching to produce a match-winning effort, something she has not done so far on the tour. The situation was tailor made for her in the previous game but failed to take the team past the finishing line.

They will have to be wary of pacer Lea Tahuhu, who struck thrice in Wellington and was named played of the match despite opener Sophie Devine's 48-ball 62.


India: Harmanpreet Kaur(c), Smriti Mandhana, Mithali Raj, Jemimah Rodrigues, Deepti Sharma, Taniya Bhatia, Poonam Yadav, Radha Yadav, Anuja Patil, Ekta Bisht, Dayalan Hemalatha, Mansi Joshi, Arundhati Reddy, Shikha Pandey, Priya Punia.

Amy Satterthwaite(c), Suzie Bates, Bernadine Bezuidenhout, Sophie Devine, Hayley Jensen, Caitlin Gurrey, Leigh Kasperek, Amelia Kerr, Frances Mackay, Katey Martin, Rosemary Mair, Hannah Rowe, Lea Tahuhu.

Match starts 7.30 am IST.

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Updated Date: Feb 08, 2019


Pos. Team P W L D Pts.
14 9 5 0 18
14 9 5 0 18
14 9 5 0 18
14 6 8 0 12
14 6 8 0 12
14 6 8 0 12
14 5 8 0 11
14 5 8 0 11
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Rank Team Points Rating
1 India 3631 113
2 New Zealand 2547 111
3 South Africa 2917 108
4 England 3663 105
5 Australia 2640 98
6 Sri Lanka 3462 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 England 5372 125
2 India 5669 121
3 South Africa 4488 115
4 New Zealand 3729 113
5 Australia 4342 109
6 Pakistan 3846 94
Rank Team Points Rating
1 Pakistan 7365 283
2 England 4253 266
3 South Africa 4196 262
4 Australia 5471 261
5 India 7273 260
6 New Zealand 4056 254