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India vs South Africa, Highlights, 3rd Test Day 1 at Ranchi, Full Cricket Score: India reach 224/3 before rain leads to early stumps

Date: Saturday, 19 October, 2019 16:04 IST

Venue: JSCA International Stadium Complex, Ranchi

Match Ended

India beat South Africa by an innings and 202 runs

497/9 OV : (116.3) RR.(4.27)
162/10 & 133/10 OV : (48.0) RR.(2.77)
Match Ended:

India beat South Africa by an innings and 202 runs

Man Of the Match:

This over 48.0

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 0(W)
  • 0(W)


Anrich Nortje

  • 5 (16)
  • 4s X 1
  • 6s X 0


Mohammed Shami

  • 10 (10)
  • M X 6
  • W X 3

Umesh Yadav

  • 35 (9)
  • M X 1
  • W X 2
Current Partnership Last Wicket

0 ( 0.1 ) R/R: 0

Anrich Nortje 0(0)

Lungi Ngidi 0(1)

133/10 (48 over)

Lungi Ngidi 0 (1) SR: S.R (0.00)

c & b Shahbaz Nadeem

Freedom Trophy 2019 3rd Test Match Result India beat South Africa by an innings and 202 runs

India vs South Africa, Highlights, 3rd Test Day 1 at Ranchi, Full Cricket Score: India reach 224/3 before rain leads to early stumps


16:04 (IST)

So that's all for today. Kagiso Rabada was the star for South Africa in the first session with his fiery spell. India lost three wickets, including that of Kohli's cheaply. But then Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane's superb counter-attack derailed Faf du Plessis' plans. Rohit Sharma remained unbeaten on 117 while Rahane scored 83. India end the day on top and they would look to make a big score tomorrow to pile on more misery on South Africa. 

Do join us tomorrow. Thank you for staying with us and goodbye for now. 

15:57 (IST)

Good fightback by India after losing early wickets

15:49 (IST)

It's official. No more play on Day 1. Umpires have called stumps due to bad light and rain in Ranchi. 

15:30 (IST)

There has a been a steady drizzle at the ground at this point and the groundsmen are covering the entire field of play. I think we are done for the day...

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at Ranchi
15:30 (IST)
15:22 (IST)

Bad news!

15:14 (IST)

Reports are coming in that the light has worsened and dark clouds have formed in Ranchi. Good chance that there will be no more play today.

15:04 (IST)

The players are going off the field and I can't see them coming back anytime soon.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at Ranchi
15:04 (IST)
15:01 (IST)

Meanwhile, bad light in Ranchi stops play. The Indian batsmen have gone to their dressing room. Faf and his players are still sticking around. 

14:59 (IST)

After 58 overs,India 224/3 ( Rohit Sharma 117 , Ajinkya Rahane 83)

South Africa bowlers are not doing enough to test Rohit and Rahane. Nortje is bowling with pace but the Indian batsmen are finding it easy to play him. First ball goes for a boundary and one more single in the over. 

14:56 (IST)

Low and on the pads from Nortje. Rohit takes the aerial route over square-leg and finds four runs. 

14:54 (IST)

After 57 overs,India 219/3 ( Rohit Sharma 112 , Ajinkya Rahane 83)

Six runs from Linde's over. Not quite sticking to a line. He's bowling either too wide or on the pads. Rahane flicks one and gets a four. Rohit tries something similar in the final ball but the fielder makes a good save. 

14:51 (IST)

Fuller from Linde and Rahane flicks it perfectly for a boundary. 

14:50 (IST)

After 56 overs,India 213/3 ( Rohit Sharma 111 , Ajinkya Rahane 78)

Rohit Sharma is looking bit impatient. Nortje is reversing the ball and asking good questions to the batsmen. Rohit is going for the drives when there's nothing in them. Again, good pace from the pacer. The final ball is way down the leg side. It results in a bye run.

14:46 (IST)

After 55 overs,India 211/3 ( Rohit Sharma 110 , Ajinkya Rahane 78)

Linde continues. He's bowling the leg-stump line to set batsmen. Don't understand the thinking behind this. Rahane and Rohit are facing no problems against him. Three runs from the over. 

14:44 (IST)

After 54 overs,India 208/3 ( Rohit Sharma 109 , Ajinkya Rahane 76)

Anrich Nortje bowls the second over after tea. Now, he's mixing up his pace to cause doubts in the minds of Indian batsmen. One ball is bowled at 130 kph and another one is at 147 kph. Rohit is watchful though. The last ball stays low but Rohit gets his bat down in time and takes a single.

14:39 (IST)

After 53 overs,India 206/3 ( Rohit Sharma 108 , Ajinkya Rahane 75)

Decent start from Linde. Concedes just one run in the over. We'll see how the pitch behaves in the final session. The pacers might be looking for the reverse swing and that's where Rabada could be useful once again. 

14:34 (IST)

Time for the post-tea session. South Africa starting with spin. George Linde will bowl the first over of the session.

14:19 (IST)

Most sixes hit in a Test series:

17 - ROHIT SHARMA v SA, 2019/20*
15 - Shimron Hetmyer v Bangladesh, 2018/19

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
14:19 (IST)
14:19 (IST)

Most centuries by openers in a calendar year in international cricket:

9 - Sachin Tendulkar, 1998

9 - Graeme Smith, 2005

9 - David Warner, 2016

9 - ROHIT SHARMA, 2019*

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
14:19 (IST)
14:13 (IST)

After 52 overs,India 205/3 ( Rohit Sharma 108 , Ajinkya Rahane 74)

Tea called!

Nortje completes the last over before closure of second session. Undoubtedly, this was India's session. A session that may have mentally drained Proteas. They need to refill quickly in this 20-minute break and come out with a better show. Rohit's classy ton and Rahane's quick fifty highlight of the session.  

14:10 (IST)

After 51 overs,India 204/3 ( Rohit Sharma 108 , Ajinkya Rahane 73)

Linde completes a quick over. Rahane and Rohit in sheer control. Proteas still don't how they will pick up the fourth wicket. Nothing going their way currently. 

14:05 (IST)

After 50 overs,India 200/3 ( Rohit Sharma 107 , Ajinkya Rahane 70)

Nortje back into the attack. SA pacers still not following Pollock's advice and using cross seam. Still hitting the deck hard with upright seam. It is not helping much. Maybe Polly needs to step down for a while during the tea session and share his idea with his countrymen. 

14:02 (IST)

Most centuries by Indian openers in a Test series:

4 - Sunil Gavaskar v WI, 1970/71
4 - Sunil Gavaskar v WI, 1978/79
3 - Sunil Gavaskar v Aus, 1977/78
3 - ROHIT SHARMA v SA, 2019/20*

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
14:02 (IST)
14:01 (IST)

After 49 overs,India 200/3 ( Rohit Sharma 107 , Ajinkya Rahane 70)

We have more of Piedt left to be seen. Rahane cruises into 70s. Rohit cruising as well. SA's small achievements are in stopping the two hitting the boundaries. Tea is only ten minutes away. A wicket here would keep the faith in Proteas. 

14:01 (IST)


14:00 (IST)

In this series, Rohit has faced 81 balls of Piedt (till the end of the 46th over of this innings) and scored 106 runs with 5 boundaries and 11 sixes. Faf has to remove him from the attack and can ask someone like Dean Elgar to bowl a few overs of his left-arm spin. In the 2015 tour, he looked more than decent as a bowler.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at Ranchi
14:00 (IST)
13:59 (IST)

Most tons for Indian openers in a Test series:

5 v SA, 2019/20 in India*
4 v WI, 19070/71 in West Indies
4 v WI, 1978/79 in India
4 v SL, 2009/10 in India

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
13:59 (IST)
13:59 (IST)

As Rohit hits another six to get to his third ton of this series, the groundsmen are getting ready with the covers, anticipating a possible rain threat. Meanwhile, considering the circumstances, this is arguably the best knock Rohit has played in this series so far. Class personified.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at Ranchi
13:59 (IST)
13:58 (IST)

After 48 overs,India 195/3 ( Rohit Sharma 103 , Ajinkya Rahane 69)

Rabada continues. Another over goes by without a wicket. Proteas struggling to even stop the two batters from making runs. Short trackers from the bowlers have not really helped. 

13:53 (IST)

After 47 overs,India 191/3 ( Rohit Sharma 102 , Ajinkya Rahane 66)

Rahane and Rohit are pretty much just toying with the bowling right now. Rahane now going big and showing aggression against spinner. Think that should be it for the off spinner today after getting hit for that Rahane six. 

13:52 (IST)

SIX! And that's a six from Rahane, steps out of the crease and hammer Piedt for a six to mid off, a flat one. 

13:50 (IST)

After 46 overs,India 184/3 ( Rohit Sharma 101 , Ajinkya Rahane 60)

This partnership and the rate at which it has been built, has sucked the juice out of visitors. We can clearly see some dropped shoulders already and we are only done with half of the day today. SA can see the same trend being followed like it all happened in first and second Test when Indians continued to dominate with the bat and put a heavy price on their wickets. 

13:46 (IST)

After 45 overs,India 184/3 ( Rohit Sharma 101 , Ajinkya Rahane 60)

Rohit Sharma's phenomenal 2019 continues. Third ton in the series. Just gets better and better, ageing like a fine wine. Meanwhile we can see the ground staff ready with the covers as it has gone very cloudy over the stadium. 

13:45 (IST)

SIX! And that's a top class HUNDRED from HITMAN! His third of the series and he reaches it with a massive six over mid off

13:41 (IST)

After 44 overs,India 174/3 ( Rohit Sharma 92 , Ajinkya Rahane 59)

Rabada back into the attack. This is pretty much the most important spell today. If Rabada does not pick up a wicket here, it will be difficult for Proteas to stage a comeback at least in this innings. Five off the over. 

13:41 (IST)

FOUR! Uppish from Rahane but he was in control, as he hits it past the bowler for four runs. That was just sheer class. 

13:38 (IST)

After 43 overs,India 169/3 ( Rohit Sharma 91 , Ajinkya Rahane 55)

Rohit is unstoppable right now. He is not troubled by any of the bowlers currently. Just doing what he wants to do and that six off Piedt was one such example of the same. Complete dominance from Hitman. Has moved into 90s now. 

13:36 (IST)

SIX! That is another massive hit. Tossed up by Piedt and there was one long on fielder in place yet Rohit went for it and cleared the ropes by some distance. 

13:34 (IST)

After 42 overs,India 162/3 ( Rohit Sharma 84 , Ajinkya Rahane 55)

Ngidi continues. Good over from him. A maiden over from the pacer. SA need more of these maidens to put some pressure on Rohit and Rahane. 

13:31 (IST)

After 41 overs,India 162/3 ( Rohit Sharma 84 , Ajinkya Rahane 55)

Piedt continues and Proteas continue to suffer in hands of Rohit and Rahane, who have spent good amount of time in the middle and now scoring runs like it is a walk in the park. Rohit moves into 80s. 

13:29 (IST)

SIX! Here comes the big shot, tossed up and Rohit went for the big shot, cleared the long off region quite easily. 

13:28 (IST)

FOUR! Fine shot, fuller in length and tossed up, outside the off stump, Rahane reaches the pitch of the ball and steers it through point for four runs. 

13:27 (IST)

After 40 overs,India 150/3 ( Rohit Sharma 77 , Ajinkya Rahane 50)

Ngidi continues. There is no threat in his bowling currently. Rahane and Rohit in total control of things. More than half of the session over and Proteas still looking for the elusive fourth wicket. Plenty of batting remaining for India. Could be a long day in office for Proteas.

13:25 (IST)

Well, 76 runs in hour for India. Both Rohit and Rahane have put their team on the driver's seat. We have seen some glorious cricketing shots in this second session. South Africa are definitely missing Maharaj here. This pitch is tailor-made for a spinner of his quality.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at Ranchi
13:25 (IST)
13:21 (IST)

After 39 overs,India 149/3 ( Rohit Sharma 76 , Ajinkya Rahane 50)

Alright, Faf turns to off-spinner Piedt. Rahane who stuck on 49 for a while, finally gets the single to reach fifty. Kohli stands and applauds in dressing room, realising the importance of this knock after India were 3 down under 40 runs. This is Rahane's quickest fifty in India. 

13:20 (IST)

FIFTY for Rahane. 21st from him in Tests. Single down to mid on and he reaches the landmark. Should aim for the big one. Very quick fifty as well, came off 70 balls. 

13:14 (IST)

After 38 overs,India 147/3 ( Rohit Sharma 75 , Ajinkya Rahane 49)

Rohit slaps Ngidi for four runs off the second ball of the over as the pacer replaced Nortje. He flicks him for four more off his pads. Poor cricket from Proteas in Ranchi. Drinks called. They surely need some energy drink and a bit of chat from Faf. 

13:13 (IST)

FOUR! That's again on the pads and Rohit just puts bat on ball and sees the ball racing away for four to fine leg. 

13:11 (IST)

FOUR! Piece of cake for Rohit, fullish in length and right in his arc, he creams it between cover and extra cover for four runs. 

13:09 (IST)

After 37 overs,India 139/3 ( Rohit Sharma 67 , Ajinkya Rahane 49)

Poor cricket from South Africa. It seems the fire has been doused. All the fuel used up in first session. Linde yet again strayed down th leg stump line and then there was a lousy fielding effort at short cover. 100-run stand up between Rahane and Rohit. 

India v South Africa, 3rd Test, Day 1, Latest Updates: It's official. No more play on Day 1. Umpires have called stumps due to bad light and rain in Ranchi.

India vs South Africa, 3rd Test, Preview: It would have been a dead rubber but with valuable World Test Championship points on offer, India would be eyeing victory while South Africa would be desperate for some consolation in a wretched tour when the third and final Test starts on Saturday.

There are 40 points on offer and a 3-0 series whitewash, both of which India would be targetting against the hapless visitors.

Dominating the Proteas in all the departments, India won the first Test in Visakhapatnam by 203 runs before inflicting an innings and 137-run defeat on the hapless visitors in Pune to regain the Freedom Trophy.

India, who have 200 points from four games, have a massive 140-point lead over nearest rivals New Zealand and Sri Lanka in the WTC standings. Skipper Virat Kohli has also made it clear that there is plenty to play for in the final Test and the team cannot afford a drop in intensity.

Going into the game, India have very few holes to plug, be it their batting or bowling.

The home team could not have asked for more from their top-order with Rohit Sharma showing why he is such an impact player as he feasted on the South African bowlers with twin hundreds in the first Test while opening for the first time.

The Mumbai batsman's opening partner Mayank Agarwal, on the other hand, went on to convert his maiden hundred into a double in Visakhapatnam and followed it up with another century in Pune.

Then it was the turn of 'King Kohli' who came to the party in the Pune with a career-best double hundred — a majestic 254 not out — and made it look like a routine job.

Rohit will be eyeing a big score after not firing in the first innings of the Pune Test while Cheteshwar Pujara, who has scored two fifties in the series, would be looking to cross the three-figure mark.

That India have lost only 16 wickets while routing South Africa in both the Tests sums up their dominance.

Toss has also been kind to India so far and things are likely to get more exciting if the stroke of luck favours Faf du Plessis in the final Test.

The last time South Africa toured India, rank-turners had welcomed the side but this time both the pacers and spinners have been able to extract something out of the pitch.

Umesh Yadav made a fine comeback in the Pune Test to return with fine figures of 3/22 with some brief hostile spells as wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha who took some breathtaking catches to aid to the pacer's tally.

Kohli played an extra pacer in Umesh at Pune by benching Hanuma Vihari but only time will tell what combination he chooses for the final Test.

South African captain Faf du Plessis has already predicted the Ranchi pitch to be a turner, bringing Kuldeep Yadav into contention as the third spinner.

South Africa batsmen showed some fight in Visakhapatnam but they let themselves down in Pune.

It was only the tailenders who showed some character and frustrated the Indian bowling. Du Plessis has urged experiences players like Dean Elgar, Quinton De Kock and Temba Bavuma to bat with responsibility.

Their batting woes are further compounded by the absence of opener Aiden Markram who has been ruled out of the third Test with an injury.

The pace attack comprising Kagiso Rabada, Vernon Philander and Anrich Nortje has also not been as effective as expected while the Indian pacers have managed to provide the breakthroughs.

With their senior-most spinner Keshav Maharaj also ruled out, South Africa will find it tougher to stop the Indian juggernaut.



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Updated Date: Oct 19, 2019