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India vs New Zealand, highlights, 4th T20I at Wellington, Full Cricket Score: India win Super Over, go 4-0 up in five-match series

Date: Friday, 31 January, 2020 17:13 IST

Venue: Westpac Stadium, Wellington

Match Ended

India tied with New Zealand (India win Super Over by 1 wicket)

165/8 OV : (20.0) RR.(8.25)
165/7 OV : (20.0) RR.(8.25)
Match Ended:

India tied with New Zealand (India win Super Over by 1 wicket)

Man Of the Match:

This over 20.0

  • 0(W)
  • 4
  • 0(W)
  • 1
  • 0(W)
  • 1(W)


Scott Kuggeleijn

  • 0 (0)
  • 4s X 0
  • 6s X 0


Shardul Thakur

  • 33 (4)
  • M X 0
  • W X 2

Navdeep Saini

  • 29 (4)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0
Current Partnership Last Wicket

1 ( 0.1 ) R/R: 6

Mitchell Santner 1(1)

Scott Kuggeleijn 0(0)

165/7 (20 over)

Mitchell Santner 2 (2) SR: S.R (100.00)

run out (Sanju Samson)

India in New Zealand 5 T20I Series 2020 4th T20I Match Result India tied with New Zealand (India win Super Over by 1 wicket)

India vs New Zealand, highlights, 4th T20I at Wellington, Full Cricket Score: India win Super Over, go 4-0 up in five-match series


17:05 (IST)

Phew! Another day, another Super Over defeat for the Kiwis. Once again they shouldn't have found themselves in that position, but they botched their chase up while India never stopped believeing. With that result, India now 4-0 up in the five-match series. The last game will be at the beautiful Mount in Tauranga. So, we look forward for your company on Sunday, where India will target a clean sweep.

16:57 (IST)

Virat Kohli, India skipper: There's something new I've learnt in the last couple of games which is to stay calm, wait for the opportunity and capitalise on it. Last two games have been unbelievable. We had never played a Super Over before, and now we have played two back-to-back. Shows the character of the team. KL and me had a chat, and he said I should walk in with him because of my experince. His two shots early on were crucial. It was exciting for me. (On youngsters) Pretty good. I thought Sanju was fearless. We didn't quite read the pitch that well. We thought this was his chance. He should back himself. All in all, all of them looked in good headspace. If the opposition plays that well, there's no harm in saying they played well.

16:56 (IST)

Tim Southee, NZ captain: Yes, really tough, especially after the position we were in. If you give India any chance they will grab it with both hands. [On him bowling second Super Over in two games] When you got a young bowling attack, it's tough when you haven't won and you play against a quality opposition in India, give them a sniff and make it tough for yourselves.

16:52 (IST)

"Feeling good. Two games in a row. Couldn't ask for more. After the last game, we all learnt we shouldn't lose hope. First ball wicket was crucial. If I got a wicket, pressure's on them. Good contribution from me. It was important to stretch the partnership in the middle. Should've carried my bat into the 19th or the 20th over," says Shardul Thakur, who has been adjudged the Player of the Match for his all-round effort!

16:46 (IST)

‪India’s last eight T20Is:‬

‪Tied (Won in Super Over)‬
‪Tied (Won in Super Over)‬

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
16:46 (IST)
16:46 (IST)

New Zealand’s last six T20Is:‬

‪Tied (Lost in Super Over)‬
‪Tied (Lost in Super Over)‬
‪Tied (Lost in Super Over)‬
‪Lost ‬

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
16:46 (IST)
16:46 (IST)

New Zealand in Super Overs:

v West Indies, Auckland, 2008, T20I - Lost
v Australia, Christchurch, 2010, T20I - Lost
v Sri Lanka, Pallekele, 2012, T20I - Lost
v West Indies, Pallekele, 2012, T20I - Lost
v England, Lord’s, 2019, ODI - Lost
v England, Auckland, 2019, T20I - Lost
v India, Hamilton, 2020, T20I - Lost
v India, Wellington, 2020, T20I - Lost

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
16:46 (IST)
16:45 (IST)

Turn away New Zealand fans

16:43 (IST)

Virat Kohli does in in style, slapping a back-of-length delivery from Southee towards the vacant midwicket fence as India snatch another victory from the jaws of defeat to go 4-0 up in the series. Tim Southee's will probably be having nightmares about the two lost Super Overs for a month now. New Zealand's luck just remains rotten. Tough being a Black Caps fan.

16:41 (IST)

0.5 overs: FOUR! Kohli finishes off in style with a pull towards the midwicket fence as India win the Super Over to go 4-0 up in the T20I series! IND 16/1

16:40 (IST)

4 to win. 3 balls. Samson and Kohli. Southee has bowled 4 out of 5 Super Overs in a losing cause. 

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket Journalist at Westpac Stadium
16:40 (IST)
16:40 (IST)

0.4 overs: TWO! Kohli pinches a quick double after tapping the ball towards mid on! Super running between the wickets! IND 12/1; need 2 to win from 2

16:38 (IST)

0.3 overs: OUT! Rahul holes out to Kuggeleijn at deep square leg! Game's not over yet! IND 10/1; need 4 to win from 3

Rahul c Kuggeleijn b Southee 10

16:37 (IST)

0.2 overs: FOUR! Short, going down leg, and Rahul hooks this over short fine! IND 10/0; need 4 to win from 4

16:37 (IST)

0.1 overs: SIX! Rahul smashes this high over the square leg fence for a maximum! IND 6/0; need 8 to win from 5

16:34 (IST)

13 runs collected by the Black Caps after batting first in the Super Over, courtesy a boundary each to Seifert and Munro as well as the dismissal of the former off the fourth delivery.  India will be disappointed with the two dropped chances early on in the over. Rahul and Kohli walk out to bat for the Super Over, with Southee getting another shot at redemption.

16:28 (IST)

1 over: Single! The Indians think Munro's caught at short fine while attempting a paddle shot, but the ball is shown to be deflecting off the ground before travelling to the fielder. India need 14 to in a second consecutive Super Over! NZ 13/1

16:27 (IST)

0.5 overs: FOUR! Cut hard behind point by Munro in the first delivery that he faces in this Super Over! NZ 12/1

16:26 (IST)

0.4 overs: OUT! Seifert's not a third time lucky now, as he gets caught at deep backward point by Sundar while looking to heave this back-of-length ball! NZ 8/1

Seifert c Sundar b Bumrah 8

16:25 (IST)

0.3 overs: DROPPED! Two drops in three balls! This time Rahul spills it after a thick top-edge by Seifert! NZ 8/0

16:24 (IST)

0.2 overs: FOUR! Seifert goes inside out towards deep extra cover for a boundary this time! NZ 6/0

16:23 (IST)

0.1 overs: TWO! Seifert mishits, skies the ball towards midwicket where Iyer spills a chance; NZ 2/0

16:23 (IST)

‪NZ involved in tied T20Is:‬

‪v West Indies, Auckland, 2006‬
‪v West Indies, Auckland, 2008‬
‪v Australia, Christchurch, 2010‬
‪v Sri Lanka, Pallekele ICS, 2012‬
‪v West Indies, Pallekele ICS, 2012‬
‪v England, Auckland, 2019‬
‪v India, Hamilton, 2020‬
‪v India, Wellington, 2020*‬

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
16:23 (IST)
16:22 (IST)

Bumrah gets the Super Over responsibility again. He's bowled a much better spell today than in the third T20I, and Kohli will be counting on him. Seifert and Munro walk out for the Black Caps.

16:20 (IST)

The side batting second will bat first in the Super Over. No Williamson for the Black Caps in this game. Guptill looked off colour earlier, so he might be overlooked as well. Looks like Munro and Seifert are certain to walk out, and maybe Taylor.

16:19 (IST)


16:18 (IST)

Would you believe it? Four wickets in the last over, no hat trick and yet we have managed to get another Super Over. This is madness of the highest order. New Zealand's saga with Super Over madness continues. Two half-centuries and yet not over the line. 

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket Journalist at Westpac Stadium
16:18 (IST)
16:16 (IST)

20 Overs: It's a tie! We have another Super Over! Two Super Overs in as many games! What a game it turned out to be in the end, going down to the very last delivery of the last over! Santner steers the ball through point, but straight to a fielder and is comfortably run out while coming back for a second. NZ 165/7

Santner run out (Samson/Rahul) 2(2)

16:13 (IST)

19.5 Overs: OUT! What an over from Shardul Thakur! Now Mitchell miscues to get caught by Dube at wide extra cover! NZ 164/6; need 2 off 1

Mitchell c Dube b Thakur 4(3)

16:12 (IST)

Surely, not!?

16:12 (IST)

19.4 Overs: Single. Santner walks out to bat after Seifert's run out, and guides the ball towards midwicket for a single; NZ 164/5; need 2 off 2

16:09 (IST)

19.3 Overs: OUT! Mitchell sets off for a run after missing the ball completely, and Rahul's bang on in his throw as Seifert gets run out! NZ 163/5; need 3 off 3

Seifert run out (Rahul) 57(39)

16:08 (IST)

19.2 Overs: FOUR! Mitchell walks out to bat next, and slaps the ball over extra cover for a boundary; NZ 163/4; need 3 off 4

16:07 (IST)

19.1 Overs: OUT! Shardul Thakur strikes first ball! Are we in for a thriller now! Taylor skies the ball towards deep square leg, and perishes! NZ 159/4; need 7 off 5

Taylor c Iyer b Thakur 24(18)

16:05 (IST)

After 19 overs,New Zealand 159/3 ( Tim Seifert (W) 57 , Ross Taylor 24)

Saini bowls the penultimate over, and starts off with a dot. Seifert gets a thick top edge off the second delivery, the ball landing between three converging fielders near long leg, Kohli clearly not happy with the confusion on the field. Single off each of the last two balls. New Zealand need 7 off 6. Surely, we're not getting any surprises today, are we?

15:59 (IST)

After 18 overs,New Zealand 155/3 ( Tim Seifert (W) 54 , Ross Taylor 23)

Risky single collected by Taylor off the third delivery, Pandey missing the striker's stumps narrowly to allow Seifert to continue. Seifert crunches the ball through point next ball to bring up his 2nd T20I fifty, and bring his team closer to the finish line. Bumrah misses a direct hit off the last delivery, looking slightly disappointed with himself despite finishing with quality figures of 1/20 at the end of his quota. NZ need 11 to win off 12 balls.

15:57 (IST)

FOUR! Fine way for Tim Seifert to bring up his second T20I half-century off 32 deliveries! The keeper-bat will hope to finish the game for the Black Caps now. NZ 154/3

15:54 (IST)

After 17 overs,New Zealand 148/3 ( Tim Seifert (W) 48 , Ross Taylor 22)

Thakur returns to the attack, and concedes a boundary first ball — Taylor slapping a back-of-length delivery through point. Seifert gets a leading edge that lands short of backward point, allowing him to set off for a single. Two singles collected off the last three deliveries, with the Black Caps left needing 18 runs off as many deliveries.

15:50 (IST)

FOUR! Slapped through point by Ross Taylor! The Black Caps are looking to end this in a hurry! NZ 144/3

15:49 (IST)

After 16 overs,New Zealand 140/3 ( Tim Seifert (W) 46 , Ross Taylor 16)

Bumrah brought back in the 16th, Kohli hoping for a miracle now. Run out chance in the second delivery, with Taylor setting off for a leg bye after getting rapped on the pad, with Seifert beating Bumrah in the dash to the striker's end. Seifert collects a boundary off the fourth by steering a full toss towards the third man fence. 10 from the over, with the equation almost run-a-ball now for the Black Caps — 26 off 24.

15:47 (IST)

FOUR! Full toss from Bumrah, Seifert opens the face of the bat and runs this towards third man. NZ 138/3

15:44 (IST)

After 15 overs,New Zealand 130/3 ( Tim Seifert (W) 38 , Ross Taylor 15)

Seifert's dropping twice off as many deliveries, by Saini near the cow corner fence and by Bumrah at short third man respectively. Taylor collects an extra run off the fourth delivery thanks to an overthrow. Taylor ends the over with a slog sweep towards cow corner off the last delivery, collecting an easy four. 17 off the over. New Zealand need 36 to win from 30 with seven wickets in hand.

15:43 (IST)

FOUR! Taylor gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps the ball towards the vacant cow corner fence off the last delivery of the 15th over NZ 130/3

15:42 (IST)

SIX! Seifert slogs towards cow corner, not quite hitting it as cleanly as he would've liked. Saini gets a hand on the ball at the edge of the boundary, but loses his balance and ends up parrying it over the rope for a six. NZ 120/3

15:41 (IST)

After 14 overs,New Zealand 113/3 ( Tim Seifert (W) 31 , Ross Taylor 6)

The bails fall off at the striker's end due to the strong Wellington wind, delaying the third delivery by a few seconds. Kohli stops Dube from bowling the fourth as yet's not done adjusting the field yet. The delays aside, 11 runs are added to the New Zealand total in this over, including a six to Seifer off the last ball. New Zealand need 53 to win from 36.

15:38 (IST)

SIX! Seifert rocks back and hammers the ball towards the wide long on fence for a maximum, the ball landing on the advertising triangle that requires some scrutiny from the TV umpire before arriving at a decision. NZ 113/3

15:31 (IST)

After 13 overs,New Zealand 102/3 ( Tim Seifert (W) 23 , Ross Taylor 3)

Chahal's brought back, and he beats Tom Bruce's attempt to paddle sweep the ball, rattling the furniture to signal the fall of the third New Zealand wicket and the arrival of the veteran batter Ross Taylor at the crease. 100 up for the Kiwis in this over, with the required run rate going past nine now. New Zealand need 64 to win from 42 balls.

15:28 (IST)

OUT! One wicket leads to another, and suddenly the Black Caps are in a spot of bother after losing their third wicket. Bruce was shaping for a paddle sweep, but missed the ball completely and the ball got enough turn to hit the furniture. NZ 97/3

Bruce b Chahal 0(3)

15:27 (IST)

Wicket out of nowhere and it's that man... Virat Kohli. Relayed throw and took a blind shy at the stumps. Turned and just knew he was going to hit the striker's end. Bang. Direct hit and run out. Munro knew it instantly and was halfway to the dug out by the time third umpire ruled. Super throw from Kohli!! 

Chetan Narula, Freelance Cricket Journalist at Westpac Stadium
15:27 (IST)
15:26 (IST)

After 12 overs,New Zealand 97/2 ( Tim Seifert (W) 21 , Tom Bruce 0)

Shivam Dube from the other end now, Indians desperate for a breakthrough at this stage to keep their hopes of going 4-0 up alive. Kohli delivers on that front with a superb direct hit at the striker's end with Munro steadily returning for a second run, catching the batsman unaware and plucking a wicket from out of nowhere. Appeal for lbw against new batsman Tom Bruce off the last delivery, but the umpire's not interested. Five runs and a wicket from this over.

India vs New Zealand 4th T20I Live Updates: Virat Kohli does in in style, slapping a back-of-length delivery from Southee towards the vacant midwicket fence as India snatch another victory from the jaws of defeat to go 4-0 up in the series. Tim Southee's will probably be having nightmares about the two lost Super Overs for a month now. New Zealand's luck just remains rotten. Tough being a Black Caps fan.

Preview: New Zealand will hope to end their losing run against India in the fourth T20I in Wellington, with only pride left to play for after surrendering the series with an unassailable 3-0 lead.

The Black Caps failed to defend a challenging score of 203/5 in the first T20I at Auckland's Eden Park, and were outplayed in the second game of the series that took place at the same venue on the Indian Republic Day, posting just 132 in 20 overs that was easily overhauled by the visitors.

The Kiwis however, fought back admirably in the third T20I in Hamilton, with Kane Williamson's 48-ball 95 nearly guiding the side home in their chase of the 180-run target. However, the last-minute brain-fade saw the match ending in a tie from a position where the home team needed two to win from four balls with six wickets in hand.

New Zealand's hoodoo as far as Super Overs are concerned continued as Rohit Sharma smacked back-to-back sixes off Tim Southee to help his team seal the series with a memorable win.

Williamson will be hoping to rally the troops and raise their morale after the heartbreaking defeat at Hamilton's Seddon Park, and try and pull things back in the remaining games. His Indian counterpart Virat Kohli, on the other hand, signalled the need to give the bench a try in the last two games and fine-tune their combinations with the ICC T20 World Cup in mind.

Kohli, however, maintained the experimentation, in no way, will interfere in their quest to complete a 5-0 hammering of the Kiwis after having already clinched their first T20I series win in New Zealand.

Here are all the details on the live coverage of the fourth game of the five-match series:


India team players: Rohit SharmaYuzvendra ChahalShivam DubeShreyas IyerManish PandeyRishabh PantKL RahulVirat Kohli(c)Ravindra JadejaKuldeep YadavShardul ThakurJasprit Bumrah Navdeep SainiWashington SundarSanju Samson

New Zealand team players: Kane Williamson (capt)Martin GuptillRoss TaylorScott KuggeleijnColin MunroColin de GrandhommeTom BruceDaryl MitchellMitchell SantnerTim Seifert (wk), Hamish Bennett, Ish SodhiTim SoutheeBlair Tickner.

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