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India vs New Zealand, Highlights, 1st Test, Day 2 in Wellington: Kiwis score 216/5 at stumps, lead by 51 runs

Date: Saturday, 22 February, 2020 12:15 IST

Venue: Basin Reserve, Wellington

Match Ended

New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

165/10 & 191/10 OV : (81.0) RR.(2.36)
348/10 & 9/0 OV : (1.4) RR.(6.43)
Match Ended:

New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

Man Of the Match:

This over 1.4

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 1


Tom Latham

  • 7 (4)
  • 4s X 1
  • 6s X 0

Tom Blundell

  • 2 (6)
  • 4s X 0
  • 6s X 0


Ishant Sharma

  • 8 (1)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0

Jasprit Bumrah

  • 1 (0.4)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0
Current Partnership

9 ( 1.4 ) R/R: 5.4

Tom Latham 7(4)

Tom Blundell 2(6)

India in New Zealand 2 Test Series 2020 1st Test Match Result New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

India vs New Zealand, Highlights, 1st Test, Day 2 in Wellington: Kiwis score 216/5 at stumps, lead by 51 runs


11:54 (IST)

Thank you joining us today in our coverage. We hope to see you tomorrow, hang around for all the news, updates, analysis and opinions that will follow throughout the day on Firstpost. See you at 3 am IST tomorrow. It is the third day, the moving day.

11:45 (IST)

That's it for the day. The light has faded away significantly in the last 15 minutes or so. Hence the umpires are left with no option but to call it a day. Nevertheless, it has been a good session for the visitors as the three wickets in that extended final session has given India some oxygen. However, with a lead of 51 and still five wickets in hand, New Zealand are firmly ahead in this Test match.  

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
11:45 (IST)
11:41 (IST)

After 71.1 overs,New Zealand 216/5 ( BJ Watling (W) 14 , Colin de Grandhomme 4)

The umpires have called it stumps on day two owing to fading light in Wellington. Plenty of overs left in the day but umpires have checked the light it wasn't fit to play, looks like it was already belated decision, Virat Kohli is expectedly not happy with it but the right call has been taken. So, India have made a comeback late into the Test on a day that been largely dominated by the Kiwis, they still hold the advantage but a wicket or two early on day three and the equation will quickly change. 

New Zealand lead by 51 runs with still five wickets in hand.

11:41 (IST)

FOUR! Bumrah is recalled into the attack and his first delivery goes to third man boundary via a thick edge from Watling's bat. It remained all along the ground because of the soft grip

11:41 (IST)

After 71 overs,New Zealand 212/5 ( BJ Watling (W) 10 , Colin de Grandhomme 4)

Ishant Sharma returns to the bowling crease. After four dots to Watling, he slides one on the pads that is nudged to fine leg for a single. De Grandhomme ends the over with a boundary and by the virtue of that he also opens his scoring.

11:41 (IST)

FOUR! Short and wide, asking to be hit and De Grandhomme obliges, flat bat and smashed through extra cover for his first runs.

11:36 (IST)

After 70 overs,New Zealand 207/5 ( BJ Watling (W) 9 , Colin de Grandhomme 0)

Ashwin tastes success in New Zealand for the first time as he gets rid of Henry Nicholls, who was just looking to find his feet but the star off-spinner undone him with a brilliant off-break. Colin de Grandhomme joins Watling in the middle for now less than 30 mins of play left in the day.


11:33 (IST)

OUT! Ashwin strikes to end a fledging partnership. Henry Nicholls is man dismissed with Virat Kohli taking the catch in gully. Great bowling from Ashwin, tossing the ball and getting the ball to drift in and then leave the left-hander. Another timely wicket for India. Indian captain as usual is extra jubiliant.

Henry Nicholls c Kohli b Ashwin 17(62)

11:30 (IST)

After 69 overs,New Zealand 202/4 ( Henry Nicholls 16 , BJ Watling (W) 5)

Nicholls finds the fence of the first ball of Shami's over, the shadows of the fielders around the bat getting longer spreading over the pitch as the light starts to fade and spotting the ball will become slightly more challenging. NZ go past the 200-run mark with six runs coming off the over.

11:30 (IST)

Feel if India manage to contain New Zealand with a lead not more than 100-120 then they have a genuine chance of getting back in this game. The pitch will be best for batting on Day 3 and the Kiwis have already lost both Williamson and Taylor. So, one or two wickets in this last hour's play will open the game for sure.  

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
11:30 (IST)
11:27 (IST)

FOUR! Nicholls punches it hard into the pitch with a straight bat, the ball bounces high over the bowler and to the straight boundary.

11:26 (IST)

After 68 overs,New Zealand 196/4 ( Henry Nicholls 11 , BJ Watling (W) 4)

Watling flicks to deep mid wicket off the fourth ball for a couple of runs in over. New Zealand close in on 200-run mark. Still 14 overs left in the day.

11:22 (IST)

After 67 overs,New Zealand 194/4 ( Henry Nicholls 11 , BJ Watling (W) 2)

Fairly long drinks break that and despite India being behind the over-rate there is no clear signs from Umpires to get on with the game. Hope the match referee is taking note. Shami resumes the proceedings after the break. Nicholls with a well-contolled and well-timed boundary that should do his confidence a world of good.

11:19 (IST)

FOUR! Angled into the middle stump from round the wicket and Nicholls clips it through midwicket for a boundary. Really good shot. Nice balance as well

11:14 (IST)

After 66 overs,New Zealand 190/4 ( Henry Nicholls 7 , BJ Watling (W) 2)

Ashwin starts his 19th over from over the wicket and Nicholls chooses to sweep a very full delivery that was just outside the leg stump and if he would have missed it could have risky. Couple of more singles collected in the over before umpire calls for a drinks break. New Zealand's lead is now 25 runs.

11:13 (IST)

BJ Watling’s batting average in Tests:

Overall - 39.19
v India - 25.60

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
11:13 (IST)
11:11 (IST)

After 65 overs,New Zealand 187/4 ( Henry Nicholls 5 , BJ Watling (W) 1)

Shami tests Watling with few short deliveries, the wicket-keeper dutifully ducks under. Maiden over.

11:07 (IST)

After 64 overs,India 147/8 ( Ishant Sharma 4 , Mohammed Shami 4)

Ashwin continues. Watling is off the mark with a single off the final ball. Two batsmen batting on five and one now out in the middle for New Zealand, if India get a couple of quick wickets, the pressure will be back on the home side.

11:04 (IST)

After 63 overs,New Zealand 185/4 ( Henry Nicholls 4 , BJ Watling (W) 0)

Shami returns into the attack in place of Bumrah. Williamson expertly steers a back of a length delivery behind point where Shaw comes around in the deep to keep it down to two, Williamson pulls one to backward square leg before he is caught in the covers, falling 11 short of what would have been a well-deserved century. BJ Watling is the new man in. India will sense an opening here.

11:03 (IST)

OUT! Williamson falls against run of play. India have a mighty wicket! It wasn't full enough to be driven, just in the air and Ravindra Jadeja, the substitute fielder, takes a smart low catch to dismiss Williamson. Big wicket for India going into the final period of the day. The bowling change also bringing the wicket as Shami picks his first wicket of the Test.

Williamson c (sub)Jadeja b Shami 89(153)

10:56 (IST)

After 62 overs,New Zealand 181/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 85 , Henry Nicholls 4)

Ashwin induces a rare false stroke from Williamson today as he edges it to first slip but the soft grip of KW ensures the ball drops short of the first slip. Bunts one on the offside for a single, another over that costs just one run.

10:54 (IST)

After 61 overs,New Zealand 180/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 84 , Henry Nicholls 4)

Bumrah continues. Plenty to like about Nicholls, who is not yet completely set, but is willing to graft it out in the middle and not throw in the towel. He is leaving the ball, going back to defend good deliveries and respecting the situation. Plays a crisp drive to mid off for no run. Maiden over.

10:51 (IST)

After 60 overs,New Zealand 180/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 84 , Henry Nicholls 4)

Nicholls rocks back in his crease and pushes it to cover point for a single, only run off Ashwin's over.

10:49 (IST)

After 59 overs,New Zealand 179/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 84 , Henry Nicholls 3)

Nicholls with his first run in 17 balls. First confident run to be honest as he works Bumrah towards mid wicket for a single. Williamson moves to 84 with a boundary to fine leg. Still 23 overs left in the day but don't think we will get all of them in today.

10:49 (IST)

After 59 overs,New Zealand 179/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 84 , Henry Nicholls 3)

Nicholls with his first run in 17 balls. First confident run to be honest as he works Bumrah towards mid wicket for a single. Williamson moves to 84 with a boundary to fine leg. Still 23 overs left in the day but don't think we will get all of them in today.

10:48 (IST)

FOUR! A little too straight from Bumrah and Williamson smartly while shuffling across his stumps, tickles it fine down the legside for a boundary that breaks the shackles for the Kiwis upto a certain degree.

10:44 (IST)

After 58 overs,New Zealand 173/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 79 , Henry Nicholls 2)

Williamson with half whippy drive through covers to a delivery that was tossed up to lure the NZ captain, he did well to keep it along the carpet, Nicholls now more assertive in his footwork while defending and understandably it will get better with the amount of time he spends in the middle. Just a run from Ashwin's over.

10:39 (IST)

After 57 overs,New Zealand 172/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 78 , Henry Nicholls 2)

Not a lengthy break for Bumrah as he is back on giving Ishant Sharma a breather. Here's where Ashwin's role becomes important as a holding spinner. He has bowled well in his second spell of this session, especially to Nicholls. Williamson once again taking the single off the first ball before Nicholls seeing off the remainder of the over.

10:35 (IST)

After 56 overs,New Zealand 171/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 77 , Henry Nicholls 2)

Again Williamson picks a single off the first ball of the over and Ashwin is getting the ball to grip and turn. Nicholls is beaten off the first ball, a poke, tentative pushes and a leave later Nicholls will be a relieved man as its the end of the over. He has to ride this period before he can build his innings. Williamson must anchor him, India sense an opportunity. Intriguing period of Test cricket.

10:32 (IST)

After 55 overs,New Zealand 170/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 76 , Henry Nicholls 2)

India happy to give an early single away to Williamson in order to have a go at Nicholls. An umbrella of slips placed for the left-hander as Ishant steams in. Nicholls is off the mark with a rather strange shots. He was looking drive the ball down the ground, but doesn't quite gets it from the middle, the length was not there to be driven as he hit very high up the bat but fortunately for him the ball went straight and fell in a vacant area, what's more is he got his first runs - a couple - of the innings. An anxious push with hard hands towards gully that falls just short of Rahane gives a peak into Nicholls frame of mind. Testing times for him.

10:25 (IST)

After 54 overs,New Zealand 167/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 75 , Henry Nicholls 0)

Ravi Ashwin is brought back into the attack, replacing Bumrah. He will fancy his chance against the new man and the left-hander. After Williamson picking a single off the fourth ball, there are few fielding chances as a short leg is brought into place for Nicholls with one slip in place, Ashwin also went round the wicket for the last two balls of the over.

10:23 (IST)

So no fairy-tale for Ross Taylor in his milestone game as he misses out on a half-century by six runs. Brilliant bowling effort by Ishant, who has been a star for India in this innings. However, the visitors should hope that Taylor's wicket will open the floodgates at the fag end of the day. But Kane Williamson is looking rock solid at the other end and one believes that he innings here will more or less decide the fate of this Test match.   

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
10:23 (IST)
10:23 (IST)

India have just won two Tests previously after conceding the first innings lead under the leadership of Virat Kohli out of 14 matches – against Australia at Bangalore in 2017 and against South Africa at Johannesburg in 2018.

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
10:23 (IST)
10:22 (IST)

After 53 overs,New Zealand 166/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 74 , Henry Nicholls 0)

Ross Taylor falls to the extra bounce of Ishant Sharma that brings Henry Nicholls to the middle. Ishant is keeping India in the game with a timely breakthroughs. Ishant switches to his preferred round the stumps line of attack for the last ball of the over to left-handed Nicholls. The batsman leaves the ball outside off alone to end a successful over for India.

10:19 (IST)

OUT! Ishant Sharma with the wicket, again! He looked the most likely to strike and he does. It is that extra bounce that has accounted for another wicket, Taylor departs just six runs short of his half-century. The ball slants in and jumps off length on off stump and raps Taylor on the knuckles with the ball bobbing up to Pujara at square leg. Taylor walks to the pavilion to a standing ovation. India have a wicket out of nowhere.

Ross Taylor c Pujara b Ishant 44(71)

10:15 (IST)

After 52 overs,New Zealand 166/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 74 , Ross Taylor 44)

New Zealand in the ascendency with a couple to backward square leg as Williamson works it away. A checked straight drive from Williamson almost ended up giving a return catch. The pacer from Gujarat tries the slower ball off the final ball that KW negates it. Two runs from it. NZ lead by one.

10:09 (IST)

After 51 overs,New Zealand 164/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 72 , Ross Taylor 44)

Nice riposte from Ishant after being struck for a boundary as he once again gets the ball to bounce more than expected from back of a length. Williamson cops one on the bottom hand, which is likely to sting a bit. NZ one run behind India's first innings score.

10:08 (IST)

Players with 7000-plus runs across formats in New Zealand:

Ross Taylor
Brendon McCullum
Kane Williamson*

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
10:08 (IST)
10:06 (IST)

FOUR! Loose delivery from Ishant Sharma. Short and wide and Williamson hits this up and over the leaping point fielder for a boundary.

10:05 (IST)

After 50 overs,New Zealand 159/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 67 , Ross Taylor 44)

A slice of luck for the man playing his 100th Test match as he earns a boundary via an inside edge, on other day, that would have crashed into the stumps. Bumrah bowls a very good over, beating Taylor's outside edge after the boundary off the inside edge. New Zealand now six runs away before taking the lead.

10:02 (IST)

FOUR! Streaky! Inside edge and just a whisker past Taylor's off stump, runs away to fine leg fence. Bumrah has his hands over his head.

10:00 (IST)

After 49 overs,New Zealand 153/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 67 , Ross Taylor 38)

Kohli now turns to his lone wicket-taker, Ishant Sharma, with the make, at least in terms of height, similar to Kyle Jamieson, Ishant is the only Indian bowler who is getting some extra bounce going for himself that possess some sort of discomfort and challenge for the batsmen, however, he needs some support from the other end. Only a single from the over.

09:56 (IST)

After 48 overs,New Zealand 152/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 67 , Ross Taylor 37)

A batting clinic is on display here from Kane Williamson. Just getting better of Bumrah with some classy strokeplay. Couple of scrumptious cover drives, one stopped by Pujara at short cover, while there was no stopping the earlier of the two identical drives.

09:54 (IST)

FOUR! Stunning! KW on the front foot to Bumrah, to lace another gorgeous drive through covers. Indian bowlers are looking out of ideas now

09:52 (IST)

After 46 overs,New Zealand 144/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 63 , Ross Taylor 33)

Shami once again serving up a boundary ball early in the over and Taylor cashes in. New Zealand have scored at exactly four runs an over in this session. After all the hardwork in the previous session they are now reaping its rewards. Top stuff from New Zealand's middle order duo.

09:49 (IST)

FOUR! That was boundary, the minute ball left the bat. Glorious cover drive by Taylor. Pitched up by Shami and Taylor brings down the blade, offering a full face of the blade to bisect the gap between mid off and cover. No need to run for that.

09:47 (IST)

After 45 overs,New Zealand 142/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 62 , Ross Taylor 32)

Bumrah returns to the bowling crease. Flurry of boundaries has put India on the backfoot and in way forced Ashwin out of the attack. Couple of singles taken from the over.

09:42 (IST)

Since Tea Ashwin has bowled a bit too flat to my likings. On this pitch which has slowed down significantly, he needs to bowl up to the batsman. Also, before the break Kohli kept a leg-slip for him but after Tea that position is vacant as well. For someone like Williamson, leg-slip is a very useful field position against an off-break bowler.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
09:42 (IST)
09:41 (IST)

FOUR! Shami strays in line, angled in on middle and leg and Taylor likes it there, walks across his sticks and plays it fine to fine leg boundary.

09:40 (IST)

After 44 overs,New Zealand 137/2 ( Kane Williamson (C) 61 , Ross Taylor 28)

Williamson is looking increasingly-good as New Zealand are quickly moving towards India's first innings total. An ordinary delivery from Ashwin not helping the cause. Six runs came from the over.

Latest Updates, 1st Test, Day 2 India vs New Zealand: The umpires have called it stumps on day two owing to fading light in Wellington. Plenty of overs left in the day but umpires have checked the light it wasn't fit to play, looks like it was already belated decision, Virat Kohli is expectedly not happy with it but the right call has been taken. So, India have made a comeback late into the Test on a day that been largely dominated by the Kiwis, they still hold the advantage but a wicket or two early on day three and the equation will quickly change.

Day 1 report: The final session of the first day’s play in the opening Test between New Zealand and India at the Basin Reserve was washed out by heavy rain on Friday, giving the tourists time to regroup after they were reduced to 122-5 at tea.

The rain swept in seconds after the players had left the field for the tea break and, despite the skies clearing, umpires Aleem Dar and Richard Kettlebrough ended play at about 5.30 p.m. (0430 GMT) after a pitch inspection.

New Zealand pace bowler Kyle Jamieson enjoyed a dream Test debut, tormenting India’s batsmen and taking three wickets and a catch in the deep, stealing the headlines from Ross Taylor, who was playing his 100th Test.

Ajinkya Rahane will resume on Saturday on 38 while the recalled Rishabh Pant will be with him on 10.

“From a team perspective we are in a pretty strong position,” Jamieson told reporters. “The game is quite advanced and we are pretty happy with where it is.

“From my experience playing here the (wicket) usually holds that pace and bounce for a couple of days so I am sure there will still be a little bit tomorrow to help us and I’m looking forward to getting back out there.”

The 2.03m tall Jamieson, who dismissed Cheteshwar Pujara (11) and the world’s top-ranked Test batsmen Virat Kohli (two) before lunch, grabbed his third wicket when Hanuma Vihari edged the first ball after the mid-session drinks break to wicketkeeper BJ Watling.

Vihari’s dismissal for seven reduced India to 101-5.

Jamieson also held a steepling catch at fine leg from a mistimed hook shot by opener Mayank Agarwal (34) off Trent Boult, who had dropped a difficult caught and bowled chance on the previous delivery.

“As a batsman you never felt like you were completely in,” Agarwal said of the testing conditions and the pressure New Zealand’s bowlers were able to exert on their lineup.

“They bowled good areas and kept testing us and didn’t give us anything loose.

“Even after lunch it was doing a little bit.”

Jamieson was only making his Test debut because Neil Wagner withdrew from the squad as he awaited the birth of his first child. Wagner confirmed on social media that his daughter had been born on Wednesday.

Tim Southee had bowled Prithvi Shaw for 16 early in the first session after Kane Williamson had won the toss and chosen to field on a green pitch.

Taylor became the first cricketer to play 100 matches in all three formats and just the fourth New Zealander to achieve the 100-game milestone in Tests.


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