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India vs New Zealand, Highlights, 1st Test in Wellington, Day 1: No play in third session due to rain; visitors 122/5 at stumps

Date: Friday, 21 February, 2020 10:39 IST

Venue: Basin Reserve, Wellington

Match Ended

New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

165/10 & 191/10 OV : (81.0) RR.(2.36)
348/10 & 9/0 OV : (1.4) RR.(6.43)
Match Ended:

New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

Man Of the Match:

This over 1.4

  • 0
  • 0
  • 0
  • 1


Tom Latham

  • 7 (4)
  • 4s X 1
  • 6s X 0

Tom Blundell

  • 2 (6)
  • 4s X 0
  • 6s X 0


Ishant Sharma

  • 8 (1)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0

Jasprit Bumrah

  • 1 (0.4)
  • M X 0
  • W X 0
Current Partnership

9 ( 1.4 ) R/R: 5.4

Tom Latham 7(4)

Tom Blundell 2(6)

India in New Zealand 2 Test Series 2020 1st Test Match Result New Zealand beat India by 10 wickets

India vs New Zealand, Highlights, 1st Test in Wellington, Day 1: No play in third session due to rain; visitors 122/5 at stumps


10:27 (IST)

That's all we have for today. It was a memorable day for debutant Kyle Jamieson, who picked three wickets on the opening day, which included the likes of Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara. The way he setup Kohli's dismissal was exceptional, considering this is his career's first Test. 

Ajinkya Rahane was unbeaten on 38 while Mayank Agarwal made 34 before getting dismissed. India will resume tomorrow under pressure with Rahane and Rishabh Pant in the middle. Pant has a decent record in Test cricket and he'll be looking to put out a decent performance.

We will also bring you the action of Women's T20 World Cup today. The first match is between India and Australia. Do check our blog, which will be up by 12 pm, for all the updates from the match We will see you tomorrow so till then, have a good one. 

10:10 (IST)

The day's play has been called off due to rain and wet conditions. Don't think India will mind this. The forecast for tomorrow is much better.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
10:10 (IST)
10:08 (IST)

News coming in that play has been called off! 

The rain situation has gone bad so the final session will not take place.

10:05 (IST)

100 bottles of wine! 

09:49 (IST)

Looks like it has started to rain again in Wellington so more delay. 

09:38 (IST)

The rain has stopped and currently the umpires are in the middle inspecting the field of play. Earlier the wind was so strong that the groundsmen struggled to keep the covers in place on time. So there might be a few wet patches near the bowlers' run-up. So, think even if there is no rain, it will take 45 minutes or so to resume the action.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
09:38 (IST)
09:34 (IST)

Inspection at 10 am IST if there's no more rain.

09:29 (IST)

Windy Wellington with rains. Looks like it will go on for a fair bit.

08:59 (IST)

Rain delays third session

Well, 43/2 for India in the second session. New Zealand have continued to dictate terms in the day's play. Meanwhile, right after the end of session a mild drizzle has swept the ground. The pitch is under cover and the intensity of the rain is getting stronger. Looks like we might a longer break now.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
08:59 (IST)
08:45 (IST)

After 55 overs,India 122/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 38 , Rishabh Pant (W) 10)

Day 1, Tea

Boult to bowl the final over of the session. Just a single from the over as players head for Tea. Rahane and Pant play out close to 14 overs of the session adding just 21 runs but they have temporarily stemmed the fall of wickets. These two have a lot of work still to do. In the first half of the session India lost Agarwal and then Vihari. Boult and Jamieson the wicket-takers in the afternoon session. Meet us after this short break.

08:41 (IST)

After 54 overs,India 121/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 38 , Rishabh Pant (W) 9)

Ajaz Patel getting some hint of turn but nothing that bothers Rahane, who is happy to play another maiden.

08:36 (IST)

After 53 overs,India 121/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 38 , Rishabh Pant (W) 9)

Some great running on display, first by Rahane calling Pant for a single to covers before Pant tucking it on the leg side and returning for the second run. Three runs from Boult's over.

08:33 (IST)

After 52 overs,India 117/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 37 , Rishabh Pant (W) 6)

Ajaz Patel is finally brought into the attack. Spin for the first time in action. A slip and forward short leg placed. Rahane blocks the over. Maiden.

08:32 (IST)

After 51 overs,India 117/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 37 , Rishabh Pant (W) 6)

No spin still as Boult is brought back on. Just a single to fine leg in the over for Rahane. A little over 10 minutes to go for Tea.

08:30 (IST)

After 50 overs,India 116/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 36 , Rishabh Pant (W) 6)

Southee's over yields five runs including a welcome boundary for himself and his team. The Pant has exuberated calm so far, how long will he be able to resist the temptation. We see Ajaz Patel warming up, looks like we might finally see some spin in action soon.

08:25 (IST)

FOUR! Mis-directed short ball by Southee, down the leg side and Pant is on the swivel to gently pull it to fine leg boundary.

08:22 (IST)

After 49 overs,India 111/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 35 , Rishabh Pant (W) 2)

Slightly strange field from NZ. Only one slip and a gully in place and it is Ross Taylor, who is standing at second slip for Rishabh Pant in CdG's bowling. Maiden.

08:16 (IST)

After 48 overs,India 111/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 35 , Rishabh Pant (W) 2)

Now into the last half hour of the second session of play, India will want to ensure they do not lose any other wicket while New Zealand know that if they get one wicket in the passage of play, they can possibly bowl India out on the first day itslef. Southee completes a maiden to Rahane.

08:13 (IST)

After 47 overs,India 111/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 35 , Rishabh Pant (W) 2)

CdG slips one on Pant's pads allowing the southpaw to flick it behind square for a single. A misfield from Blundell at square leg gives away another run to Rahane. Pant has looked very calm in the middle so far, Indian fans will be hoping that he is in for a long haul.

08:10 (IST)

After 46 overs,India 109/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 34 , Rishabh Pant (W) 1)

Tim Southee is recalled into the attack. The caps continue to fly around the Basin Reserve, this time it is Williamson's cap much to crowd's amusement. Pant is of the mark off his 13th delivery with a single down the ground, which in reality should have been a couple if the batting pair had communicated better.

08:07 (IST)

After 45 overs,India 108/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 34 , Rishabh Pant (W) 0)

Colin de Grandhomme lines up another maiden to Rahane, who continues to bide his time in the middle. We are halfway through the of the first day's play.

08:06 (IST)

Rishabh Pants batting average in Tests:

Team's 1st innings: 52.30
Team's 2nd innings: 33.00

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
08:06 (IST)
08:05 (IST)

After 44 overs,India 108/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 34 , Rishabh Pant (W) 0)

Jamieson runs in to bowl his 14th over. An optimistic leg before shout in the over by the bowler against Pant but the ball seems to b going over and even the pitching was in question. He has to bowl an extra ball as his bouncer went over Pant's head earlier in the over.

08:01 (IST)

After 43 overs,India 106/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 33 , Rishabh Pant (W) 0)

Rahane has looked a class apart so far compared to his other teammates. He earns himself a boundary as he moves into the 30s but he has barely looked in trouble throughout the 82 balls he has faced.

07:59 (IST)

FOUR! Great batting from Rahane! Makes the shot look so easy and that is a part of the reason why it looks so great. CdG's floaters in th wind aren't the easiest to play, but because of Rahane's sound technique, he is confident on the front foot to drive the ball straight past mid on. Top stuff.

07:57 (IST)

After 42 overs,India 101/5 ( Ajinkya Rahane 28 , Rishabh Pant (W) 0)

New Zealand don't seem to be missing Neil Wagener at the moment as Jamieson picks his third wicket and he continues to bowl some sensational deliveries. Rishabh Pant faces some of the music, couple of steep ones for the left-hander to deal with first up and he hasn't looked even remotely comfortable. Half a shout for a catch at short leg of the final ball of the over. A wicket maiden.

07:45 (IST)

OUT! First ball after the drinks interval and Jamieson strikes! Third wicket for the tall fast bowler and Hanuma Vihari is on his bike. Another terrific delivery, and once again it is the immaculate length that has done him in. Right in the channel outside off, Vihari prods forward, the ball takes the edge, from the shoulder of the bat and BJ Watling dives to his right to take the catch. 

Hanuma Vihari c Watling b Jamieson 7(20)

07:43 (IST)

After 41 overs,India 101/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 28 , Hanuma Vihari 7)

De Grandhomme comes on for Boult with strong breeze blowing across the Basin Reserve. Umpire Aleem Dar removes his cap to ensure it doesn't fly away. Vihari picks a single from the over. Time for drinks.

07:40 (IST)

After 40 overs,India 100/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 28 , Hanuma Vihari 6)

Jamieson with a surprise bouncer that takes off from length and Rahane fends at the delivery, taking his eyes off the ball, luckily the ball goes over Watling for a boundary. The 100 comes up for India.

07:33 (IST)

After 39 overs,India 95/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 24 , Hanuma Vihari 6)

Back-to-back maidens for Boult. Rahane continues to remain watchful, leaving the ball outside off, ducking under the bouncers and waiting for the loose deliveries.

07:31 (IST)

After 38 overs,India 95/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 24 , Hanuma Vihari 6)

Jamieson bowls one full delivery and Vihari drove it for a boundary and only the next ball we realise it was a set up as Jamieson pitches it up, but not full enough for the drive, and successfully entices Vihari into the shot but unfortunately for him doesn't procure an edge. Lots to like about Jamieson.

07:30 (IST)

FOUR! SHOT! Hanuma Vihari with a eye-pleasing drive. Gets forward to a full delivery and beats mid on with consummate ease.

07:28 (IST)

After 37 overs,India 91/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 24 , Hanuma Vihari 2)

Boult bowls a maiden, his first in 10 overs, to Rahane. The wicket must have done a world of good to him. After injury a bowler tends to be rusty and Boult was slightly off colour earlier in his spell, now seems to be getting in a rhythm. Not ideal signs for India.

07:28 (IST)

Hanuma Vihari last six innings in Tests:

10, 53*, 111, 93, 32, 42.

Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician
07:28 (IST)
07:25 (IST)

After all the hard work earlier, Mayank must be very disappointed to get out on that manner. He actually timed to shot a bit too well and it carried to the fine-leg fielder. New Zealand can hope that the wicket will open the floodgates in this brand new session. Let's not forget that this is India's last recognised specialist batting pair. 

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
07:25 (IST)
07:22 (IST)

After 36 overs,India 91/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 24 , Hanuma Vihari 2)

Jamieson continues. A man is placed under the lid for the new man Vihari. He does receive some short stuff and he has had some issues in the past dealing with it as he did off the fifth delivery. Rahane with a single early in the over which was the only solitary run in the over.

07:19 (IST)

After 35 overs,India 90/4 ( Ajinkya Rahane 23 , Hanuma Vihari 2)

Boult picks up his first wicket of the Test and Mayank Agarwal who did all the hardwork fell to rather nothing shot. Agarwal was in disbelif after his dismissal. The 4th wicket stand was worth 48 runs. Hanuma Vihari joins Rahane in the middle and he is off the mark as well.

07:14 (IST)

OUT! Jamieson pouches it safely and Agarwal has to go. So, the drop catch at the start of the over doesn't cost Boult and New Zealand anything. Digged in short by Boult on leg stump and Agarwal swivels and plays the pull, maybe got a top edge and he wasn't able to keep it along the ground, like Rahane did in the previous over. Seems like the debutant can't be kept out of the game. 

Agarwal c Jamieson b Boult 34(84) 

07:10 (IST)

After 34 overs,India 88/3 ( Mayank Agarwal 34 , Ajinkya Rahane 23)

Rahane is looking assured and in control. Nothing depicts his control better than a pull shot that is played all along the carpet. There a man placed at leg gully and a square leg, Rahane probably knew a short ball was around the corner but he rolled his wrists so very well to pick a couple of runs. 

07:04 (IST)

After 33 overs,India 86/3 ( Mayank Agarwal 34 , Ajinkya Rahane 21)

Southee continues. Agarwal plays a crisp check drive but Williamson swiftly moves across the turf to stop it before the ball could sneak through covers. Third slip is taken out and there is a short cover point in place with short-ish mid off for the final delivery, which is a beaut as he beats Agarwal's outside edge. Maiden over.

06:59 (IST)

After 32 overs,India 86/3 ( Mayank Agarwal 34 , Ajinkya Rahane 21)

After all the short stuff, Jamieson tries to bluff Agarwal with a straight and full delivery, but the watchful Indian opener was alert enough to shuffle across and work it away for a single wide of mid on. Rahane continues to be solid in defence, he's still to score a run in the afternoon session

06:55 (IST)

After 31 overs,India 85/3 ( Mayank Agarwal 33 , Ajinkya Rahane 21)

Rahane slices a full-ish delivery through cover point for a brace, the only two runs that came from Southee's over as Rahane is happy to leave and defend the rest. The partnership is now steadily inching towards 50-run mark.

06:52 (IST)

After 30 overs,India 83/3 ( Mayank Agarwal 33 , Ajinkya Rahane 19)

Kyle Jamieson to start the proceedings from the other end. Agarwal has some concerns with movement behind the bowler's arm and adjusts the sightscreen. Jamieson remains on the shorter side for the most part of the over. A boundary to fine leg collected by Agarwal.

06:51 (IST)

FOUR! Short ball, directed into Agarwal's ribs by Jamieson, and the opener has no problems in nudging it down to fine leg and help himself with a boundary.

06:48 (IST)

After 29 overs,India 79/3 ( Mayank Agarwal 29 , Ajinkya Rahane 19)

Strong winds blowing across Basin Reserve. Southee bowling into the breeze. Rahane quiet comfortably negates the over. Maiden.

06:45 (IST)

Welcome back! 

Important session for India to get back into the game. Tim Southee gets the second session underway! Still three slips and a gully in place. Rahane to face the first ball.

06:14 (IST)

So, it has been New Zealand's session with the spell of Kyle Jamieson being the highlight of it. In fact, all their pacers have used the conditions brilliantly. Especially the wicket of Pujara and Kohli have put them on the driver's seat. In fact, I would consider India a bit lucky to end the session with just three wickets. It could have been five easily.

Sandipan Banerjee, Freelance cricket writer at the Basin Reserve
06:14 (IST)
06:07 (IST)

Good opening session of cricket.

New Zealand will be the happier side considering they got rid of two important wickets in Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli. Kyle Jamieson, who is making his debut today, was the most impressive bowler for his team. Mayank Agarwal and Ajinkya Rahane have done well so far but they know that there's plenty more to do in the second session. 

We'll be back soon. 

06:04 (IST)

After 28 overs,India 79/3 ( Mayank Agarwal 29 , Ajinkya Rahane 19)

Boult bowls a ripper in the first ball. Angling away as Rahane tries to come forward but he's beaten completely. Rahane pushes the fourth ball towards square-leg for a single. No runs from the final two deliveries and now it's time for lunch.  

06:01 (IST)

After 27 overs,India 78/3 ( Mayank Agarwal 29 , Ajinkya Rahane 18)

Last over before lunch? Tim Southee gives away only a single. The umpires check the time and they dicide to bowl one more over. Trent Boult takes the ball.

Latest Updates: News coming in that play has been called off! The rain situation has gone bad so the final session will not take place.

Preview: The return of pace spearhead Trent Boult will come as a welcome boost for New Zealand in their flagging ICC Test Championship campaign as they face top-ranked India in a two-match series starting at the Basin Reserve in Wellington on Friday.

Boult broke his hand in the second Test against Australia in December and had to sit out the T20I series and one-day matches against India.

“I suppose breaking a hand, you don’t really know how much you use it until it’s broken,” he told reporters this week after playing in a club match.

“Everything has gone well but catching would be the biggest issue for me at the moment. I’m 100% fit and hungry."

“It’s been nice just to be able to bowl.”

India swept the T20 matches 5-0 but Kane Williamson’s side, without several first-choice bowlers, had their chances to win the last three games of that series.

New Zealand turned the tables in the one-dayers, beating India 3-0, and the hosts will look to build on that in the Test series against Virat Kohli’s side, who lead the World Test Championship with 360 points — 64 ahead of second-placed Australia.

New Zealand, who suffered a recent 3-0 hammering in Australia, are sixth on 60 points.

The Basin Reserve match will be Ross Taylor’s 100th Test and he will also become the first man or woman to play 100 games in all three formats.

He played his 100th T20I earlier this month and has also played 231 one-day internationals.

The decision to go for Ajaz Patel ahead of Mitchell Santner in the squad suggests a far more attacking outlook from the hosts and the left-arm spinner is expected to do more than just play a holding role if selected to start.

Kyle Jamieson could earn his Test debut alongside Boult and Tim Southee after left-arm seamer Neil Wagner withdrew from the team on Wednesday.

Wagner’s wife is due to give birth to their first child and a spokesman confirmed he would remain at home until after the birth and had made himself unavailable for the first Test.

Matt Henry has been called in as cover.

The visitors’ Test batsmen all had significant hit-outs in a warm-up match in Hamilton last week, with Cheteshwar Pujara and opener Mayank Agarwal posting half centuries.

Rishabh Pant also scored 70 in the second innings against the New Zealand XI and while he took the gloves in that match, Wriddhiman Saha is expected to be wicketkeeper in Wellington.

However, Rohit Sharma’s calf injury has left a void in the top order and team management are working out who will partner Agarwal at the top.

Prithvi Shaw was previously an automatic choice for the opener’s role before he lost his place to injury and a doping suspension. The Mumbai player will be hoping to be reinstated ahead of the uncapped Shubman Gill.


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