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ICC Women's World T20, Highlights, India vs Ireland, Full cricket Score: India beat Ireland by 52 runs to book place in semis

Date: Friday, 16 November, 2018 00:05 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • That's it from us as far as our coverage of World T20 fixture between India and Ireland is concerned. Harmanpreet Kaur's girls might have been a little wayward with the bat, but they were quite effective with the ball to dry the runs up for the opponents and force them to throw their wickets away. India meet Australia on Saturday in a contest that decides the group topper. New Zealand and Pakistan, on the other hand, face off in about an hour-and-a-half at the same venue in a match that has now been reduced to a dead rubber. 

    We hope you enjoyed our coverage this evening, and that you'll join us on the weekend. Shout out to cricket statistician Umang Pabari for providing us the numbers that matter throughout the course of the match. For now, I, Amit, bid you all good night on behalf of my colleague Shubham. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    This is the second time that India Women’s have won three consecutive matches in a single edition of World T20. They also did it in 2014.

    India are now through to the semis with three consecutive victories.

  • Laura Delany, Ireland captain: Delighted with how we approached the game today. Everyone pretty happy with the effort. I think we were sharper in the field today. We are trying to find the right balance. I cannot thank support we have got in the tournament. 

  • Harmanpreet Kaur, India skipper: Happy we qualified for semis. Still a lot of areas where we have to improve. It's a short format, and sometimes you're main bowler doesn't bowl according to plan. That's why me and Jemi bowled today. We have to be aggressive on field. We didn't bat or bowl according to plan, and we have to improve on those areas. You have to be aggressive all the time if you are to beat Australia.

  • Mithali Raj, who top-scored for India with her second-consecutive half-century, is the 'Player of the Match'! 

    Mithali: (On her knee injury) I'm sure it will get better, and I will get ready for the next game. I think today the wicket was quite challenging because it was quite soft. That partnership with Smriti was quite crucial. Hopefully we get a better wicket in the next game. (On Mandhana's lean patch) When somebody is going through a lean patch, it's important to keep them optimistic. She's getting better and better with each game. (On Indian team's progess) This team definitely has improved from what we were in the last edition of the World Cup. The way we have started off has been incredible. (On her approach towards batting) You're prepared for two-three shots for one delivery, and you try and innovate in this format. It's something I've worked on.

  • After 20 overs,Ireland Women 93/8 ( Mary Waldron (W) 2 , Celeste Raack 1)

    Poonam Yadav bowls out the final over, giving away just two runs off it, as India pull off a massive 52-run win to join Australia in sealing a semi-final berth for themselves in the ongoing tournament. India's next clash against Australia is now reduced to a clash that decides the Group B topper, which could then be crucial in deciding their opponents in the last four stage. 


  • After 19 overs,Ireland Women 91/8 ( Mary Waldron (W) 1 , )

    Radha bowls out the penultimate over of the innings, conceding five runs with three Irish wickets falling in the over, two of which are added to her tally as she signs off with figures of 3/25 from four overs.

    Ireland need 55 off 6.

  • OUT! Well Bhatia gets another stumping for herself after all, as Maritz misses the ball after stepping out of her crease to be dismissed for a golden duck! IRE 91/8

    Maritz st Bhatia b Radha 0(1)

  • OUT! The wickets are just tumbling away in the last couple of overs, as Richardson now has to walk back to the dug out, having been sent back after running halfway down the pitch from the striker's end! IRE 91/7

    Richardson run out (Hemalatha/Bhatia) 4(4)

  • BOWLED! The ball brushes past Garth's off stump after the batter steps out of the crease and misses; keeper Bhatia further hits the stumps with the batter well outside the crease, and it was initially adjudged a stumping. The umpires however, check the replays, and it's adjudged 'bowled' IRE 90/6

    Garth b Radha 3(5)

  • Radha Yadav to bowl the penultimate over of the Irish innings. 

  • After 18 overs,Ireland Women 86/5 ( Kim Garth 2 , Eimear Richardson 1)

    Single collected off each of the first two deliveries, before Joyce holes out to Poonam at short fine to virtually put paid to Ireland's hopes in this game. Harmanpreet signs off with superb figures of 1/10 from four overs. 

    Ireland need 60 off 12.

  • OUT! Joyce attempts to paddle a full delivery outside off towards fine-leg, but fails to clear the circle, with Poonam taking a simple catch at short fine. IRE 84/5

    Joyce c Poonam b Kaur  33(38)

  • After 17 overs,Ireland Women 82/4 ( Isobel Joyce 32 , Kim Garth 0)

    Deepti returns to the attack in the 17th over, and gets hit for boundaries off the first two deliveries by Joyce, who moves to the 30s. Lbw appeal against Kavanagh, with Harmanpreet going for the review after its turned down. They get three reds in the DRS, which results in the umpire's decision getting overturned. Nine runs and a wicket off the over. 

    Ireland need 64 off 18.

  • OUT! Great review by the Indians, as they get three reds after an unsuccessful lbw appeal against Shauna Kavanagh; the batter had hopped a little while looking to guide the ball towards the leg side, with the ball hitting her back thigh, which might have influenced the umpire's original decision. IRE 82/4

    Kavanagh lbw Deepti 2(6)

  • FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Joyce, and she sweeps towards the square-leg fence on this occasion! IRE 81/3

  • FOUR! Joyce steps out of her crease, and smacks the ball down the ground as Ireland collect their first boundary in 31 deliveries! IRE 77/3

  • Deepti Sharma brought back into the attack. 

  • After 16 overs,Ireland Women 73/3 ( Isobel Joyce 23 , Shauna Kavanagh 2)

    Harmanpreet continues to bowl her tight lines and mix up her pace, conceding just two off the over. 

    Ireland need 73 off 24.

  • After 15 overs,Ireland Women 71/3 ( Isobel Joyce 22 , Shauna Kavanagh 1)

    Joyce and Delaney stick to collecting singles with the boundaries not coming their way, before the latter gets stumped off the penultimate delivery to perish for 9. Kavanagh is the new batswoman at the crease, and gets off the mark with a double off the first ball. 

    Ireland need 75 off 30.

  • OUT! Delaney steps out of her crease to a delivery pitched between middle and leg, but misses the ball completely thanks to the extra turn! IRE 70/3

    Delaney st Bhatia b Radha 9(17)

  • Radha Yadav brought back into the attack in the 15th over. 

  • After 14 overs,Ireland Women 66/2 ( Isobel Joyce 20 , Laura Delany (C) 7)

    Tight over from Poonam Yadav, with the two Irish batters able to collect three singles between them, with a wide coming their way as a bonus. Joyce, meanwhile, looks a little impatient right now with the big hits not coming her way.

  • After 13 overs,Ireland Women 62/2 ( Isobel Joyce 19 , Laura Delany (C) 5)

    Rodrigues is brought into the attack in the 13th over, and she starts off with a wide down the leg side. Six off the over. Ireland's required run-rate stands at 12 right now, with the side desperately needing a few boundaries to keep it under check.

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Poonam Yadav has taken 32 wickets in this year in Women's T20Is - the most by a player in a calendar year in Women's T20Is. Will she get the second breakthrough for India?

  • Jemimah Rodrigues brought into the attack in the 13th over. 

  • After 12 overs,Ireland Women 56/2 ( Isobel Joyce 16 , Laura Delany (C) 3)

    Harmanpreet continues to dry the runs up from one end, conceding just three singles off her second over. 

  • After 11 overs,Ireland Women 53/2 ( Isobel Joyce 15 , Laura Delany (C) 1)

    Hemalatha's off to an expensive start in her spell, getting hit for a boundary by Joyce twice in the over, conceding 10 off it. 

  • FOUR! Another boundary for Joyce, this time towards the square-leg fence off a sweep off the last delivery of the 11th over. IRE 53/2

  • FOUR! Pulled away towards the midwicket fence by Joyce off Hemalatha! IRE 47/2

  • Dayalan Hemalatha brought into the attack in the 11th over

  • After 10 overs,Ireland Women 43/2 ( Isobel Joyce 6 , Laura Delany (C) 0)

    Superb over from skipper Harmanpreet, conceding just one off it, as Ireland reach 43/2 at the halfway stage of the innings, with the required run-rate now going over 10. 

  • India skipper Harmanpreet Kaur decides to bowl the 10th over of the Irish innings. 

  • After 9 overs,Ireland Women 42/2 ( Isobel Joyce 5 , Laura Delany (C) 0)

    Poonam produces a googly off the first ball, with Joyce bringing her bat down in the last second to prevent it from hitting her stumps. Singles off the next three deliveries, before Shillington gets stumped off the penultimate delivery to depart for a run-a-ball 23. Skipper Delaney walks out to the crease, and faces a wrong 'un first ball. Three runs and a wicket off the over. 

  • OUT! Extra turn in Poonam's delivery, and Shillington misses the ball completely after advancing down the pitch! Bhatia knocks the bails off in a flash, as Ireland lose their second opener! IRE 42/2

    Shillington st Bhatia b Poonam 23(23)

  • After 8 overs,Ireland Women 39/1 ( Clare Shillington 22 , Isobel Joyce 3)

    Appeal for stumping against Shillington in the fifth delivery after a swing and a miss. The batter however got her backfoot back inside on time, and is ruled safe by the third umpire. Good over from Deepti, with four coming off it. 

  • After 7 overs,Ireland Women 35/1 ( Clare Shillington 20 , Isobel Joyce 2)

    Poonam Yadav's brought into the attack in the seventh over. Shillington smacks the ball towards cow-corner off the third delivery to complete 1,000 T20I runs. Mithali suffers an injury while fielding at backward square-leg in the penultimate delivery, and has to walk off the field as a result. Five runs off the over. 

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    Clare Shillington becomes the first player to score 1,000 runs for Ireland in Women's T20Is. 

  • FOUR! Overpitched from Poonam, and Shillington clobbers this towards the cow-corner fence to collect her third boundary, and complete 1,000 T20I runs in the process! IRE 34/1

  • Poonam Yadav brought into the attack right after power play. 

  • After 6 overs,Ireland Women 30/1 ( Clare Shillington 15 , Isobel Joyce 2)

    Offie Deepti Sharma is introduced into the attack in the final over of powerplay, and she makes an impact right away by dismissing Lewis to break the opening stand. New batter Joyce slog-sweeps towards backward square leg for a brace off the last delivery. Three off the over, as Ireland reach 30/1 at the end of the powerplay.

  • BOWLED! Deepti gets the breakthrough for India, as she breaks through Lewis' defence to rattle the off stump! IRE 27/1

    Lewis b Deepti 9(19)

  • Deepti Sharma brought into the attack in the final over of the power play

  • After 5 overs,Ireland Women 27/0 ( Clare Shillington 15 , Gaby Lewis 9)

    Seven off Mansi's third over, with Shillington collecting her second boundary, smacking a full toss towards the midwicket fence for the second time in as many overs. 

  • FOUR! Full toss from Mansi Joshi, and it's far too tempting for Shillington to resist, as she once again heaves towards the midwicket fence to collect her second boundary. IRE 27/0

  • Umang Pabari, Cricket statistician

    The lowest total defended by India in a Women's World T20 matches is 106/7 which they defended against Pakistan at Sylhet in 2014.

  • After 4 overs,Ireland Women 20/0 ( Clare Shillington 11 , Gaby Lewis 6)

    Radha concedes a wide off the third delivery of the over, with Lewis missing the ball while attempting a reverse-sweep off the same delivery. Shillington collects a boundary off the fourth delivery, smacking a full toss towards the midwicket fence. Seven off the over. 

  • FOUR! Juicy full toss from Radha Yadav, and Shillington smacks this towards the midwicket fence for a boundary! IRE 20/0

  • Colin Benjamin, Cricket writer from Providence Stadium, Guyana

    The Irish ladies did well to claim six wickets and keep India under 150, after the Indian ladies were seemingly crushing at one stage at 107/2 in the 15th over.

    However while batting conditions at this point of competition are not the easiest, in Guyana at least teams aren't finding it as difficult to score at over six runs an over compared to St Lucia.

    So on the bright side India should be happy with their eventual total and confident that their spin attack will have enough skill to restrict Ireland.

Latest update: Poonam Yadav bowls out the final over, giving away just two runs off it, as India pull off a massive 52-run win to join Australia in sealing a semi-final berth for themselves in the ongoing tournament. India's next clash against Australia is now reduced to a clash that decides the Group B topper, which could then be crucial in deciding their opponents in the last four stage.

The ICC Women's World T20 fixture between India and Ireland is being telecast on Star Sports 1 and 1 HDHindi 1 and Hindi 1 HD and Tamil 1. The India-Ireland live streaming will take place on Hotstar. Click here to know when and where to watch the match between India and Ireland.

Preview: Having convincingly won their first two matches, a dominant India will look to stamp their authority when they face a lowly Ireland in a Group B match of the ICC Women's World Twenty20 here on Thursday.

India are on a roll in the ongoing World T20, having beaten an in-form New Zealand by 34 runs in their tournament opener before extending their dominance over arch-rivals Pakistan with a 7-wicket win in their second match.

India captain Harmanpreet Kaur and Ireland captain Laura Delany. Agencies

India captain Harmanpreet Kaur and Ireland captain Laura Delany. Agencies

It has been a combined team effort for the women-in-blue in the opening two matches so far. While skipper Harmanpreet Kaur and the young Jemimah Rodrigues batted out the White Ferns comprehensively in the first match, the second game witnessed a composed knock from veteran Mithali Raj that helped India outshine Pakistan.

Going in to Thursday's match, India will be desperately hoping for their opening batswoman Smriti Mandhana to come up with a big score. After failing in the opener, Mandhana got to a decent start in the second tie, but eventually failed to capitalise on it.

While Harmanpreet and Mithali are expected to form the backbone of the Indian innings, the team management will be hoping to give enough match time to the likes of the other batswomen in Veda Krishnamurthy, stumper Taniya Bhatia and Dayalan Hemalatha before the tournament enters its business end.

Coming to India's bowling in the opening two games, it has been the spinners -- Hemalatha and Poonam Yadav -- ruling the roost in both the games. The spin duo of Hemalatha and Poonam shared six and four wickets between them in the two matches.

Ireland, on the other hand, have lost both their opening two matches. In the first match, they went down to Australia by nine wickets followed by a 38-run defeat against Pakistan in the second.

The batting department failed in both the matches as the batters could only manage to score 93 runs in the first match and 101 in the second match.

The bowlers also disappointed as they could only pick up seven wickets in the two matches. But the good news is that pacer Lucy O Reilly came back to form in the last match, taking three wickets.


India: Harmanpreet Kaur (Captain), Smriti Mandhana, Mithali Raj, Jemimah Rodrigues, Veda Krishnamurthy, Deepti Sharma, Taniya Bhatia (WK), Poonam Yadav, Radha Yadav, Anuja Patil, Ekta Bisht, Dayalan Hemalatha, Mansi Joshi, Pooja Vastrakar, Arundhati Reddy.

Ireland: Laura Delany (Captain), Kim Garth, Cecelia Joyce, Isobel Joyce, Shauna Kavanagh, Amy Kenealy, Gaby Lewis, Lara Maritz, Ciara Metcalfe, Lucy OReilly, Celeste Raack, Eimear Richardson, Clare Shillington, Rebecca Stokell, Mary Waldron

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Updated Date: Nov 16, 2018

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