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Highlights, Women's Tri-nation series, India vs England, 6th T20I at Mumbai, Full Cricket Score: Mandhana guides hosts to 8-wicket win

Date: Thursday, 29 March, 2018 13:02 IST Match Status: Yet to Start
  • So that's all we have in our coverage of the Women's T20I Tri-series. A fine performance by India today, but it's a pity that it all came a bit too late and India could not make the final of the tournament played on their home soil. Anyway, let's celebrate a thoroghly professional effort by Harmanpreet and her team. Keep following Firstpost for all live scores, updates, news, opinion and analysis from the world of sports. Until next time, goodbye.

  • Anuja Patil, Player of the Match: I look to contribute to the team whenever I get the chance. (On Natalie Sciver's dismissal) I thought she could try reverse-sweep, so I tried to bowl a bit fuller. I think Ill play for the team whenever I get the time, whether T20 or ODI. To make it to the ODI team, I have to spend more time at the wicket.

  • Anuja Patil adjudged the Player of the Match for her stellar bowling figures of 3/21 in 3.5 overs.

  • Harmanpreet Kaur, India captain: We were discussing in team meeting. After 8 games we have won this. It was a great effort from all team members, especially from fielding. So really happy with the effort. I always enjoy fielding. Really great effort from my side as well as from team members. Yesterday, we were watching the game. The wicket was a bit slower. We had to show patience on wicket and hit good areas. We have seen when England was playing, they were not getting big hits, so we decided to hit along the ground. We had to contribute as a team. I think this win will play big role when we play ODI now.

  • Heather Knight, England captain: It was a slow wicket. We have a young side. We have to put in a few partnerships. The loss today is not too much of a concern; T20 is a fickle game. Saturday (final) will be a new game.

  • India Women 108/2 (Smriti Mandhana 62, Harmanpreet Kaur 20) after 15.4 overs

    Hartley back into the attack. Two fours in the over, one for Mandhana and one for Kaur bring India level. And then the win off a wide. Symbolic of the indiscipline of the England bowlers in this match that the winning run came via a wide. 

    India beat England by 8 wickets to register their first win of the tri-series. However, the win mattered little as India have already been knocked out.   

  • Four! Kaur sweeps and picks up a boundary herself. India a run away for victory.

  • Four! Mandhana hammers one through mid-wicket. That was a poor delivery. A complete half-tracker.

  • India Women 97/2 (Smriti Mandhana 57, Harmanpreet Kaur 15) after 15 overs

    Sciver returns. The last ball is hit in style over wide mid-off. India 11 runs away with loads of deliveries in hand.   

  • Four! Mandhana plays a gem of a shot. A lofted drive over wide mid-off. India within touching distance of the target.

  • India Women 91/2 (Smriti Mandhana 52, Harmanpreet Kaur 14) after 14 overs

    Hazell is back into the attack. Mandhana gets to her fifty in that over with a boundary. Seven runs off that over and India inch ever so close to the target. 17 needed off 36 now. Cakewalk? Should be. 

  • Four! Mandhana gets to her fifty by punching one square. Brilliant batting, except for a few rush of blood moments.

  • India Women 84/2 (Smriti Mandhana 46, Harmanpreet Kaur 13) after 13 overs

    Wyatt continues. The Indians are doing it maturely. No risks taken and still five runs in the kitty. 24 runs to win off 42 balls.    

  • India Women 79/2 (Smriti Mandhana 41, Harmanpreet Kaur 13) after 12 overs

    Hartley is back into the attack. Another wide from England. Three more runs. It is only a matter of time before India wraps up this chase.  

  • Shubham Pandey, Firstpost correspondent in Mumbai

    England have tightened the screw a bit. Boundaries have stopped coming. Crucial period as Indians are coming out of the crease to play. Something's around the corner.

  • India Women 75/2 (Smriti Mandhana 39, Harmanpreet Kaur 12) after 11 overs

    Another off-break bowler in the attack. Danielle Wyatt comes in. The fifth ball is a gift to Kaur and the Indian captain helps herself. That's all India would het in that over.  

  • Four! The fifth ball is short and on the leg side. Kep a bit low, that one and Kaur paddles it round the corner, beatimng short fine leg and into the fence. 

  • India Women 71/2 (Smriti Mandhana 39, Harmanpreet Kaur 8) after 10 overs

    Alice Davidson Richards introduced into the attack. Mandhana welcomes her with perhaps the shot of the match so far. Pulls a short delivery over the ropes at square leg. Two back-to-back wides. England are reaqlly being hurt by these extras. Ten runs off that over. India coasting aqt the halfway stage. 

  • SIX! Short from Richards and Mandhana moves back into her crease, swivels and hits it clean as a whistle over square leg. A catch for the ball boy perhaps.

  • India Women 61/2 (Smriti Mandhana 32, Harmanpreet Kaur 7) after 9 overs

    Alex Hartley continues. Mandhana very keen to dance down the track. Good use of her feet. A run off every ball in that over.

  • India Women 55/2 (Smriti Mandhana 29, Harmanpreet Kaur 4) after 8 overs

    Bowling change. Natalie Sciver in place of Hazell. Medium pace instead of spin. Good disciplined bowling. Fou runs off that over. 

  • India Women 51/2 (Smriti Mandhana 27, Harmanpreet Kaur 2) after 7 overs

    Spin from both ends now. Alex Hartley comes into the attack with her left-arm orthodox spin. Starts with obe down leg. Kaur gets a touch off a sweep. England would have to have their line and length right to stand any chance of competing in this match. The last ball has Hartley coming roi=und the wicket and trying to angle the ball into Kaur. the Indian captain comes down the track, but can't get it away for runs. Only two runs from that over.   

  • India Women 49/2 (Smriti Mandhana 26, Harmanpreet Kaur 1) after 6 overs

    Hazell continues. A wicket off the first ball itself as Rodrigues is caught trying to go over the in-field. Captain Harmanpreet Kaur comes in. A run only from that over. This match is not over yet! 

  • OUT! England are in the match as the Indian batswomen are throwing their wicket away. Rodrigues goes in nearly a carbon copy of Raj's dismissal. Caught at mid-off. India 48/2 in the 6th over.

    Rodrigues c Farrant b Hazell 7(7)

  • Shubham Pandey, Firstpost correspondent in Mumbai

    Jemimah is following Mithali Raj 's footsteps. Not in her career but definitely in this match as she plays a similar shot which got Raj out at the same region that is mid-off. India cannot afford to lose wickets in such a manner.

  • India Women 48/1 (Smriti Mandhana 26, Jemimah Rodrigues 7) after 5 overs

    Heather Knight comes into the attack. More spin for England. Spin is the flavour of this match. The Indian have been all over England, can the visitors return the favcour. The first ball is edged and would have been gobbled up by slip had it been there. When you are defending such a small total as England are, wouldn't have been prudent to have a more attacking field? Nine runs from that over.   

  • Four! Rodrigues edges and goes past the 'keeper and to the fence. Would have been a sitter for slip, if it was there.

  • India Women 39/1 (Smriti Mandhana 23, Jemimah Rodrigues 1) after 4 overs

    Some spin. Danielle Hazell with her off-breaks now. Raj comes down the track off the first ball and plays it to the bowler. She tries the same tactic and looks to go over the top, only to offer a catch to mid-off. Jemimah Rodrigues comes to the crease. A good end to the over for India, as Mandhana collects two back-to-back boundaries.

  • Four! Mandhana gets two boundaries on the trot off Hazell - the first a late cut then a punch through extra cover.

  • OUT! Raj comes down the track and hits it straight to mid-off. Got too close to the ball and didn't get the elevation she desired. Simple catch, but Alice Richards nearly made a hash of it. Taken on the second attempt. India 30/1 in the 4th over.

    Mithali c Alice Richards b Hazell 6(15) 

  • India Women 30/0 (Smriti Mandhana 15, Mithali Raj 6) after 3 overs

    Farrant continues. Four wides in that over, including three on the trot. This is going to be a long, long over. This is poor from England. They are not defending a big score and these extras are killing them. Raj, unlike Mandhana, shows no rush of blood. She has loads and loads of experience and knows India need not take unnecessary risks when Farrant is helping them keep the scoreboard ticking on. Five runs from that over. 

  • India Women 25/0 (Smriti Mandhana 15, Mithali Raj 5) after 2 overs

    Katie George to bowl the second over of the innings. The first three balls are slammed. The first ball is short and Mandhana stays on the front foot and hooks. The next ball is short again and Mandhana pulls it to the mi-wicket fence. The third ball is played past backward point. That is risky though. Was not too far away from the diving fielder there. A golden opportunity dropped by Beaumont in front of square leg off the last ball as Mandhana skies one. She gets a 'life', but is there any need to go hammer and tongs, when India are chasing a score just over 100? Mandhana could well have thrown her wicket away after a sprightly start again.   

  • Four! And that's typical Mandhana. Hook, pull and then opens the face of the bat and just gets the ball past a diving backward point. Hat-trick of boundaries.

  • India Women 9/0 (Smriti Mandhana 0, Mithali Raj 4) after 1 over

    End of the first over from Farrant. Five wides and a boundary conceded. Strong start for the hosts.  

  • Four! Bit wide from Farrant and Raj cuts past backward point for the first boundary off the bat in India's innings.

  • Back after a tiny break. The big-hitting Smriti Mandhana and the classy Mithali Raj at the crease for India. Tash Farrant starts off for England with the 'keeper standing up.

  • Shubham Pandey, Firstpost correspondent in Mumbai

    England 107 all out. Discipline today for Indians both in fielding and bowling. Catches taken, boundaries stopped. Everything went right for them. They have the momentum and it will be interesting to see how they go about in the chase. England bowlers meanwhile bowling yorkers in the warm-up session in the mid innings break. Chase coming soon.

  • Four! The second ball of the first over of India's innings swings away and further away from Raj's pads and runs away to the boundary. Wide called too.

  • England Women 107 (Alex Hartley 2) after 18.5 overs

    Anuja Patil bowls the penultimate over. Takes her third wicket of the innings as Farrant misses, trying a reverse sweep. That ball would have disturbed leg stump. LBW given and that's that. England allout for 107 and would need a miracle to save this match. A quality performance from the Indian spinners. They never let the visitors off the hook and have set up the game on a platter for the Indian batswomen.   

  • OUT! Farrant tries a fancy reverse sweep, misses and is rapped on the pads. Big shout and given. That's all over for England in this innings. England 107 allout in 18.5 overs.

    Farrant lbw b Anuja Patil 2(9)

  • England Women 107/9 (Alex Hartley 2, Tash Farrant 2) after 18 overs
    Deepti Sharma sends Wilson back to the hut with a back of a length flighted delivery. Stumped by the 'keeper. Alex Hartley comes in. Four runs from that over.  

  • Shubham Pandey, Firstpost correspondent in Mumbai

    Hilarious moment as an overthrow almost missed my Jemimah at long off. The crowd screamed to make her realise as she was walking towards the ropes... She moves back and throws.The supporters playing the 12th man and quite literally.

  • OUT! Another victim for Taniya Bhatia behind the stumps as Fran Wilson misses the flight. England 103/9 in the 18th over.
    Fran Wilson st Bhatia b Deepti Sharma 12(20) 

  • England Women 103/8 (Fran Wilson 12, Tash Farrant 0) after 17 overs

    Anuja Patil returns to the attack. Hazell lofts... it is in the air and Harmanpreet takes a blinder. Tash Farrant comes in at the fall of that wicket. Two runs... and that is all that India concede in that over.  

  • Shubham Pandey, Firstpost correspondent in Mumbai

    Harmanpreet leading from the front with that spectacular catch. She emphasisedon the importance of good fielding in the last match and this catch seems to be her way of reiterating that. England struggling to play the full quota of overs it seems.

  • OUT! Oh what a stunner from Harmanpreet. Running from long-off, she puts in a full-length dive to emerge with the ball in one hand. Hazell can't believe it! England 102/8 in the 17th over.

    Hazell c Harmanpreet Kaur b Anuja Patil 3(7)

  • England Women 101/7 (Fran Wilson 10, Danielle Hazell 3) after 16 overs

    Deepti Sharma comes to bowl the next over. Nothing much happens in that over other that England going past 100. Four runs for the England batswomen.   

  • England Women 97/7 (Fran Wilson 8, Danielle Hazell 1) after 15 overs

    Radha Yadav to bowl her third over. Sends Katie George back to the pavilion. England are losing regular wickets. Danielle Hazell is the new batswoman. Only a run and a wicket. India have the chokehold on the visitors. If only this performance would have come earlier in the tournament!   

India vs England, 6th WT20I at Mumbai, latest update: Hartley back into the attack. Two fours in the over, one for Mandhana and one for Kaur bring India level. And then the win off a wide. Symbolic of the indiscipline of the England bowlers in this match that the winning run came via a wide.

India beat England by 8 wickets to register their first win of the tri-series. However, the win mattered little as India have already been knocked out.

Preview: Led by Harmanpreet Kaur, India's women's cricket team will look for their solitary win in the ongoing T20 tri-series when they play England in Mumbai on Thursday. India are already out of contention for a berth in the final, but they would look to salvage some pride on their home turf in what is turning out to be a disappointing home season following a successful tour of South Africa.

In their previous encounter against England, visitors chased down the 198-run target for the loss of just three wickets, powered by a sublime hundred from Danielle Wyatt. Besides contending with Wyatt and an in-form England line-up, India would hope for their batting to play to its potential on a friendly Brabourne Stadium pitch.

Heather Knight, Harmanpreet Kaur. Reuters

File image of England skipper Heather Knight and India captain Harmanpreet Kaur. Reuters

Apart from Smriti Mandhana, none of the batswomen has fired, and the hosts have been stymied by the increasingly ordinary run of form of the experienced Mithali Raj. The ODI skipper has been guilty of not being able to push the scoring at the top of the order, and in the process, putting pressure on her partner Mandhana. In India's previous game, against Australia, Mithali was relieved of opening duties and sent in at No 3, but the 35-year-old fell first-ball to Megan Schutt.

India's death bowling also remains a concern, and all-rounder Pooja Vastrakar has admitted that she needs to work on bowling in the end overs.

Eighteen-year-old Vastrakar made her T20 debut versus South Africa at Potchefstroom last month. She has grabbed six wickets in seven T20 internationals.

"In the death overs, I need to improve on my fuller length deliveries, because I go for runs on length balls. So I need to improve on yorkers and slower ones," Vastrakar said on the eve of team's clash against England in the T20 tri-series.

"In the team meetings, we often speak that we have to attack on stumps. If they (batters) get a mis-hit, then they can get bowled," she said.

Vastrakar had returned with figures of two for 28 in the game against Australia, but the team eventually lost the encounter.

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Updated Date: Mar 29, 2018

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